Does our government understand the issues we are dealing with? I fear not! Issues like immigration are a hot topic of discussion in my part of the country, but how does it play in Memphis, or much less Kansas City? A good question on my mind is how is immigration playing in Washington? From what I have seen on the Sunday morning political talk shows.

“Make America Great, Again!” great political spin, results in Donald Trump elected. And to be honest, I am not here to praise Caesar. Criticism, that’s another subject.

But to tweet or not to tweet, that is a good question? Do we need leadership that actually leads or does nothing? I ask this not voicing my opinion against the policies of the administration, but of our government in general. The Republicans control both houses of Congress and the White House, and all we hear is the Republican majority.

We, as a country, have issues that affect us in different ways; immigration like I said at the beginning of this column takes on a different spin than it would in other parts of the country and no real answer as to a solution.

We look to Washington because of a new Supreme Court appointment by the president. While I can respect the speculation as to a conservative spin to the highest court in the land, I, like many of us, hope for more of a libertarian approach that described retiring Justice Anthony Kennedy. I also believe the Supreme Court should be a balanced court with our best legal minds — conservative and liberal alike.

Now to North Korea, Mr. President, it’s being reported the dictator is going back on his word to dismantle their nuclear program.

Being of Democratic opinion, I see the party of the people looking like a party of factions. While I could agree with some of the Bernie faction. I can also agree with the Old Guard Liberal Faction of the Democratic National Committee. Does this make me of liberal or of socialist opinion? Well, being from Texas, I’m just a Texan and have an opinion that I can call “my own!”

And frankly, that opinion is that of our leadership in Austin and in Washington that do not need a partisan approach to find answers. We need to find answers that come from bipartisan solutions.

We can argue the issue of immigration forever and a day in the Southwest part of America, but the separation of children from the immigrant parents is wrong.

We can argue about what we would like to see in the next Supreme Court appointment.

We can argue about what to do with North Korea. One thought: Trump can appoint Dennis Rodman as special envoy… (LOL)

What we as a people need to do is to advocate for ideas by voicing our opinions. Write our leadership in Austin and in Washington and hope he learns when and when not to tweet!

Make a new difference!

Robb O. Rourke Jr. lives in Houston (Clear Lake).


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Diane Turski

Yes! It is encouraging to read an opinion that supports country over party! Thank you for reminding everyone where our priorities should be as Americans!

Ron Binkley

Well said Robb! We are not just Republican or Democrats. We are Americans!

Leonard Hale

Robb seems a great guy, but I after reading I am unclear about his subject matter. The last paragraph made sense.

George Croix

When voicing our opinions, shouldn't we say soemthing?

Kay Lowell

Nicely put!

Paul Hyatt

People whine about what is going on at the border concerning the so called separation of children from their parents, and yet I heard NOTHING when the Obama's were doing the exact same thing concerning the separation of parents and their children. As for keeping the border open, I have a question for all of you open border people. Why do you have locks on your cars and why do you lock your homes? After all these criminal illegals are just wanting to acquire what you have. If you don't like a border wall then why do you have one at your home?
As for the separation of children and parents I do not hear any of you crying about it happening every day of every year here in the USA when people are stupid enough to get caught doing crimes and get sent to prison and they are then separated from their children. Why is that? Do you not care about born in the USA children and their parents?

Carlos Ponce

"Does our government understand the issues we are dealing with?"
Depends on whom you are talking about. Democrats and Republicans have a different understanding on things. Typically Democrats think that pouring money into a problem (except illegal immigration) is the solution. When it comes to immigration Republicans want to build a wall with a portal to allow properly vetted immigrants in. Immigrants to fill needed job positions. Democrats think immigration reform means to let anyone CLAIMING asylum in also those "seeking the American Dream". No vetting necessary because of a poem which was never American immigration policy. Do research. People were turned away at Ellis Island and locally at Pelican island. Families were separated - including children. Fathers and mothers were sent back across the ocean while children were left in the hands of family members properly admitted or in the hands of the oldest child, sometimes only a teenager.
If you listened to a good news source you would know that several "parents" separated from "children" at the border were not the child's parents at all. Some have a history of kidnapping children to get across the border. Some are into child trafficking. The DNA tests are NOT to match displaced children with parents as the Liberal press claims. They KNOW who "brung" 'em. It's to see if those are their actual children. Several are not. In a rush to "reunite" alleged parent and children due to a judicial decree will some children be reunited with the people who kidnapped them? Of course the Liberal media will blame Trump, not the judge who ordered a rush job.

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