In my limited linguistic ability, the word “Thanksgiving” has two components. The gratefulness component and the giving one.

Almighty, our Creator, endow us with some or all of his blessings through human beings.

Therefore, for gratefulness, we shouldn’t forget to be thankful to our fathers, mothers brothers, sister, relatives, neighbors, friends, colleagues and every one who came across our life. Directly or indirectly, one or more of them may have delivered God’s blessings to us.

“Whoever isn’t grateful to people isn’t grateful to God.”

Furthermore, strong believers are those whose hearts are filled with God.

The heart filled with God is always softened, not hardened. Because it’s filled with mercy, caring, love, compassion, gratefulness and giving. God’s characters.

If the heart is becoming hardened toward people, perhaps it isn’t God filling this heart. It’s rather filled with (evil) selfishness. With its arrogance, negativity, jealousy, vindication, etc.

Sometimes such heart is decorated by false presentation of piety and faith devotion (hypocrisy). In reality it needs to be categorically cleansed.

The person who always takes and never gives is known as greedy.

The person who makes mistakes and never admits it and never gives an apology is known as arrogant “filled with arrogance, egoistic.” In the eyes of God, arrogance is a greater sin than greed.

In the Quran, Muslim’s Holly book, a verse means “(s)He will never see heaven who have an atom of arrogance in his/her heart.”

Arrogant person becomes bully. Always intimidate others by one way or another. Ranging from a dirty look, mean word(s) or by physical means. Arrogance breeds greed.

While arrogance is a disease of the heart, greed is a disease of the mind. Where negative calculation is always the product of a greedy person’s mathematical loss by giving.

Giving is a major character for our Creator who gave us the magnificent and beautiful world we live in.

So fill your heart with God by giving this year and the years to come.

Giving isn’t limited to a turkey meal and material things. It includes so many things.

The simplest and most important item in giving is a cordial smile that comes from the heart. Smiles will cure a lot of ailments in the hearts of the receivers, as well as the givers.

Giving of kind, merciful, and supportive words are next best for the receiver who needs them. And nowadays these are the most needed items for all of us. Because currently we’re embedded in sarcastic and negative bullying words everywhere; media and elsewhere.

May our Creator grant a Happy Thanksgiving to the givers, the receivers and everyone in between.

Dr. Ahmed E. Ahmed is a professor emeritus at the University of Texas Medical Branch and a member of Galveston Islamic Center.


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