Have you smelled a rose lately? We can’t smell a rose today because:

1. We’re going too fast. Technology is ahead of what we can deal with. We let the greatest generation (mine) just slip by and die an unnatural death. I hate to buy a new phone, TV or computer because it takes forever to program — and by then it’s obsolete.

Oh yes, the 13-year-olds can do it. They, however, aren’t smarter than us; they just have more time to play with programmable stuff and couch potato games. Today they have too little else to do. At 13 years old I was milking cows, mowing lawns, raising rabbits, building farm fences, bird hunting and working as a janitor at a cafeteria. I was social, slow and happily ignorant of computer fast.

I’m not suggesting children should be milking cows, but they should have chores and responsibilities that require some (phone-less) social exposure; fast alone isn’t good.

2. We’re becoming antisocial. Recently, I watched a couple in a restaurant, both consumed with their phones. They never looked up — not even to place their order — and ate with one hand while the other hand did the phone. I wondered if they might be texting each other.

I know you have experienced an interruption in your conversation with someone when a phone beeped a text (the mayor did it to me one day); you’re out, the text must be answered. Children no longer recognize humans around them; their priority is their phone or a video game. One might argue that texting is social; it is until it dominates, which today it does.

Do I really need to text all my friends that I just took a shower and my dog barked at me, seeing me naked for the first time? Do I?

3. Today, we’re using machines to avoid social contacts. The ATM lets you get money without any personal contact with a person; that person being at home without a job that the ATM took. I refuse to use them.

We are using self-checkout’s at the stores. Same problem of avoiding a social activity and now paying more taxes to support a person at home that lost their job. Standing in line can be a social activity unless you’re stuck-up or shy.

Get over it; try talking, it can be fun and rewarding. You just might find out that we’re all more alike than different. Remember the most popular story of our source; it was just Adam and Eve.

So do what? Take a phone addiction pill. Disable text on your phone; I did. Go into the bank and deal with a real person; try a line at the grocery store. Don’t stop a conversation with a real human when the phone beeps. Give children something to do that requires social learning. Go outside, smell a rose; and talk to a neighbor. Slow down; be social again.

Care and be social; the long term solution to antisocial walls.

Harvey Cappel lives in Texas City.


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Jennifer Lawrence

Great article Harvey! I agree!

Rusty Schroeder

I enjoyed the read Mr. Cappell. I agree that less cell phone interference and worship would bring back just a little bit of life as it should be.

Rusty Schroeder

Mr. Cappel, sorry for the misspell. Wish we had a 5 minute grace time to edit our posts like the Daily News Staff has, that would be an upgrade worth the upgrade in prices :)

Victor Krc

Social media is often used to create a mob-like behavior that can destroy a person's good name practically forever with little or no consequences for the virtue-signaling torches-and pitchfork crowd. Just take a look at the most recent electronic lynching of the Covington Catholic High School students that were in Washington for the March For Life. It was all a set up from the get-go but their names will live on in the electronic ether-world. Even after the hoax was exposed some media outlets are still trying to spin the story to make the students responsible. Thankfully, many apologized but the damage was done. Once you name is smeared and even if you are proved innocent, the stain still remains behind for a long time. That is why I have nothing to do with Twitter or its competitors.

Jarvis Buckley

Harvey great article, thank you✌️

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