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Casey Alan

He pled guilty. He said yes I did. Now if he thought he was talking with a bunch of friends and confessed I would say that was his problem. If he was not Read his rights then I would say yes the FBI messed up. Because if it wasn’t for that he will still be in jail. Lots of criminals including this one get to out Scott free because somewhere down the line the people in charge did not cross their T‘s are dot their I’s. Lots of crooked people walk free and he is one of them.

Carlos Ponce


"He pled guilty. He said yes I did."

In case Casey doesn't quite get it. I placed what you posted under the word "DURESS".

If you lost your house, if they threatened your son, were bankrupt you would plea anything to get them to stop if your lawyers convinced you that was best. The FBI field agents who questioned him said there was nothing there in their report and that Flynn got a few facts wrong and there was no intent to deceive. But the 7th Floor (James Comey) insisted on charges. And now they are implicating the 2016 White House in this fiasco.

jimmy winston

Guilty is guilty

Gary Miller

Casey> The FBI agents who strong armed Flynn are walking free. His case will be complete when they are locked up. Flynn should get Rays job as FBI director, He has real life understanding of official misconuct.

Gary Scoggin

Gary M. —. Should they be locked up because they “strong armed” Flynn in particular or because they “strong armed“ anyone? It’s my understanding that this is a common FBI technique. Should we lock up a bunch of FBI agents, then? What would be the charge?

Carlos Ponce

"Should we lock up a bunch of FBI agents, then?" Just the upper echelons who lied when they said electronic surveiled was warranted because the charges had been verified. Who LIED when he signed off on this? JAMES COMEY!

Gary Scoggin

Rule no. 1: Never lie to an FBI agent.

Rule no. 2: Never lie to the VPOTUS when he's interviewing you for a job.

This was a mess of Flynn's own making. Was it worthy of prison time? Probably not. But he still bears the responsibility for his actions.

Carlos Ponce

The FBI Field agents wanted to drop the matter because they felt Flynn did not purposely lie but got some facts wrong. No intent to deceive or cover up what he did.

Bailey Jones

"I had to fire General Flynn because he lied to the Vice President and the FBI. He has pled guilty to those lies." - Trump

"What I can tell you is I knew that he lied to me and I know the president made the right decision with regard to him." - Pence

"It wasn't his fault! Duress! Duress!" - Carlos

Carlos Ponce

Hello, Bailey? You're posting about TWO DIFFERENT THINGS. Did the trial and allegations brought by Comey and the Justice Department relevant to Flynn's job at the White House and what he said to Pence. NO!

Charles Douglas

The FBI, NSI, CIA, and other agencies of the government were sweating Flynn and others to get evidence on Trump, and It is obvious and plain for everyone to see it! With the evidence released and is continuing to be made available by the Inspector General, there should be no doubt what actually happened! There is no excuse nor should there be any doubt, that Obama and his band of DEEP STATE operatives were out to destroy Trump by any means necessary out of deep inbred hate! Obama never moved from DC after he got ushered out of office because he was leading & heading a "SHADOW" resistance force from the day he left office. Funny now that his name is coming out as being present and in attendance with groups discussing pertinent aspects, plans and plots against the present administration .....that now he is on the phone with many of his former cronies, and henchmen trying to damage the present administration ...and the call is conveniently leaked to the public! I thought this man was going to be another Martin Luther King, but he turned out to be not even close! In my eyes he is African-American but he is not Black! He knows nothing about the struggles we have suffered through in this country and therefore he cannot ever relate to them. He had to read about them, which is not like experiencing separate facilities on a job, having to enter a building by a side entrance or a back door! He knows NOTHING, about being educated in a SEGREGATED ill-equiped school system and therefore this put him in a bad position to know what real equality means to those who suffered through and fought against those things or had family who did. Probably why he did not accomplish much in his eight years in office for minorities! People who.worked for Obama did what they wanted to do without fear of repercussions, which indicated they had no respect for his leadership, or that he allowed them to do what they did. Either way, it does not reflect a positive light on his leadership abilities. Now that the evidence is out and is continuing to come forth, they are running scared of Mr. BARR, and Mr. DURHAM, because indictments are sure to come for the lawlessness and the shredding of citizens' rights they perpetuated during his presidential term! I am shocked, appalled, and DISMAYED, at what this scum did ...under the cover of law enforcement, for I too use to wear the badge and and uniform of Law Enforcement, and had the honor of being a First Responder!

jimmy winston


Bailey Jones

If there's anything the news from Georgia has made clear, it's that the quality of the justice you receive depends entirely on who you know.

I look forward to seeing Flynn as a paid puppet on Fox News.

Carlos Ponce

I look forward to Flynn being in charge of the prison where they jail James Comey.

Dalton Logan


Charles Douglas

Mr. Ponce> " I look forward to Flynn being in charge of the prison where they jail Jim Comey!" AMEN! ...One thing to add.....If Flynn cannot get there to head it up, ...anybody will do as long as they lock his arrogant, treasonous behind up! This man was, and is a sickness in this country and a blight, on Law Enforcement!

Charles Douglas

Yes sir Mr. Jones,...and that is why I like you, and respect your opinions, even if most of the time they are different than mine! See in Georgia, we have the same kind of degenerates, acting under the color of Law and vigilante style justice, as we had operating in the DEEP STATE commanded by our last Commander and Chief! You cannot legislate morality, character, or integrity! They must be developed on purpose in the light of righteousness, and the agape love of God! What we saw happen in Georgia, ..the cover-up, the lack of due process, and blind justice by the District Attorney's Office , and authorities not doing their jobs which they swore to do, was EXACTLY the same BS political upheaval of justice, and demolition of the constitutional rights we observed being practiced by Obama, Crooked Hilliary, Big Jim Comey, Andrew McCabe, Peter Struzok, Lisa Page, Joe O'Biden, and that phoney Special Prosecutor who squandered millions of taxpayer dollars trying to frame Donald J. TRUMP, during the Russian Hoax! To this day, the LEFT is still trying to set Trump up, in order that we can be more like CHINA! I am glad you agree with me! This just means ...I know an honest man when I see one![wink]

Kimberley Jones Yancy

I totally agree to that. The activities our children are seeing...how our present government behaves and the total lack of decorum and unprofessionalism is just SAD.

Carlos Ponce

Kimberly, as we read in Ecclesiastes: "All things are wearisome, more than one can describe; the eye is not satisfied with seeing, nor the ear content with hearing. What has been is what will be, and what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun. Is there a case where one can say, 'Look, this is new'? It has already existed in the ages before us."

Nothing new here. Just think of the things you saw as a child, your parents saw as children, your grandparents saw, etc.

Jim Forsythe

Not over yet!

The Justice Department’s position, in this case, is genuinely unusual. The defendant and the government have gone from agreeing that Flynn is guilty of a crime to agree that the charge cannot stand without much significant change in underlying facts. What’s more, no career prosecutor who worked the case was willing to sign the government’s brief seeking dismissal. At a minimum, Sullivan clearly has the authority to call the government lawyers before him to defend and account for their decision to dismiss Flynn’s charges. No time table has been set so the judge can ask questions such as why the change of plea. This could take many months or even more than a year when we could have a new head of the Department of Justice.

Charles Douglas

Could is a powerful word! A man standing on a fifteen story building COULD jump off,... however, usually common sense will prevail! We are not going to turn this country over to the likes of Comey, Obama, and that fool who threw that lady in Dallas in jail for opening her salon! It is going to be a struggle in this country before CHINA and those who China's ways of justice takes over here, of that you can be sure!

Jim Forsythe

Judge Sullivan has this and no telling what the ruling will be. The judge could even reject Flynn's take back. But at this time Flynn is not free of this case.

Carlos Ponce

Can Judge Sullivan run a case that the persecution has dropped? It's as good as over.

Jim Forsythe

Yes, the Judge can,

Carlos Ponce

He won't.

Jim Forsythe

In the past, the judge was not happy with Flynn. Until the trial is over, another surprise may happen. The judge has different ways that he may go, and how long will it take is unknown at this time.

"Flynn’s lies mattered to the judge, who didn’t gloss over their implications during an exchange with the defendant. “Not only did you lie to the FBI, but you lied to senior officials in the Trump transition team and administration,” Sullivan said. “Those lies caused the then-vice president-elect, incoming chief of staff, and then press secretary to lie to the American people. Moreover, you lied to the FBI about three different topics, and you made those false statements while you were serving as the national security adviser, the president of the United States’ most senior national security aid. I can’t minimize that.”

Charles Douglas

Ohhh nobody cares about Sullivan, he is mad because he thought he would earn some brownie points from the LEFT, like that other juris In Dallas thought when he jailed that lady for trying to feed her kids! She was in over her head from debt because of this crap perpetuated by none other than CHINA! They were over in a lab in WUHAN experimenting with bacteria warfare and it got away from them and they either reacted stupidly, or they intentionally set it loose on the world because America's economy was running way ahead of their own! I heard that Ms. Luther has close to a half a million in some kind of an account started by a friend on line. I will make a donation in her honor to Nicaraguan Missionaries I know soon as a tribute to her courage! Bunch of Liberal activists on the bench ..outrageous!

Jim Forsythe

"Given the current posture of this case, the Court anticipates that individuals and organizations will seek leave of the Court to file amicus curiae briefs," Sullivan wrote in an order posted in U.S. District Court in Washington, D.C.

Sullivan wrote that he would set a schedule for amicus submissions later.

Charles Douglas

Let me think....just let me figure something! What is that thing they call a PRESIDENTIAL PARDON? Seems to me General Flynn, Is in a " no lose "situation! Of course I have been known to overreact sometimes![wink]

Stuart Crouch

Ruh Rho, Scooby! It seems the good Judge Sullivan has slowed up the complete and total exoneration (and obviously long-overdue vindication) of the poor, victimized Comrade Flynn. Could it be because he might be guilty? Or, maybe because he isn't super-'OJ'-guilty, but admitted that he was, maybe by just a little bit (you know, like, "a card laid is a card played, but I didn't mean to, so I can take it back"). Could it possibly be that A.G. Barr is as crooked as Margaret Thatcher's teeth?

How about 1,900+ former lawyers, legal staff, agents and others previously employed by the DOJ who signed their names to a document that expresses their grave concern over yet another crooked, underhanded, right-wing whitewashing to protect their doomed leader. Surely, they must all be mistaken!

Mr. Sargent referenced the mythical "deep state" in his amusing diatribe wherein conspiracy theories abound and where everything good and holy is under attack by the evil-reincarnate leftist-lib-demon-crats and their charges. Please, do let me grab a tissue. The only "deep state" associated with any of this is a 'deep state of denial' by a bunch of self-proclaimed 'conservative' yahoos that are petrified of any and everything.

Once again, when faced with things they don't/can't understand nor accept, when anyone or anything (like proof, evidence, videos , transcripts, paper trails, eyewitnesses, self-confessions and the like) are contrary to them and their maligned party's narrative, it's on, baby! Time to attack! Hit'em with all the common ploys of your exalted leader; endless denials, smokescreens, bait & switch, more denials, diversionary tactics, displacement, razz-mah-tazz & mumbo jumbo, attack the media, attack Obama (since your boy will never amount to more than a pimple on the 44th's backside) attack the Dems (and democracy, while you're at it) with all you have.

Desperate times certainly justify such desperate measures. Right here, right now, the ends will justify your means, no? Summon the militias (yeah, not the ones mentioned in the Constitution and Bill of Rights, either), get the hood & robe back from the dry-cleaners; you've got work to do! Mobilize!

Please, please tell me (well, not "me" me, but 'me' as in the general populous) that you really don't want to continue being viewed in this manner, labelled as you have been and remembered as such by others that are outside of your delusionary circle.

Do you really want your grandkids and all of your extended family (that's clan, with a 'c' this time) that gathers for reunions and other familial events, to speak of, or about you, as being "that guy"? Should they have to make excuses for you (being under a lot of pressure lately, hasn't been sleeping well, off his meds, etc.)? Do you want to be that guy? You know, the one that just couldn't pull it all together and keep their 'sanity train' on its metaphorical tracks? Or, will you continue to be viewed as the one that will ride that hell-bound train right on in to Nutts-ville?

I know that not all of you could not have been abused as children, which can be a telltale sign of some of these behaviors, so there is no good reason for you all to act like it. I do recognize that some of these traits are quite hereditary, being passed on from generation to generation. This would explain some of those misspelled signs and peculiar flags and other epitaphs overheard at the armed, militant rallies by your 'liberator' ilk.

So again, I hate to remind y'all of this, but the only ones you might be fooling with all of your paranoid, self-loathing rhetoric are those that have already swallowed your shared beliefs of desperation and the imaginary injustices and other inequities of your collective lives. But hey, if it works, stay with it! Choo, Choo! [batman]

Carlos Ponce

Wait for the final decision. When General Flynn walks FREE you will have to back track on your posts.

"about 1,900+ former lawyers" NONE have access to all the information. They're just partisan hacks. It's just THEIR OPINION.

Carlos Ponce

So Clinton appointed Judge Emmet Sullivan asks for an amicus brief from Judge John Gleeson who was also appointed by Clinton.

Sullivan? Gleeson? Are we back in the 60s?[ohmy]

Who will Judge Sullivan call on next? And now, coming into the courtroom ... TOPO GIGIO!

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