As I reflect on what has taken place in this country, I can say, beyond a shadow of a doubt that we as a people and nation are in a dangerous place.

Even though we’ve engaged in a presidential election and the country sits on the threshold of a new administration, situations that divide us have only been exacerbated.

The president-elect speaks of unity, while the current president continues to wave the wand of division. The historical number of voter participation verifies this fact. As a form of proof that we’re more divided than ever, we elected officials who’ve failed to live up to their oath of office.

Their words are hollow and self-serving. They easily use God’s name in vain.

Descendants of African-American slaves still feel marginalized because we’re still waiting to be recognized. Yes, we’re no longer known as slaves, but many still labor as though we are. Jim Crow is no longer an era, except we’re still experiencing segregation on many levels. We have a long way to go before we can feel truly “equal” and we know this.

Yet, we continue to move forward because we must.

We cringe every time we hear the experience of 1619 being internalized in such a way that it means immigration. As slaves, our forefathers didn’t migrate to any of these shores, we were kidnapped from our homes, separated from our families and brought here in chains to be sold as free laborers. And still, we love the only country we know even though it doesn’t love us, as Doc Rivers stated.

We watched individuals take advantage of peaceful protests for social justice to riot, burn and loot. We’ve witnessed indecent and racist police officers execute young African-American men and women while good police officers continue to strive to forge positive relationships with the African-American community.

Hopefully, the positive change in our federal government on the national level will help in a positive manner on our local level.

Finally, we will be able to begin a real battle with COVID-19 instead of going into a phase of “herd immunity.” Too many Americans have suffered and died, and too many families have been left behind to pick up the pieces, mend broken hearts, and try to understand the “why” of it all.

Now we may actually realize a bipartisan economic relief package. We must come together to help our fellow Americans through this horrific time. We must come together for the common good.

We tried this method in Texas City and La Marque, and it has worked. We passed a wholesome bond so four new schools could be built. We also assisted with the passage of a bond for College of the Mainland. Our police departments continue to have a positive relationship with the West End Ministers and Leadership Alliance. Texas City has elected its first African American mayor and first African American female mayor pro tem.

The Rev. James E. Daniels is founder and chairman of the Eagles’ Nest community organization and the community liaison of the Texas City and La Marque police departments.


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Bailey Jones


Paula Flinn

Another thoughtful, inspirational article from Rev. Daniels. Thank you for writing it.

Charles Douglas

There are great inequalities in the education, earnings, and wealth of African-Americans juxtaposed to other demographics in various parts of America, because African-Americans have settled in on blindly voting & supporting The Democratic party decade after decade after decade with nothing gained for that support! Young African-Americans in Democratic controlled strongholds around this nation are badly educated, many cannot read at the prescribed levels.

They have massive number of murders, robberies, assaults, inflicted on them by BLACKS on BLACKS crimes, and this process proceeds in a vicious cycle from generation to generation just as one generation votes Democratic, because the prior Generation heard that Democratic cared about "BLACK FOLKS" and the Republicans did not! Up to this election cycle Conservatives have done a lousy job of reaching out to minorities, and making promises, and keeping them, until Donald Trump came along.

Democrats' game plan has been to use government subsidies to keep minorities voting for them instead of championing better schools, better education, or facilitating better economical opportunities enabling minorities to take responsibility for their own well being, and prosperity. We will always have an Aunt Maxine Waters, a James Clyburn, or a Spartacus around to be a show-piece ...or to serve as eye-candy to the masses fake inspiration for the masses to stay in line and keep the faith, just as Democrats had BLACK assistant overseers in slavery time to spy on other slaves, and run them down with horses, & dogs if they tried to escape or run-away.

Why is it that Liberals are quick to inflame BLACK people about things which happened over four hundred years ago, like SLAVERY, Confederacy, Statues, but they never discuss better educational opportunities, better schools, or better living conditions in the ghettos where minorities lives? We now see young African-Americans who are famous... coming out from behind the muddy glass, where they have been "boogger-jived" for decades by the LEFT & their surrogates.

People like Ice Cube, Kanye West, Fifty-Cent, LiL Wayne, Leo Terrell, Candace Owen, Lawrence Jones, and many others have opened their eyes for the first time and they see now what others like myself have been exposed to for YEARS! These racial problems are solved or addressed by going to the root of the cause is, then worked out, and up from there! Example: selfishness is the daddy of hate, greed is the daddy of covetousness, & lust. You cannot fix hate unless you fix selfishness! You haves to fix greed before you tackle covetousness.

Like so, Lack of education & preparation equals lack of good employment opportunities. Lack of good employment equals lack of good, income. Lack of good income equals poverty and Lack! The DEMS know this, and it is why they want minorities poor! Know why that is so? I will tell you why! It is for the.same reason the LEFT thought up " SHARE-CROPPING" years ago. It was bought forth for control of African-Americans! Another form of slavery!

You control the land, you control the man on the land! Now the LEFT is piggy backing off that methodology and keeping minorities on the bottom in educations, supplying them with government subsidies, and controling their votes with the additions of Slick, hateful, and smart accusations toward conservatives. Anytime you hold a man, or a race of people down in order to keep them indebted to you, is SLAVERY!

" The rich ruleth over the poor: and the BORROWER, is SLAVE to the Leander!" ( Proverbs 22: 7 ). When my dad was a sharecropper ..years ago, he was like most African-Americans who could not read well. It was against the law to teach slaves to read and write during those difficult times in our history! Every year he cleared less, and owed more! He made up for that by charging at the General Store, and borrowing from the rich land-owner he worked shares for in order to make ends meet! So then at the end of every harvest, all debts had to be.paid!

Then the whole cycle started over again! I see the same thing here ...There is no difference. Donald Trump received more African-Americans and Hispanic support this election that any Conservative in over sixty YEARS! The worm, is turning!

Paula Flinn

Yet, the Democrats supported VP Elect Kamala Harris on the ticket with an aging man for President. When are the Republicans going to support a minority for President or Vice-President?

This election was a repudiation of President Trump. African-American and Latino LEGAL voters put President Elect Joe Biden in the lead. DJT will not get over 45% or 46% of the vote, now or ever.

Republicans should take the GOP far away from Trump and his family. Choose a winner, not a loser. Choose calm over chaos. Choose someone who doesn’t lie every day to the American people. Choose someone who supports science. Choose someone who can lead in a Pandemic or another crisis. Choose someone who doesn’t have business interests with our enemies. Choose someone who respects our foreign allies, not someone who has to “push himself to the front.” Reject your loser, Donald J. Trump, who put his own personal interests before those of the Country & the Constitution. Realize that he, alone, lost this election and move on.

I resent your abhorrent comparison of Maxine Waters and Rev. James Clyburn to black slave overseers. It is a nasty slur. What about Elijah Cummings and John Lewis? Do you feel that way about them too?

Lack of Education? Republicans have never been the Party of Education. When we had Democrat Ann Richards as Governor of Texas, public schools had enough money to start and enhance programs for minorities in Texas. As soon as Republicans took over the Governor’s position, the money budgeted for education started falling, every year. Through the GW Bush, Rick Perry, & Greg Abbott years the money is scarce to continue those programs. Do you think the appointment of Betsy DeVos was an improvement? No, it was a disaster!

You talk about selfishness and greed. I will say that President Trump is the most selfish, greedy person ever to occupy the White House since the Gilded Age. His whole family is greedy, including his grown children. We should never have a situation like this again where the President’s children are employed in the White House. President Trump’s selfishness and personal greed is “poisoning the well of Democracy.”

Reject him, and choose a responsible person to idolize. Over half the nation did.

Paula Flinn

* ...the money was and is scarce...

* President Trump’s selfishness and personal greed are “poisoning the well of Democracy.”

Charles Douglas

Ms.Flinn, this is a free society in America for the present, anyway. We will have to wait and see what we have left when Biden and Kamala Harris are finished. My point is you are free to resent whatever you like,...I don't care. I stand by what I said! If you get a chance go check out living conditions for the constituents of Maxine Waters and Jim Clyburn, along with the Mayor of Chicago, and you might see my point! Check out the constituents of Commings also and you will find the same situation. You are entitled to your opinions, but don't try to spoon feed me mine! I am aware that more African-Americans and Latinos voted Democratic in this past election. What I said was more African-Americans and Hispanics voted Republican this time than any of them had in over sixty YEARS! I said the trend is changing because the the promises Trump made concerning them, he kept or fulfilled! Joe Biden did NOTHING! ...NOTHING! for minorities and You Know this. You can vilify Trump all you want, but you can not erase the good things he has done! I never said he was perfect! However if I did choose to idolize one out of TRUMP or Old RACIST Joe Biden, would not be Joe 10%! I would think you probably resent my saying that too, and it is okay by me!

Paula Flinn

Mr. Douglas, check out some of the Red states that have slums and poor areas. Look at Kentucky. For one thing, there are poor and homeless in every state, and a great number of them are Republican led states in the South. Actually, there are more whites receiving Medicaid than minorities. When Joe Biden was growing up he had African-American friends that are still his friends today. He is no Racist. Joe Biden has not been associated with white supremacy groups or white rogue militias.

Carlos Ponce

Paula, even Red States have Blue cities.

Carlos Ponce

Paula ,Is there a quota you wish fulfilled? How about choosing the BEST candidate for VP available? What about Dr. Martin Luther King's dream of judging people NOT BY THE COLOR OF THEIR SKIN BUT BY THE CONTENT OF THEIR CHARACTER?????

Paula Flinn

Carlos, I think Joe Biden did choose a person for Vice President who he thought would make a great one, no matter the color of her skin. It must be a great choice because they captured way over half the popular vote . Plus, Joe thinks they will be able to work well together.

I wouldn’t bring up “character,” as a Trump supporter, because clearly a person who lies as much as Trump does, doesn’t have good “character.”

Lying isn’t leadership.

Carlos Ponce

Paula, properly vet the person Biden picked. She's not all that.

Paula Flinn


Spiro Agnew, Dan Quail, & Sarah Palin

Worry. more about people like Gen. Flynn,

Paul Manafort, Rick Gates, & Roger Stone.

Also Steve Bannon.

Carlos Ponce

Everybody on your list is a better choice than Camela.

Jose' Boix

While I appreciate Rev. Daniels guest column, I would like to clarify his statement: “Texas City has elected its first African American female mayor pro tem.”

To date, the City has not had a “first regular meeting after the election,” and the votes have not yet been canvassed.

So, the new Commission has not yet “elected” a mayor pro-tem. Further I would like to share the words of the City Charter - City of Texas City, Texas.


Sec. 2. Mayor and Mayor Pro Tem.

At the first regular meeting after every election, held for the purpose of electing new city commissioners, the members of the city commission shall elect one of their members to serve as mayor pro tem, and he/she shall perform all the duties of the mayor in his/her absence or disability.

David Smith

4 years of resisting.. lying.. fake investigations.. and constant crusification of Trump.

And now youre horse that is a pre pube sniffer and career politician whose only accomplishment is to tax seniors SS. TWICE .. and now we are all suppose to come together for the common good.. Your title is 4 years too late .. and proves your not a reverend .. ..

If you were a Christian . You would have wrote this in 2016

Keith Gray

If he was a Christian, he could not support the party of abortion...

Jose Luis Ochoa

If he was a Christian he would not be wearing a Dallas cowboy hat. I still like the San Francisco forty niners. I'm a catholic. I don't know what I would think if I saw one of the island priests wearing a sports cap.

Reverend , let me ask you. Can you please let ALL people vote their own conscience and like their own sports teams?

Carlos Ponce

What Daniels wears is his business, Jose. Judge the man on his ideas not his attire. And that's enough.

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