When something is bothering us, naturally we look for the reason and the culprit. That process of looking means we scan the perimeter around us. Seldom do we look at ourselves.

I own several pieces of raw land. I had observed that my land was becoming soggy. As usual when I’m confronted with a abnormality or confusion, I “ditilized.” Ditilizing is the process of taking pen and paper and doodling while trying to solve the problem. The product of ditilizing is pictures, scribbles and words that are loosely connected and represent a mind in the process of trying to make logic.

During the ditilization of the soggy land problem, I fell into contemplating the life of a raindrop. Obviously, the raindrop is part of my soggy problem. The following is my interview with a raindrop.

Mr. Raindrop who are you and what do you do? He (pronoun irritation is intentional) said “I am a piece of matter that can evolve into three different forms — gas, liquid, solid — and depending on conditions, I attempt to normalize the weather. All us raindrops go through evaporation and condensation to change forms, and, in that process, we change the area’s temperature/weather.”

Well, Mr. Raindrop how do you like your job?

He said “It’s OK, but I don’t enjoy increased frequency of splats.”

Mr. Raindrop what are splats?

“When a raindrop hits a hard surface, it’s called a splat. The original intent was for us to hit surfaces that were soil and vegetation — soft and absorbent. But today we constantly splat and then are gathered and funneled to drain away.

“Frequently, we all are pushed long distances into a great congested area called a reservoir. Those reservoirs are terrible places where we’re packed together so only a few of us at the top can breathe and perform our duties of evaporation and recycling. Sometimes there are so many, we rebel and burst out of the reservoir.”

Well, now I know why my raw land is soggy. Too many splats!

Incidentally, if you ditilize on the problem of global warming you would eventually conclude the real culprit is the increase in human population.

Here’s a headline no paper will ever publish: “Too many people is the real cause of global destruction.”

David Hardee lives in Bayou Vista.


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Paul Hyatt

For all of you who believe in the nonsense of AGW and decry the over population of what God created are you proposing that we start eliminating people or volunteering to be the first to step off? God created man to multiply and fill the earth.... What part of that do you not understand?

Bailey Jones

If more people would listen to what nature has to say maybe we wouldn't be in this mess - global warming, fish full of plastics, the 6th great extinction underway...

Rusty Schroeder

I had a bass once that was full of plastic, he sang songs and his mouth would open and his tail would flip. His name was Buddy, but he always sang Take Me to the River, so I finally did. I sure miss Buddy Bass.

Carlos Ponce

I had one of those too, Rusty! Buddy Bass scared my niece. When she grew up, I gave it to her for a present.[beam]

Carlos Ponce

Bailey Jones, where does the plastic come from????
Answer: CHINA, not the united States. If you are so concerned, go to China and tell the Chinese to cut it out. While you're at it, the rest comes from Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam. I hope you speak those languages.

Kelly Naschke

I usually agree with pretty much everything Carlos says...but we produce plenty of plastic in the US...some of it less than 30 miles from where most of us live. Plastic is a problem. We are going to choke ourselves to death on it.

Carlos Ponce

I rememberGCDN articles about beach clean up. Much of the plastic debris picked up had foreign not domestic origin.
"Some of the oddest things found included Chinese water bottles a 1000-won Korean bill medicine bottles with Asian writing an Intel motherboard lots of shotgun shells and a marijuana cigarette."
How did the Chinese, Korean and Asian items wind up on Galveston's beaches? Probably thrown out as trash from foreign cargo ships. I'm not saying that the United States doesn't produce any ocean debris but relatively speaking, not so much as other countries.
Look at the map at:
They rank China as the worst offender. The United States is in there ranked 20th due to it's multi-coastal territory but much higher rankings for China, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Egypt, Sri Lanka, and Nigeria.
86% of the world's Ocean Plastic Waste comes from Asia.
Zoom in on the United States on the map. Very little compared to other countries but mostly on the East Coast.
"In 2010, 8.8 million metric tons of mismanaged plastic waste came from China with an estimated 3.53 million metric tons of it ending up in the ocean. A total of 3.2 million metric tons of mismanaged plastic waste came from Indonesia and it is estimated that 1.29 million metric tons became plastic marine debris. The United States is also guilty of polluting oceans with plastic, but at a much lower level than China. Annually, 0.11 million metric tons of waterborne plastic garbage comes from the United States."
Of all countries on the list, the United States is least. Now think about the Chinese, Korean, Asian debris found on Galveston's beaches......

Rusty Schroeder

And without it the cost of living would increase drastically, I worked where you are talking about. Plastic is also recycled, not as much as should be, but life without it is unreasonable. There is no going back to paper milk cartons or real wood in car interiors, just not realistic nor cost effective.

Bailey Jones

Where the plastic comes from is largely irrelevant when we all share the oceans. (Perhaps the world's greatest negotiator can add a clause about plastic pollution when he negotiates the worlds greatest trade deal with China?)

Carlos Ponce

I recommend sending Bailey Jones to China to negotiate a "no plastics in the ocean deal". And while you're at it, convince foreign flags not to litter our waterways - especially off the Galveston shores. [beam]

George Croix

Snap poll....
Raise your keyboard if you think you can live without 'plastic' in your life.
Same for fossil fuels....

Anyway, 'too many people'......
Well, the 'choicers' have been killing them off by the millions for 40 years for their personal convenience...they're doing the best they can to help that population problem, David....

Jarvis Buckley

If you ride west on 3005 you will see plastic hanging all over the barbed wire fences. Not only is it distasteful
to look at. It's harmful to the wild creatures that roam the pastures. Don't expect it's good for the cattle or horses either. Sure wish the landowners would show a little responsibility & get their illegal immigrant workers to clean the fences lines & pastures. Seems immoral to keep a wire wall up & not let the cattle come & go freely anyway.😀

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