I live on the West End of Galveston Island. I travel daily on FM 3005 in both east and west directions. The highway, which has recently been raised, is becoming increasingly rougher and is filling with more and more potholes.

Some of these potholes are so severe, and they appear with no warning. When the driver hits these unexpected holes and drop-offs, he or she is completely taken off guard and is extremely frightened. In some cases, the situation is so intense you feel as though you’ve had a blowout.

I’m not the only driver who questions how can this state highway be in such deplorable condition when it was just completed a few months ago.

Another road which is frequently traveled is Stewart Road. Once again, the driver must be extremely alert and aware of the shoulders alongside the road. They’re eroding, thus becoming a very dangerous hazard that could cause the driver to lose control.

I regret that Stewart Road and FM 3005 are in this dangerous condition, and wonder is it neglect or lack of state funds?

Also, the palm trees that were planted at the very west end of Seawall Boulevard in the median never had a chance. It was a most generous and beautiful addition to that area; however, the project was never really thought through.

Newly planted trees must have water. Without the proper irrigation and attention given to the palms they never really had a chance. Watching them dying, turning brown, and their trunks literally bending in half is indeed a very neglectful sight.

If our city intends to plant beautiful landscapes, it’s imperative that we remember the water.

Whenever we see disturbing or troublesome sights, it’s perfectly all right to speak up and address the situation.

Galveston is a treasure, and I am always proud to say I’m a BOI — born on the island. I am grateful to call her my home.

Suzanne G. Little lives in Galveston.


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Brian Maxwell

The city didn’t have anything to do with the planting of the trees she describes in the article.

David Shea

The road work on 3005 is nowhere near complete. They essentially have just begun. The project is being done in stages and will not be complete for a long time. Once it gets close you will see a final top coat done from the end of the wall to the pass.

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