Freedom is all about choices but our Republican friends are using a curious definition of that idea.

Most of us would describe freedom as the ability to choose the course of our life. Their positions are at odds with that idea. Claiming, as they decrease choices, that they are really increasing liberty.

Joseph A. Willis lives in Galveston.


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Charles Douglas

I got a solution to all of what this author is griping about with his empty words of accusations & false charges against conservatives. We should somehow divide the country up and let yall go your way and we go ours. Yeah let's do what Abraham told Lot! " Hey let not argue, we are brothers. Lets just divide this sucker in half, and WHAMO...problem solved! I said this because a real American will not settle for the NONSENSE the WOKE is manufacturing and spewing out now in this nation! Think about it! You guys can take yall's half and join Uncle XI JING & China and leave us alone! That way Joe SLIDE & his Crackhead Son won't have to hide outout when they are taking payoffs for treason, or selling their country out! Think about it! You can make men start having babies if you want unashamed! You can. Get rid of the whole English Language too, and nobody will give a [censored] ....[beam][beam]

Gary Scoggin

Kinda like what was attempted in 1861, right?

Ed Buckner

[thumbup], Mr. Scoggin

Paul Sivon

Why not try to find a dozen or more bitter people with perverted views of morality and start your own state? I have a feeling you won’t find very many people you would define as “we”.

Ed Buckner

So, Mr. Sivon, are you the one who gets to define "perverted"? Just curious.

Carlos Ponce

"The reversal of the Roe decision is a prime example of this curious definition of freedom.....Most of us would describe freedom as the ability to choose the course of our life."

And what choice does the aborted child get? Can the child choose the course of his or her life?

Joe Chapman

I have never heard of an unborn baby yet being in favor of his or her own abortion.

Ed Buckner

Mr. Chapman, you've never heard of a sperm, ovum, zygote, etc., being in favor of or opposed to being aborted. Odd that you think that you (and the government) get to decide on these things, with no input from the "baby incubator" herself.

George Croix

Mornin','s the weather In Georgia....

Wasn't too far from there a couple weeks ago....

I've never heard of one of those with a heartbeat.... the government, which is us, decided a very long time ago, that when your heart is beating, you are alive....

Seems to me that all or nothing on any of a number of subjects is getting nobody anywhere except further PO'd, which is exactly what our 'leaders' want.....

But, except where rape and incest are involved, the 'baby incubator' decided the 'input' herself....although if it's found out later that there's an actual health reason to terminate the pregnancy, that is not on her.....

Abortion just for convenience? Maybe a bit more prior to 'input' consideration...

Nothing is 100% sure in life, except death....

IMO, as always.....

Carlos Ponce

"Attacks on schools to enforce book bans or to regulate the teacher’s speech during the instruction to students are deadly to real freedom.."

Would you include "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer" and "Huck Finn" as written by Samuel Clemens (Mark Twain)? Or would you object to the "n-word" being used and ban the book? Don't you think the teacher or librarian can explain this was 19th century United States and some used vulgar terms in a like manner to what rap artists use today?

And a Texas teacher should teach the curriculum as presented in Texas TEKS (Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills).

Ed Buckner

Damn but it pains me to agree with Carlos Ponce on anything ([crying]), but Twain's masterpieces should certainly be taught and not censored.

George Croix

Ahhh….an echo column….

Yoddleee odeee aayyeee hoooo…


Carlos Ponce

Why does Willis insist it was Republicans who wanted to reword slavery as “involuntary relocation”?

According to CNN: "The proposed phrase was part of the initial draft outlining the second-grade standards from a review committee that included a section titled 'Enslaved Peoples in America.' "

No reference to political affiliation is mentioned or implied.

Willis insists it must be Republicans on that committee WITH NO PROOF.

Noteworthy is what State Board of Education Chair Kevin Ellis said: “The board – with unanimous consent – directed the work group to revisit that specific language.”

In other words.... the proposed "involuntary relocation" was rejected.

Carlos Ponce

Joseph Willis, while members of the work group are not named, members of the State Board of Education are. They ALL rejected the term "involuntary relocation".

District 1 Georgina Perez Democratic

District 2 Ruben Cortez Jr. Democratic

District 3 Marisa Perez-Diaz Democratic

District 4 Lawrence Allen Jr. Democratic

District 5 Rebecca Bell-Metereau Democratic

District 6 Will Hickman Republican

District 7 Matt Robinson Republican

District 8 Audrey Young Republican

District 9 Keven Ellis Republican (CHAIR)

District 10 Tom Maynard Republican

District 11 Patricia Hardy Republican

District 12 Pam Little Republican

District 13 Aicha Davis Democratic

District 14 Sue Melton-Malone Republican

District 15 Jay Johnson Republican

Charles Douglas

Mr. Ponce! You ambushed him with facts and truth and you know they are NOT GOiNG TO LIKE THAT! You did the same thing Fox News did to Joe Manchin after he rolled over like a subservient canine and help Chuck Schumer and Joe " SLIDE" pass higher taxes on everybody the other day! [beam][beam]

Charles Douglas

In addition Senator Joe Manchin ( The Idiot) signed on to a bill that will rip the heart out of West Virginia's Coal Industry! That would make Joe Manchin equal to a wild animal eating his own! WHY? Did Schumer catch Joe in the act of something devious or degrading? Why would a sitting Senator stick it to his own constituents, and his own state? The bill will also facilitate the hiring of thousands of IRS agents to come after middle income citizens to Harrass them every year by auditing them,..... seeking more taxes to pay for their WOKE agenda! Want to live in this kind of freedom, then keep the WOKE in power, and you have not seen the half of their sick, silly, disastrous agenda!

Joe Chapman

Now this response above was well thought out and presented factually. Very good post from a deep thinking person.

George Croix

Well, voters had the freedom to vote for the current crop of politicians and reject the GOP 2 years ago…now, how’d that work out for us….

Sometimes, freedom gets you exactly what you asked for, and, like the dog that chased and caught the car, now what…

If polling means anything…if…then a whole bunch of people, especially minorities and Independents, have exercised their freedom to reject both the President and Joe Biden and his box checker administration….for now, anyway….

When you’ve blown a century of taking minority votes for granted and the Independents are already packing your suitcase for you 18 months in, and the WAPO and CNN are no longer in your tank, your freedom to keep this progressive spit (close enough) show rolling along may…may…be coming to an end.

Assuming, always dangerous, the GOP doesn’t form, yet again, another circular firing squad….

Then, if not, maybe your Party’s all too common freedom to attack and harass and dox and threaten and riot and loot and burn stuff because they get but_ hurt may be put on hold for a while…

The Pronoun Party wouldn’t know freedom if it bit them on the ask me about it….

Charles Douglas

That's telling them Mr. CROIX! You were hitting on all cylinders!!! Great hard-hitting assessments!

George Croix

Done be so happy yet, Charles.

Mitch has a way of talking one thing on the Senate floor then doing the opposite when the camera is off. Never discount the desire by ALL politicians to preserve their own interests first and let the rest of us go pound sand. Mitch has proven a master at it, and I suspect he and Chuck have shared more than one drink or two of fine Scotch to celebrate their Old Guard protections efforts. Majority Leader is a temporary title, not a vocation...

My Party By Default is well known for snatching defeat from certain victory's jaws, and there is some...some personal incentive for Donald Trump haters above all else in life to NOT want to be in the majority come '24 election time....

I'll believe a Senate swap when Kamala's heretofore most important role as VP, slapping a gavel down while cackling , has been removed....

The Truly Incompetent have an uncanny knack for falling into the spit, close enough, pile they create directly or by default, and coming out clean...she could then add another checked box, victim, to her rather astounding list of accomplishments, thus filling completely the suggestion card for a USPS Commemorative Stamp printing....


C. Patterson

Im sorry… who was fighting for freedom of choice in the vaccine debacle? The vaccine thats not a vaccine? The vaccine that protects and prevents Covid but it doesn’t along with the mask that do little either. Who pushed to shut down our businesses and schools , prevent you from spending the holidays or even seeing your relatives unless you’ve had a vaccine that not a vaccine? The that idiot you claim as a president gets on National TV and claims it to be a pandemic of the unvaccinated without so much as a scintilla of medical data proving such… in fact just the opposite is true.

You need to pick up that high powered mirror of perception and go take a look at yourself and your party's record of systematic destruction of our economy… then if you possess any character or bravery go apologize to the millions of people that were berated for simply wanting to make a choice about what???? Their own damn health decisions otherwise I believe Boosters 3,4 and 5 are waiting for you

Jim Forsythe

If you are for freedom of choice for vaccines, I'm sure you are for freedom of choice for abortions.

Carlos Ponce

Jim doesn't get it.

Getting a vaccine or not involves ONE body - your own.

With every abortion a baby dies. The baby has his or her own DNA. It is a separate individual under Texas law.

In the US Constitution:

"NOR SHALL ANY STATE DEPRIVE ANY PERSON OF LIFE, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws."

Under Texas statute 245.002 , a “Person” means an individual.

In Texas Penal Code 107 “Individual” means a human being who is alive, including an unborn child at every stage of gestation from fertilization until birth.

Jim Forsythe

Getting a vaccine involves many people that did not get Covid because of being vaccinated or others being vaccinated and not spreading it because they did not have it. I cannot prove how many did not come down with it nor can you prove that the vaccine did not prevent many from getting it.

What mandates were you under, that forced you to get the vaccine for Covid, Carlos?

As far as abortion, it depends where you live. in Texas, we now have a mandate that more than 50% do not agree with. Unlike Kansas that just voted on this, we will not get that chance.

When talking about abortion, one must know when a person thinks it is OK to have an abortion. Below are what some believe.

Some believe that any form of birth control is wrong, because it prevents a person form becoming pregnant.

Some believe the embryo is human from the moment of conception, that is when it becomes human.

Some believe the embryo is human from the moment a heartbeat can, be detected, then that is when it becomes human.

Some believe the embryo is human from the moment it could potentially live outside the womb, then that is when it becomes human.

Some believe the embryo becomes human from the moment it is born, then that is when it becomes human.

Some state still goes by the following. Fetal viability is generally considered to begin at 23- or 24-weeks gestational age in the United States. In this case, one is not considered a human until 23- or 24-weeks.

Then there are these issues, when a woman's life is in danger, incest, rape, some under 15 getting pregnant or the cells have died inside the women.

Most people have their own believes and for some to try and force what they believe on others, is wrong.

Carlos Ponce

Jim asks, "What mandates were you under, that forced you to get the vaccine for Covid, Carlos?"

Answer: Common sense told me not to.

Carlos Ponce

"Some believe" "Some believe" "Some believe" "Some believe" Who cares? Just follow the LAW.

C. Patterson

Im for freedom of choice I just differ from you on WHEN that choice is made

Charles Douglas

C Patterson > [thumbup][thumbup][beam]

George Croix

Jim, old buddy, can you catch pregnancy from a sneeze or shaking hands....


Jim Forsythe

George, depends how one shakes hands.

George Croix

Touche', Jim....I neglected to specify empty-handed....

big grin

Craig Mason

Bingo Jim

George Laiacona

Remember the first amendment at the time was intended to keep the church out of government business and the government out of church business unfortunately the church has transformed the Republican Party into providing the American people with their fantasy religious ideas only. There is no freedom of thought and no Liberty do be one’s self when it comes to freedom of speech etc. As long as the religious zealots have control over the Republican Party Liberty and freedom will not exist for all Americans

Gary Scoggin

The First Amendment prevented the establishment of a state religion and properly so. It does not prevent individual citizens from being informed by their religion in making decisions on whom to vote for nor does it prevent elected lawmakers from using their religion to inform their policy choices.

Carlos Ponce

The First Amendment prevented establishing a national church such as the Church of England. It also barred the government from interfering with someone practicing his or her religion. Too bad churches were locked down during the pandemic. That was un-Constitutional.

Charles Douglas

Hell has very few freedoms! Once an individual gets is only ONE way out! There is no reason to search for that way out once an individual gets there, because at the appropriate time all individuals will be escorted to that door of exit. Hint: All who are escorted out of HELL will beg to stay,............So don't believe me keep being who you are, big-shoting, while you live, but when you COME DOWN to die, that is when the show starts! [sad]

Ed Buckner

Gosh, Mr. Ponce, too bad you lack knowledge of actual history.

George Croix

"In 1954, Congress approved an amendment by Sen. Lyndon Johnson to prohibit 501(c)(3) organizations, which includes charities and churches, from engaging in any political campaign activity. To the extent Congress has revisited the ban over the years, it has in fact strengthened the ban. The most recent change came in 1987 when Congress amended the language to clarify that the prohibition also applies to statements opposing candidates.

Currently, the law prohibits political campaign activity by charities and churches by defining a 501(c)(3) organization as one "which does not participate in, or intervene in (including the publishing or distributing of statements), any political campaign on behalf of (or in opposition to) any candidate for public office."

The IRS has published Revenue Ruling 2007-41PDF, which outlines how churches, and all 501(c)(3) organizations, can stay within the law regarding the ban on political activity. Also, the ban by Congress is on political campaign activity regarding a candidate; churches and other 501(c)(3) organizations can engage in a limited amount of lobbying (including ballot measures) and advocate for or against issues that are in the political arena. The IRS also has provided guidance regarding the difference between advocating for a candidate and advocating for legislation. See political and lobbying activities."

Individuals in the congregation can talk all they want, and a tax exempt organization like a church can talk about abortion or horse race betting or whatever, but they cannot on behalf of the church itself post campaign posters for Joe Blow on the walls or grounds....and tell the members who to vote for.....well. not when the laws are enforced, anyway.....the PC ones, I mean, along with the real ones....

Ed Buckner

[thumbup], Mr. Laiacona.

George Croix

George, the 'progressive zealots' have control over the Democrat Party. Do I get some of that freedom, or am I only free to shut up or be burned and looted out of my home or have my family members fired from their jobs....?

That freedom of thought and liberty doesn't EXIST on liberal college campuses, as any deviation from leftist dogma gets you unable to even speak publicly, as but one example of how selective outrage makes freedom a one way street....

So many progressives accuse others of exactly what they do themselves....the motion picture industry will never run out of projectionists....

Paul Sivon

The democrats want to control our money and the Trump scum want to control everything else.

George Croix

Try getting anything else without money, Paul....


Curtiss Brown

"Scrum" he meant scrum.

Charles Douglas

Poor Joe " Slow," he was on a panel discussion today and said he always wanted a Corvette

Electric automobile but realized he could never drive it as long as he was VICE-PRESIDENT!

Crying [censored] shame! Here is a sad "-------" who does not have any idea he is supposed to President of the United States. Sad.. so Sad! The WOKE wants to know how to save our Democracy, while they elected a sad Kkk loving ❤️ Racist who does not know he is President,

...who is the very one destroying it by Kow-Towing to Red China, Iran Russia, and by attacking Americans & Americans!

All government Agencies now have been transformed into being WOKE supporters & Swamp Dwellers! Joe Slide & Joe Manchin..just okayed a bill raising taxes during a recession which he and the WOKE says does not exist! ( their motto: When all else fails is to just LIE, DENY, or scream about mistreatment of SLAVES LONG AGO!!!!!

He is destroying out military with WOKE foolishness, while our enemies are advancing in weaponry & technologies he knows nothing about! Nancy Pelosi has more street cred as a leader than that poor [censored] has! If I was with the WOKE, and had leaders like the ones they have with Joe SLIDE, "Cackling," Butigrieg, Mllley, Loyd Austin, Susan Rice, and she who read at the White House News Updates, I would do anything, anything to keep from criticizing others! However, that's just me!

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