Long ago, I was in the dark for so long, that when God was ready to send me the tiniest speck of light, it was so bright that it dominated every space in my mind.

All the darkness that had consumed my mind had been transformed into loving light, where I no longer walked blindly in the murky shadows of emotional ambivalence.

So it is with COVID, the darkness that has consumed all of our lives for two years now. In 2022, there’s a tiny speck of light. In our hearts and in our fatigue, a small flame burns. It’s our faith, our hope and our belief in a higher power forever burning.

We humans do often get caught up in the moments of hardships, life’s challenges, trials and tribulations.

We may give so much attention to our worries and fears, that it all serves as an adversarial disorder that separates us from the only light in the room. We cannot see it, blinded by all the disruptive changes.

The focus in 2021 seemed not on our daily responsibilities that make our families and lives secure. The focus wasn’t on all that we had achieved from our hard work. It was instead on all that we could lose, what we had lost and the uncertainty of a future that has yet to happen.

In 2021, the greatest peace of all, for me, was when I could find peace in the worst of times. Peace in the acceptance of all my worries and fears. I could let go of all that I was unable to change.

And I found courage through peace so that I was able to actually change all that I was able to change. And through God’s infinite wisdom, I was able to understand the differences.

To you COVID, I see you. I’m aware you’re there. I acknowledge you. But I no longer fear you.

Perhaps, I can’t change you. But, I can change me, and how I behave toward you. This new knowledge that I have found, came from your intrusion that eclipsed the familiar world that we used to live in. But we learn. We become responsible and accountable. Or we do not.

I will no longer allow you to darken my door with fear, sickness or death. Because living this way has been no way to live.

My New Year’s resolution? To live my life as if it were my last day. Celebrating each moment. While I have it.

Your scars, COVID, remain. But they no longer rule my life. A new beginning, a new opportunity; overcoming adversity, that we may know peace, where there was no peace before.

And, often we must fight for peace. We may have to sacrifice our own lives. However, it has been shown to us, historically “That which does not kill us, only makes us stronger.”

Gaze forward; 2022 looks very promising, if we briefly reflect on 2021. Perspective is everything.

Clay Burton lives in Hitchcock.



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