Julie Masters is passionate about her family, her faith and the city of Dickinson. No one knows this better than me, her husband. I have seen Julie work countless hours on projects and grants, we have postponed or canceled vacations for city or civic commitments, and I have witnessed her many sleepless nights over things that affect the city and the citizens of this community. She does all of this, for no pay or stipend of any kind, other than a true passion for bettering this community and the lives of its citizens.

What would drive or motivate someone that has lived here for only a year or so, and to expend so much time, energy and money to become mayor? Joe Wilburn wrote a lengthy column about the wonderful changes he is going to bring to Dickinson (“Why I’m running for Dickinson mayor,” The Daily News, May 3). I have heard from reliable sources that he wants to make the city manager’s life miserable and ultimately fire her due to some complaint he has over what? Business practices, policy enforcement, personality? Do citizens want someone representing the city that can’t work out a disagreement with a city manager, and the only alternative, in his mind, is to fire her or put an 8x8 sign in his yard stating “Fire the City Administrator.” My wife won’t bring any negativity into her campaign — but I’m not making this up, it really happened.

For whatever reason, he is supported in his campaign and car wash venture by four of his newly found friends, city council members, who have, let’s just say, a rather questionable interest in Wilburn and his carwash. Wilburn mentioned the city’s Comprehensive Plan in his column: “let’s take that plan and start to implement it.” Yet the approved car wash goes against the Land Use Chapter, Goal 2.2 of the Plan, “Preserve the integrity of existing neighborhoods to ensure quality residential areas. Objective 2.2.1 Protect existing and future residential development from encroaching or adjacent incompatible lands uses.”

Julie pointed this out to council, along with little economic benefit to the city, and that citizens had five other opportunities in the immediate vicinity to get their car washed. All these factors in addition to the strong opposition of the neighboring homeowners, yet the project was approved. Wilburn has purchased additional property along Dickinson Bayou. Will the majority of councilmen continue to approve unwanted projects that conflict with the plan adopted by council if Wilburn is elected?

In the same column, Wilburn mentions streets and speeding up plans to improve them. Is there a tax increase or a bond referendum in the city’s future under Wilburn’s leadership? The city is using all available funding to get as many streets reconstructed or resurfaced as fiscally possible without putting an additional tax burden on citizens. I hope citizens will recognize the positive growth happening here and vote to keep the city’s future in the hands of someone that truly cares about our hometown.

Ron Masters lives in Dickinson.


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Joe Wilburn

You and other family members chose to move your businesses out of Dickinson to other cities.
That is the major difference that i want to bring to the citizens of Dickinson. I want to encourage businesses to choose Dickinson, move their families here and to be part of our community.
Your comments today have essentially derailed any opportunity for the current Mayor to work with the council members.
Unfounded accusations of collusion or otherwise on members of the current council are degrading and inflammatory.
What I see from the council is their earnest desire to encourage business development and job growth. Your comments are a perfect example of why change is needed NOW!

PS Robbins

"I hope citizens will recognize the positive growth happening here" Say what Ron? What growth are you speaking of exactly? More and more Tire and Dollar stores? Roads that flood repeatedly with even marginal rain fall? Your wife's time is appreciated but in 12 yrs we've seen little to no growth while areas around us continue to bring in business after business. Economic Development has been sorely needed in Dickinson and unfortunately its time for a change IMHO

Carol Dean

Julie Masters is pretty much IMHO the poster child of someone who "was born with a silver spoon in her mouth". While normally being somewhat pleasant to most people, she also has her "My Way or the Highway" attitude. Match that with the less pleasant City Manager, Julie Johnson, who by the way is married to the Dickinson City Attorney, you can have a very explosive combination.

Is it possible that the four Councilmembers who are supporting Mr. Wilburn, might be tired of the same old stuff!?! Masters likes to brag about what she has done for Dickinson in the last 8 years. If you consider increasing the size of McCree Ford a legitimate accomplishment and adding a Encredible Edibles and a restaurant on Hwy. 517 part of city growth, then by golly...go for it. I am pretty sure that McCree Ford developed the need for expansion on their own, Encredible Edibles is owned my 2 muslim brothers who donate a huge amount of their profits to radicle muslim groups and the new restaurant will be owned by a "friend". Some of us presented City Council with copious amounts of documentation in regards to Encredible Edibles; Julie and some Council members just stared at us with their typical "blank" look. Promote an ideology that most Americans are opposed to, but do Not allow Mr. Wilburn, a hard working, tax-paying legitimate Texan and US Citizen, the right to build a car wash?

Mr. Wilburn has been part of the Dickinson community and surrounding areas for much longer then Mr. Masters alluded to.

Who says length of tenure has anything to do with ones ability to run a small city?
The Masters chose to move outside the Dickinson city limits. Maybe League City is more their style?

Vote for a POSITIVE CHANGE for Dickinson. Invest in our future and not just that of the "Blue Blood" lineage that has not kept up with the world.

I must add an additional comment about Mr. Masters when I observed him at the recent event at the VFW between his wife and Mr. Wilburn. Mr. Masters was rude, beligerant to other Council members and concerned citizens. His demeanure was totally unbecoming and unacceptable for the spouse of a seated Mayor.

Vote for the change that Dickinson needs and deserves; VOTE for JOE WILBURN!

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