In 2016 this nation elected a president who lies constantly, sometimes averaging over two dozen verifiable lies per day.

Whose clinical narcissism fits the definition to a T; look it up.

Who won’t acknowledge structural racism in this country.

Who says white supremacists are “very fine people.”

Who surrounds himself with ne’er-do-wells, more than a dozen of whom have been brought up on charges or been imprisoned; some of whom he has recently pardoned.

Who mocks the physically challenged.

Who disparages the military and calls service members losers.

Who considers daily security briefings a total bore and pays no attention to them.

Who rebukes scientists — calls them stupid — and scientific fact.

Who trusts the Russian dictator more than he does his own intelligence community.

Who knows so little about our country’s history, he thinks Frederick Douglass is still “doing good work.”

Who falsely takes credit for the already hot economy left to him by President Obama.

For whom the U.S. Constitution is an annoyance.

Who is a failed businessman many times over.

Who is a misogynist, who thinks he can grab a woman anytime he wants.

Who paid $130,000 in hush money to the porn star he had sex with while his current wife was pregnant with their son.

Who believes in a myriad of outlandish conspiracy theories, including non-existent voter fraud.

Who claims to be religious but is so obviously not.

Whose “university” was a front for illegal business activities and was sued three times because of it.

Who, between himself and his businesses, has been involved in more than 3,500 legal cases in U.S. federal courts, and that was as of four years ago.

Whose response to COVID-19, from the beginning until now, has been nothing short of disgraceful.

Who cares nothing about the 350,000 Americans who have died from COVID-19. “It is what it is,” Trump has callously said of the death toll, proof of his total disregard for any life other than his own.

Who, in 2020, began planting seeds in the minds of his followers for many months before the election that, if he lost, it would be because the election was rigged and wrought with fraud.

Who, in 2020, used the White House for political stunts.

Who, after he lost the 2020 election, did and does falsely claim, with NO legitimate evidence, that the election was fraudulent and rigged against him.

Who has lost several dozen attempts in various courts to overturn the election.

Who, in 2021, has pressured the Georgia’s Secretary of State to “find 11,780 votes,” which would break federal election laws.

And whose words encouraged a violent mob to storm the U.S. Capitol building, resulting in five people dying.

What have we become, that we could have elected such a twisted, egomaniacal man once?

What have we become, that 70 million of us would vote for him a second time?

Greg Youngblood lives in Texas City.

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(32) comments

Robert Braeking

Your derangement, Greg, will be cured in a week. Try to be strong. You and your ilk can be found in the pages of Orwell's '1984'. The cancelling, group-think, and thought police are already being put into place. The disinformation has been going on for a long time and yet you have only managed to elect an poor demented has-been though nefarious means. Were there fair elections in the United States, your kind would be political "also rans". The 750 million voters who made the right choice are the voters who understand the issues and have critical thinking skills. Keep fooling yourself.

Robert Braeking

To help you with your criticism, I meant to say 75 million not 750, although in a lot of precincts more votes were cast than were registered to vote. That's how your boy 'won'.

Craig Mason

as long as trump is out! that is all that matters. God Bless the USA

Carlos Ponce

Craig did not get the DNC message to omit even mentioning God.

Craig Mason

I love you too Carlos, but the republicans nor the democrats have the market cornered on God!

Carlos Ponce

Which party voted on whether to exclude the mention of "God" in 2012?

Which party omitted "Under God" from the pledge in their virtual convention?

Bailey Jones

Really Robert? You believe that "in a lot of precincts more votes were cast than were registered to vote?" I'd love to see your source for this amazing fact. Because that's the sort of thing that can get an election overturned.

Carlos Ponce

Bailey Jones

Oh please, Carlos. A "study" from October obviously isn't a study of the 2020 election. Secondly - Judicial Watch? Was QShaman too busy? Thirdly, this "study" compares real data (voter registrations) to estimated data (an estimate of the population base on - wait for it - polling). In the past, you've led us to believe that polling is never accurate.

But, maybe I'm wrong. Maybe you can go through this data for me and explain how it shows that "in a lot of precincts more votes were cast than were registered to vote." Because this data doesn't even mention how many people voted.

You're the math teacher. The floor is yours.

Carlos Ponce

I knew you would hate it came from Judicial Watch but you ignore in the right hand columns are links to their data from the state government websites.

I've already seen the data, the states provided it, now the ball is in your hands. I could tell you but like your post, you don't trust me. Time for you see it for yourself or do you have lying eyes????

Bailey Jones

Oh, don't be like that Carlos. This is your big chance to prove us all wrong. The barbarians are at the gates! Be the hero! Imagine the headline - "Sante Fe Math Teacher Saves Trump Presidency"! Do all your fans a huge favor and shut me up with math -- it's my Kryptonite!

But if you insist.

Let's just take the first three entries. These are rated by Judicial Watch as having voting rates of 129.91%, 114.14%, and 113.13%, respectively. I'll refer to the data linked to in the rightmost column for 2020 election results:

Lowndes County, AL - Number of active registrations - 10,343. Number of votes cast - 6,896 (66.7%)

Macon County, AL - Number of active registrations - 17,900. Number of votes cast - 8,771 (49%)

Wilcox County, AL - Number of active registrations - 9,184. Number of votes cast - 5,935 (64.6%)

Huh. It looks like there's nothing to see here. I guess that's why no court has ruled favorably on Judicial Watch's "evidence of voter fraud".

Carlos Ponce

Hand picked counties, Bailey where the election was not contested? Is this part of your comedy routine?

Bailey Jones

Choose your counties, Carlos. Let's do this.

Carlos Ponce

Hint: Go to the states tht had dueling electors.

Bailey Jones

Always a disappointment Carlos. You get me all excited and then can't deliver. Oh, well. Maybe Robert can do better.

Jeff Patterson

Man, Trump really blew it..........all he had to do was hire to Carlos as his lawyer and he would've still been President come Jan 21st. Dang, a real missed opportunity there

Bailey Jones

IKR, Jeff? And it's not like I haven't tried to get Carlos to step up and save the nation from international socialism on multiple occasions. But he just won't. Too modest I guess. You won't get to sit at Trump's right hand being modest, Carlos.

Bailey Jones

And just for grins - because I hate to leave a dataset un-analysed.

Contested states - Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. The data you provided as "proof" doesn't even include Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

Let's pick the worst "offending" counties in the remaining contested states:

Arizona - Santa Cruz County - Carlos says 107.21%. Reality says 29,963 registrations, 19,332 votes. (64.5%)

Georgia - Bryan County - Carlos says 118.48%. Reality says 29,227 registrations, 20,978 votes. (72%)

Michigan - Leelanau County - Carlos says 118.79%. Reality says 21,445 registrations, 16,711 votes. (78%)

Nevada - Storey County - Carlos says 107.99%. Reality says 3,540 registrations, 2810 votes. (79.4%)

Once more - no evidence that "more votes were cast than were registered to vote". Only evidence that Carlos is spouting nonsense.

And I can say with certainty that there is NO COUNTY in the US where more votes were cast than were registered to vote. I can say that with certainty simply because these are easily knowable numbers. In fact, they are reported by election officials of every state - because voter turnout is something that people care about. And if any county in this country (or even any precinct) reported voter turnout of 100% or more, it would be big news. It would be all over your Breitbarts and Foxes and ONN's and Trumptwit and Hannities and Limbaughs. And it isn't. Not a single precinct or county in the nation has reported this. They have not reported it because it is not true.

But you don't even have to believe me - all of this data is available online - you can check the whole country, precinct by precinct, county by county, state by state.

Carlos Ponce

Now Bailey is picking the right states, but the wrong counties. Your grade hasn't gone up.

Carlos Ponce

Jeff Patterson, I am not a lawyer.

Bailey Jones

I checked all the counties in the 4 contested states, Carlos. It takes about 10 minutes if you know how to do math. And you lose in every single one.

Thanks for playing. I hope people will see this little exercise of facts vs bull and learn to think a little more critically. (Not you - don't ever change.)

Carlos Ponce

There are SIX contested states, Bailey. SEVEN states sent lists of dueling electors.

Bailey Jones

The answer to your question - What have we become? - is in the comments. We have become a nation that lives in two alternative realities. In the reality that you and I live in, the president is everything you say, and worse. In the other reality, he's everything he says he is.

I'm convinced that there's not much our side can do to bridge this gap. I long for a leader on the other side that can bring our long lost conservatives back home.

Carlos Ponce

The Conservative is at home. They don't let Liberals define Conservative.

Carlos Ponce

More unsubstantiated Liberal Group think promoted by FAKE NEWS Media.

Jack Cross

Bailey - What's your opinion on this ?

CNN editorial Board wants GOP senators who supported Trump to resign and shut down and block trump supporters speech. You could wind up debating your self.

Bailey Jones


I agree that senators who knowingly spread the falsehoods that led to the insurrection at the Capitol should resign. I would think that not contributing to violent insurrection is the least we should expect from our congress. And I agree that media should not be allowed to incite violent insurrection or allow its users to incite violent insurrection. Again - it seems like a low bar.

"You have corporations and people who are profiting off of lies and conspiracies, whether that's big tech, whether that's Fox News, whether that's TV providers who beam OAN and Newsmax into homes or Rush Limbaugh - there are a lot of people profiting off of lies and conspiracy theories, and I don't really see how things get better, how we move on as a country, until this informational environment is cleaned up."

I agree with this comment. Although I have no idea how to make it better. All I can do is cry out in the wilderness and hope that someone will heed the call to learn how to think critically.

Carlos Ponce

The only falsehoods are spread by the FAKE NEWS Media.

David Hardee

Who, who, who normally indicates there's a wise old owl in the proximity. But this bunch of who-ing indicates there is a jaded mind which only presents one side and feels that is the perfect summation/picture of Donald Trump.

It's really disgusting to see these articles they have no balance. It's as if that's become a pastime to play to an audience demonstrating that you have the ultimate definition of another person.

Don't know how old and accomplished the author is? But do know that Donald Trump has live 74 years in a very diverse, complicated and active life filled with potholes, unforeseen circumstances, and gambles. The author paints Trump as a devious conniving individual who has never done anything good.

Well let's pick up on Mr who's who's. Who is it that put together a scenario of people and companies that brought humanity a vaccine in the shortest of time ever recorded? Please note he did not do it all himself he constructed the coalition. Hope the author does not get The Chinese virus. as the author realized that the Middle East as countries they are negotiating and cooperating with each other. Maybe the author thinks that was a simple task. If that's what he thinks he should ask previous presidents and their secretaries of state what kept them from accomplishing that task.

I could go on with more who's but If the author does not get the point by now any further who-ing would be useless.

These denigrating articles reflect more the author’s shallowness than actually defining the subject.

Ted Gillis

Oh please, any body in office could have put together the team that created the vaccine "in record time". But if you want to give Trump a Kudo for this, then okay, put that on his list of accomplishments. You may want to use double spacing though, to fill in the usable space.

Carlos Ponce

No Ted, in fact all the Democrats were still saying it would be years until we got a vaccine while Warp Speed was underway.

David Hardee

Realy, Ted. I will try and find that team. We need inoculation for/from snide bothersome remarks like yours.

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