Yellowstone National Park is a volcanic caldera, 34 miles by 45 miles across, formed in a massive, super-volcanic eruption about 630,000 years ago.

The park sits atop that still active super-volcano. On May 18, 1980, Mt. St. Helene erupted, killing 54 people. There are 169 potentially active volcanoes in the United States.

All this is to say that geologically, the United States has always had the threat of potentially disastrous eruptions lurking beneath its surface. The same is true for American democracy.

Lurking beneath the surface of American democracy ever since its inception have been potentially disastrous eruptions from anti-democratic factions, militia, underground armies, insurrectionists and domestic terrorists. Just as plate tectonics can set off a volcano, political greed and chicanery can set off an insurrection.

Who are these angry, anti-government, anti-authority, hate-filled, mostly white Caucasian Americans? Why are they so full of fear, paranoia, hatred and resentment? Perhaps it’s because there has always been inequality, government inefficiency and corruption and people get fed up with it.

Fair enough. But invading our Capitol has never been the American response to such anti-government resentment and unrest.

Four years of greed, chicanery, lies and conspiracy theories by Trump and his Republican co-conspirators caused the latest deadly eruption on Jan. 6 when a violent mob of Trump-supporting insurrectionists stormed the Capitol, causing death and untold injuries and an indelible bruise on American history.

Then two months of the Republicans’ nonstop gaslighting, bald-faced lies and cockamamy conspiracy theories supporting Trump’s unfounded allegations of the 2020 election being stolen by massive voter fraud intentionally added to the pressure. Lastly, Trump’s inciting rally in D.C. on Jan. 6 was the final shifting of the plates that set the MAGA magma free.

And the volcano erupted — as choreographed.

And on that same infamous day, 139 Republican representatives and eight Republican senators refused to verify the Electoral College votes for Joe Biden. Since Jan. 6, Republican politicians and officials across the country have relentlessly spread the Big Lie. For example, almost four months after the U.S. Congress verified that Biden won the presidency fair and square, Arizona Republican senators have hired a pro-Trump firm to conduct another needless recount of the presidential votes, this one in Maricopa County, which overwhelmingly voted for Biden.

Wisconsin Republican lawmakers are following in goose step with another recount by the same dubious firm that suggested that other battleground states will follow.

To what end other than to harass and sow doubt? Because regardless of the outcomes of these sham recounts, the presidency isn’t going to change hands.

When magma erupts from the Earth, it’s called lava. It rolls downhill destroying every living thing in its path. The MAGA magma that we’re witnessing today has erupted, attempting to hijack elections and democracy itself. It’s called fascism.

That eruption needs to be capped permanently at the polls starting in 2022.

James Templer lives in League City.


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(33) comments

Carlos Ponce

If you really believe there's no chance of the recounts doing anything then what are you afraid of? Let them go on.

Sounds like Templer is afraid they'll find something...... He's SCARED![scared]

Jack Cross

Mr. Templer was smart enough to identify who the real danger to America is and who is responsible for all this Chaos.

But he wasn't as smart as Obama and Biden who saw the threat of Trump, even before he was election and launched a spying operation using the arm of government.

Templer compares Trump and his supporters to a massive volcano about to explode doing lasting damage to the Country. Therefore, he obviously approved of Hillary and the Democratic party joining their effort to stop Trump when they paid to have a bunch of false dirty trash that smeared Trump.

Obama was such a great president he saw the danger back when Trump was considered a joke. Obama wisely turned the IRS loose to go after Tea Party who were shacking things up. That wasn’t good because too much shaking can set off a volcano.

Trump somehow escaped these plots and he fooled a lot of people who elected him.

Thanks to Obama and Biden, they tried to save the nation and turned loose the full power of Government using the Justice Dept, the FBI and the CIA to stop the volcano by going after Trump and those around him. . When that didn’t work the democrats in congress rose up to protect the nation and launched two impeachment that bloodied up Trump. But the volcano is still rumbling But hope is still alive because democrats who are trying to save the nation have big tech using their platforms to block the poisonous gassed coming out of the volcano.

What is puzzling more is that it is not republicans who are burning down cities, it is not republicans who are saying that America is a dirty rotten country and teaching kids to hate America. It is not Republicans who disrespect the Flag that I proudly served under in Korea. It is not republicans who are saying that America is a racist country and it is White republicans who are the racists, It is not republicans who promote cancel culture and want to replace democracy, erase our past and replace it with some kind of global socialist nation where the poor of the world are welcome to all the free stuff we have to offer, all paid for by the very rich, who mostly happen to support democrats..

Mr. Templer background is in education, He was in charge of instruction at COM. I just wish he would have been as concerned with the bunch of Marxist and socialist that worked under him at College of the Mainland. He did nothing while the admitted Marxist/Communist professor David Michael Smith was a real volcano who almost destroyed COM with constant lawsuits year after year.

While Temple who was a top administrator in charge of instruction did nothing to stop Smith and his communist buddies, the public saw the harm and voted down every bond issue while those people were on the payroll.

Thankfully voters got a bellyful of the Marxist stirring the pot and elected a top quality board who rid the institution of the Trouble makers, hires a great president, who regained public support and passed a bond issue that is on the way to make COM one of if not the best community college in Texas.

I don’t see volcano’s I see good in America where no one is being held back. All one has to do is take responsibility of their families and their lives, blaming someone else might be a good political move but it does not make your life better.

Gary Scoggin

“ What is puzzling more is that it is not republicans who are burning down cities...”

Maybe not, but it was Republicans that invaded the Capitol and led an armed insurrection that tried to prevent, for the first time in our nation’s history, the peaceful transfer of power. It is Republicans who have thrown their principles to the side in order to pledge fealty to one man. It is 70% of Republicans that continue to hold on to the Big Lie that the 2020 election was stolen.

Carlos Ponce

"armed insurrection", Gary Scoggin????? The ONLY arms in the Capitol on January 6, 2021 were those held by Capitol Police. There was NO "armed insurrection". That's a BIG LIE perpetuated by Liberals in a K Street meeting to use the events of January 6, 2021 as a political tool.

Bailey Jones

Republicans seem to be content with burning down their own party.

Carlos Ponce

"burning down their own party"???.

Gold is refined and purified under fire. What remains is 24 Karat - PURE GOLD.

Gary Miller

Jack> Democracy is the great danger. Or MOB rule which democracy really is. I can't understand how or why democracy was thought to be a good thing. Nation after nation has been destroyed by democracy because it makes protecting minorities impossible. Democracy (AKA socialism ) creates a ruling mob that grows a minority that destroys the mob. The ruling mob has no interest in fairness, just power over the minority until the minority becomes the majority.

Gary Scoggin

Finally a Supporter that expresses what the party of Trump really stands for. Thanks, Gary M!

Paula Flinn

He’s not scared, Carlos. No one is scared.

Wonder what’s taking so long to recount the ballots? Maybe filling out fraudulent ones, now, is time consuming work, trying to perpetuate Trump’s Big Lie. A private company handling voter ballots may be against the law.

Carlos Ponce

You're scared too, Paula. If it such a "Big Lie", why do you fear?

"Wonder what’s taking so long to recount the ballots?" Every time they start, Democrats thwart their efforts with injunctions, lawsuits, restraining orders, etc. They're scared too.

In Maricopa County, a Democrat judge just ruled in favor of continuing the count.

April 28, 2021

"Democrats last week filed a last-minute lawsuit seeking to block the audit, hours before it was slated to start. They claimed contractors hired by the Arizona Senate, which ordered the election review, were not properly securing ballots and equipment."

"Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Daniel Martin said he wouldn’t extend a temporary restraining order that would have halted the audit on April 23 if Arizona Democrats had posted a $1 million bond."

Bailey Jones

You sum it up nicely, Mr. Templer. [thumbup]

Carlos Ponce

Another person scared they might find something.

Gary Miller

The January 6th insurection caused one death not five. One woman was shot dead by a capital cop. He isn't being charged. Three people, in the crowd, died from natural causes and the cop who died later died from a natural cause.

Paula Flinn

I agree. Thank you for writing the truth, Mr. Templer.

Carlos Ponce


Craig Mason

That is an excellent analogy of our current state of affairs.

Carlos Ponce

Another person scared they might find something.

Don Schlessinger

[thumbdown], and shame on the Galveston Daily News! Printing a column like this only perpetuates and fuels separation of Americans.

Gary Scoggin

Exactly, Don. All columns should be run through Norman’s MAGA filter first. We can’t tolerate differences of opinion here. MAGA snowflakes might get offended.

Carlos Ponce

MAGA filter - MAGA meaning Make America Great Again, a MAGA filter would remove hateful language that degrades the United States. That would be nice but is contrary to freedom of speech, Gary Scoggin. But those of us who LOVE this country have an internal integrity that senses those who hate the United States and their writings.

Gary Scoggin

Ask Liz Cheney about free speech in MAGA land.

Carlos Ponce

Ask the Republicans who they want in their leadership. Not Lefty Liz. She can talk all she wants but her actions and words indicate a RINO.

Gary Scoggin

Liz Cheney voted with Trump at a much higher rate than Rep. Stefanik who will replace her. Hardly a leftie, hardly a RINO. Her only sin was not publicly believing the Big Lie. The Republicans have no ideology any more, only Trump worship.

Carlos Ponce

Gary Scoggin does not get it. There is no "Trump worship". There is only worship of God. God sent a message to all true believers on who to vote for in 2020. Apparently he did not contact you.[innocent]

Key vote:

Liz Cheney voted to impeach President Trump.

Elise Stefanik did not.

'Nuff said.

Bailey Jones

Be careful about insulting the Cult, Gary. YouTube Jesus will not be happy.

(Remember, there is no "Cult of Trump" - only a message from God to all true believers that He is the Chosen One.)


"Hold tight, wait 'til the party's over

Hold tight, we're in for nasty weather

There has got to be a way

Burning down the house!"

Carlos Ponce

The only cult has a leader who did not mention God during "The National Day of Prayer". Obama spoke of God. Trump spoke of God.

Charles Douglas

Da#it!!!! When Mr. Cross get riled up he start exuding wisdom and revelation toward any subject! Great analysis Mr. Cross! This was up into the stratosphere! Very well said my friend! This man is community oriented and I have observed his community work for years! Hellava orator!

Word of warning to Mr. Templer, Trump Diesel will be back, because the radical imbeciles who were bird-dogging him for years did not finish the job of ruining his political career! Trump's return was all apart of the plan, a trap set against evil, the same trap that SATAN himself fell into at the crusifixion!!!! All of HELL thought it was finish, when Jesus stated " It is finished" in John 19:30! He meant their DEFEAT WAS FINISHED! It is the same with the clowns who tried to rid the world of a political Trump! All they did was make him stronger when he comes back for his second term! What is so funny is Bejing Joe by his larthargic inefficiency and stupidity is making it so easy for Trump to comeback and take over! Again he is on his way back now! You mentioned that the Presidency will not change, oh but you are so wrong my friend, it will change! Know why? I will tell you why! It is because the minute the election was stolen from Trump, this nation has been spiraling into the abyss, and if it is to survive, it won't be the woke, lying RADICALS who saves it! Check out all the mistakes our KKK, minority hating President has been making from day one! Trump 2024,...MAGA & KAG!!!!!


There’s no doubt when Mr. Templer and I sit down for the evening news we watch different channels. Apparently Mr. Templer enjoys having smoke blown up his rear. I too believe the eruption of hate for America, Socialist agendas and the Puke-Green New Deal will be capped starting in 2022. Thanks for the heads up, Mr. Templer...

Charles Douglas

Mr. Legge> [thumbup][thumbup]

Cary Semar

There was a wonderful moment after Jan. 6 when the Republican leadership thought they were free of Donald Trump at last. Lindsey Graham, Kevin McCarthy, LIz Cheney, and some others condemned what Donald Trump had done. Then the big orange machine and his minions went to work on them. Most of them fell back into line quickly when they saw which way the wind was blowing; Liz Cheney was a notable exception.

The true lesson of Jan. 6 is that facts don't matter, right and wrong don't matter. All that matters are winning and losing.

Donald Trump may have to go to jail for awhile, for the failure of his first attempt to seize dictatorial power, but that may not stop him. It didn't stop Hitler.

Carlos Ponce


Charles Douglas

You can tell the Radical LEFT is scared out of their under clothes because they can't stop talking about TRUMP and the Republican Party even though he is out of office. They are terrified of the job their KKK Minority hating, stool pigeon looking, Leader is doing in the White House, and they know as The Late Sam Cook use to sing, "A CHANGE GONNA COME!" He is destroying everything he put his hands on!

He is attacking the military, he is attacking the police, he is attacking the Supreme Court, he is attacking free speech, he is attacking WHITE SCHOOL KIDS! He wants to change the Senate, get rid of Fossil Fuel Jobs, and factories! He wants to govern how much beef Americans eat, and these are just the minor things he is going after!

I personally cannot get over the fact that they want others to think they are so concerned about the Republican Party when we all know they are the biggest b>%#*ters of all time! If you want to see these bleeding hearts Liberals who claim they have the welfare of African-Americans on their agendas, ....let 2-3 hundred thousands Refugees from Somalia, Nigeria, and Kenya mass up at the Borders of America, every years,...THEN WE WILL SEE WHERE THE HEARTS OF THESE RADICAL LIBERALS really are! See they are good with the Abortion Genocide numbers of 300,000 BLACK deaths a years being subtracted from our numbers here, but let's replace those numbers with BLACK REFUGEES from Africa, shouting and screaming to get in every year, and we will find out who we are really dealing with![beam][beam]

Charles Douglas

Yes! We would see just where the Professor Smiths, the Professor Templers, and some of these LIBERALS ..on this very forum who are "fronting" for public accolades... with be if those number of BLACK REFUGEES start flooding the border!!!! If that happens my Conservative friends along with myself, would not have to.protest Ahh- Tall! We would never get the chance! [smile][beam]

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