According to The Gun Violence Archive website, there have been 255, and counting, mass shootings in the United States so far in 2022. That’s only five months.

From 2014 through 2021 there were 3,389 mass shootings, according to the archive.


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Carlos Ponce

"Most Americans want a total assault-rifle ban"

Many Americans have no idea of what an assault rifle is. They showed pictures of "guns" to individuals. Identified as assault rifles were paintball guns. [rolleyes]

Norman Pappous


Gary Miller

Carlos > 26 gun deaths a year? Over 100,000 drug deaths a year? Which one deserves the full attention of law enforcement?

George Laiacona

The problem is that the Republicans are on the payroll of the lobbies that don’t want any kind of gun legislation. Gun manufacturers have the power to continue to control legislation. Until we can come up with a 21st century version of the 2nd amendment we are stuck with this disaster. The only path now is to vote out of office every Republican legislator now in congress.

Carlos Ponce

Hyperbolic rhetoric from George Laiacona... again. If by "on the payroll" you are referencing campaign contributions you are ignoring Democrats who also receive contributions from NRA.

You use "NRA" like a pejorative. It is an organization dedicated to the safe, lawful, Constitutional use of firearms.

But go ahead and try to pass your "21st century version of the 2nd amendment". That has no chance of getting anywhere. What's next? A 21st century version of the 1st amendment, the 5th Amendment, etc? Sounds like Laiacona wants fascist totalitarianism.

Gary Miller

Carlos > It's also obvious that Laiacona is unaware that "Ausault weapons" were and are still banned since the 1930's. Or that all bigger and higher velocity cartriges used in single shot guns are way more destructive than the 223 used in some AR 15's. Another "anti gunner" in need of some gun education.

Carlos Ponce

Laiacona is not the only one in need of gun education. Ignorance abounds in these forums.

Jack Reeves


Dan Freeman

Good point George. It is made stronger by noting that no Democrats currently receive NRA donations.

Carlos Ponce

" no Democrats currently receive NRA donations" NOT true, Dan. There is a Texas Congressman denounced by AOC for accepting NRA contributions.... and he's a DEMOCRAT.

Gary Miller

Dan > You wouldn't expect the NRA to make donations to any anti gun Democrats would you?

Gary Miller

George > The only employer of the NRA is the US constitution.

Norman Pappous

FYI - the mislabeled 'Assault Weapons Ban' did not ban AR15s. The sale of AR15s continued after the ban took effect through the term the act was in force. I'm unaware of a single mass murder that used an actual 'assault weapon'.

Gary Miller

Norman > very few "citizens" own an assault weapon since they were banned in the 1930's. It's almost impossible to get the very expencive permit and higher federal tax to own or borrow one. The 1994 law banned LOOK ALIKE guns, not assault weapons.

Norman Pappous

A 2004 report commissioned by the Department of Justice on the effects of the assault weapons ban concluded that the law was largely ineffective at limiting access to weapons with the power of the AR-15. According to the report, the ban focused on “features that have little to do with the weapons’ operation, and removing those features is sufficient to make the weapons legal.” The report noted that several semi-automatic rifles were functionally equivalent to the AR-15 and untouched by the ban. ------

C. Patterson

An AR 15 is not an Assault Weapon. By definition Semi-automatic-only rifles like the Colt AR-15 are not assault rifles; they do not have select-fire capabilities.

There are multiple makers of the Colt “American Rifle” style ( does not stand for Assault Rifle”) and they fire multiple styles of ammunition. There at current time, no “Assault Weapons” as defined by a 5 point definition sold to the general public.

Ted Gillis

Paint Ball Guns! Ha, that is funny. People can easily be convinced when they are shown something that appears menacing. Take the image of Willie Horton for example. That worked for George Bush. Also during the Trump campaign when they showed an image of the Packard Motor Car Company plant in Detroit (closed in the 1950's) that was meant to depict the decline of American industry. Imagery works.

Carlos Ponce

I hope Ted knows the difference between a paintball gun and an AR-15 style rifle.

Diane Turski

I agree with Mr. Templer. We must elect courageous representatives who will legislate using common sense.

Gary Miller

Yes Diane > If we want more crime we must vote for Democrats.

Carlos Ponce

"We must elect courageous representatives who will legislate using common sense."

Well, that leaves out most Democrats.

Charles Douglas

With all the Liberal crooks and dishonest Congress folks in DC, and with Big Tech, The Fake News, like New York Times, & CNN, CNBC, combined with the SWAMP, FBI, CIA, IRS helping them WHY WOULD THE LEFT NEED CONSERVATIVES FOR ANYTHING? They got this country almost tore-down to the ground now, ....they don't need Conservatives to help them to drag America completely in the sewer! Think about that now!

Inflation creeping toward a fifty year high, Fentanyl killing thousands of young Americans annually, gas is at 6-7 dollars a gallon and climbing in many areas, Drugs, Illegals from around the world pouring across our borders, and known Terrorrists crossing with the Illegals with a mission to kill Americans in the future! Women are beginning to have problems finnding products for themselves, baby formulas are scarce as they would be in a third world nation here now! Crime is off the charts, with LEFTIST judges and District Attorneys funded by Globish, Liberal, Billionaires requiring no bail for criminals and many times flat out refusing to charge repeated criminals period!

So why would the LEFT, who is known to manufacture evidence, and fabricate crimes to punish the innocent, known for violating the Constitution, our freedoms, and due process, which are the foundation of a free society here, ... have the gall to ask Conservatives for ANYTHING?

They are busy now plotting to assacinate Conservative Justices because they don't like their findings, they are threatening to flood the Court in order to protect their wicket ideologies, and they are talking about ripping the Senate Filibuster Rule from the Senate Protocols in order to finish wrecking this nation! I personally will NOT vote for any Conservative weak enough to help the WOKE destroy this nation! I don't care WHO they are or where they come from! Enough is enough!!!! In this country now we have TWO sets of laws! One for Liberals, for Conservatives! We have two kinds of Justice in America now, One for the LEFT, AND ON FOR CONSERVATIVES!

Gary Scoggin

Charles, you left out China.

Paula Flinn

Check out the campaign ad from a GOP candidate from Missouri for the U.S. Senate smiling with a gun “hunting” RINOS. Check out other ads of other GOP candidates with guns hunting AOC and other Dems.

All of those threatening ads at best are insensitive, and at worst call for others to watch their backs. Those threatening ads attempt to stifle Freedom of Speech from the people they are “hunting.”

BTW, Texas Governor Abbott slashed the funds from Mental Health in Texas. Texas ranks last, or close to last, of all the states in this area. So, all that BS after Uvalde from Gov. Abbott was just that—BS.

Carlos Ponce

"slashed" is being hyperbolic, Paula.

If you don't like the campaign ad, don't vote for the person authorizing it.

Gary Miller

Paula > are you saying that Abbott and Texas laws are why more Americans are moving to Texas?

Charles Douglas

Mr Miller> [thumbup][thumbup] you should have been an artillery expert! Man you dropped that one right on the money!! RIGHT ON THE MONEY!!!

Ted Gillis

I could care less what the difference is between a paint ball gun and a AR 15 style gun looks like, you goofy weirdo.

Carlos Ponce

"goofy weirdo" Posting to yourself again, Ted?

Virginia Stone

Ted is talking about you, Carlos. I don't think you are goofy or weird. A jackass is how I see you.

Carlos Ponce

Virginia, the creature you mention is the symbol of the Democrat Party. I'm not one of those.

Ron Shelby

Agreed Mr Templar. There’s no way that the constitutional congress ever contemplated having multiple round repeating assault rifles. Guns of the time were generally single fire. This would have opened up an entirely new line of discussion if these were to also be defined as “arms”. Why isn’t a rocket launcher defined as an “arm” under the second amendment? Because no one is that stupid. But the are currently including Assault Rifles,…which isn’t much different in its distant relationship to a single shot gun.

Keith Gray

Ron, you're probably right about our founding fathers not anticipating the firearms we have today. But, that was not their intent. Their intent was for the United States Citizens to be able to fight against a tyrannical government. And when a sitting president has as many executive orders that he executed, and is on a mission to destroy America your analogy/interpretation doesn't measure up.

Ed Buckner

[thumbup]--agreed Mr. Shelby.

Virginia Stone

Ok, Carlos, an elephant's ass.

Carlos Ponce

I am not familiar with that but it seems you are.[rolleyes]

Jarvis Buckley

Just asking, how do you know what most Americans want?

Most Americans want their childrens school doors locked. Do you agree with this statement?

Gary Miller

Jarvis > Uvalde school had doors that locked but a teacher blocked one open.

Gary Miller

Most Americans are un aware that all assault weapons are and have been outlawed since the 1930's. Things that LOOKED like assault weapons were banned in 1994.

Thomas Carpenter

The Republicans won't do anything about guns until a shooter makes his way into one of their meetings in Austin or their children's private school or maybe a Christmas party and leaves behind a room full of dead elected officials. (The MAGA crowd will probably burst into cheers when the RINOs get gunned down, maybe not so much when they catch a round. They did want to hang Mike Pence and gleefully overthrow the duly elected government.) Even then some folks, like Scalise, will continue to support the Wild West atmosphere that pervades the country. The horrible Santa Fe high school massacre doesn't seem to faze these stalwart gun advocates here in Galveston County. Apparently there's no need to rethink policy when the victims are children who can't vote, just like Uvalde. The Nevada shooter killed 58 people and wounded more than 500, and it will happen again. It's just a matter of time. I wonder why they won't allow any of these Second Amendment cheerleaders to carry guns into a Cadet Bonespurs' rally?

George Croix

They're waiting for Democrats to do anything about the criminals using guns besides release them or pass laws against honest citizens when someone else commits a crime....

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