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Carlos Ponce

"This statue was part of an organized effort to reinstate the absolute rule of white supremacy." No, Patrick, it was not. I suggest you read the Galveston Daily News articles about the statue from 1911 and 1912. The statue was commissioned to honor the soldiers and sailors who fought not to preserve slavery but to protect their farms, their homes, their towns, their families. The men this statue honors were just ordinary men, not slave owners. The statue was commissioned by the Daughters of the Confederacy headed by Mollie Rosenberg, wife of Galveston benefactor Henry Rosenberg who donated schools, churches, fountains, etc to the people of Galveston. Her intent was not to "reinstate the absolute rule of white supremacy". She wanted to honor her father, surgeon Charles Macgill with whom she served as a nurse during the war. She got to know the soldiers in her care, some who died.

The statue shows a DEFEATED South - broken sword, dismantled cannon, Naval Jack furled at his shoulder. No glorification of slavery, no reinstating "white supremacy, no mention of Jim Crow, the KKK.

The statue stands in front of a historical museum. Good place for it. Let it be.

Connie Patterson

Well stated Carlos. I think the larger question is “ why all of the sudden” is this so urgent. And p,ease don’t tell me it’s because of systemic racism... tell me what this statue has done that’s harmed anyone in anyway not what you believe it symbolizes.

Emile Pope

The same idiotic one trick pony argument made every time. Had no basis in fact then and has no basis in fact now...

Carlos Ponce

Emile, please read the Galveston Daily News articles from 1911 and 1912. Read about Mollie Rosenberg's efforts to bring a statue to Galveston and her reasons why. You will find my post is based on facts.

Emile Pope

I ignore you because you intentionally omit articles that don't support your position. The last time you tried to support your position you were bombarded by other things written and said that showed the racism behind the statue.

Carlos Ponce

The statements implying "racism behind the statue" were opinion, not fact. My post comes the facts concerning Mollie Rosenberg and the Daughters of the Confederacy commissioning then donating the statue. Those come from the pages of the Galveston Daily News of that era.

Bailey Jones

I agree with almost everything you say - it is mostly just history, after all, but I disagree with the idea of removing the monument. I would rather leave it where it is, and add memorials to an aspect of our history that is actually worth celebrating - the victory of blacks who, after building this nation and all of its wealth for centuries finally became Americans with the 14th Amendment, triumphed over slavery, then Jim Crow, then segregation. These Civil War monuments are shams. Rather than cover them up or hide them away, we should strip them of their veneer of fake history and reveal the naked racism they really represent. From sham to shame. I'd like to see the next generation of school children laughing at the absurdity of a monument to the attempted destruction of our country.

Emile Pope

And exactly when would these "memorials" be erected. The same "separate but equal" argument 21st century style...

Carlos Ponce

No monument for this Emile Pope but maybe a memorial to Galveston Police Officer Emile Pope.

Charles Douglas

Well it just goes to show you! Now me, I would have thought a man like Mr. Temperilli, being an Ex school teacher, would've naturally been inclined to comment on the improvements of African-American education, and the quality of it juxtapose to joining in on a massive deception perpetuated by the LEFT concerning the evils of 200 years ago! What about now Mr. Temperilli? Informing us about the evils of history, statue misrepresentations, how SLAVES were bought, sold, and abused is not going to feed a hungry descendent of those slaves today! It won't improve the sub-par schools they are relegated to attend, nor replace the crime-ridden and sub-par housing they are compelled to live in. Wait! Let me bring it on to the house for anybody! WHAT ABOUT NOW??? We know all about how evil the human race was 200 years ago, but all of them are dead waiting on God's judgement NOW! So please inform me as to how all that concern of what General Lee'nem did centuries ago is going to improve life for the disadvantage RIGHT NOW? Vengeance is his, ( God's ) and he shall recompense....[ Hebrews 10:30]. God did not tell us to go sashaying back in yester-year talking about actions and behaviors we can do nothing about! He told us to LOVE one another as he has loved us and by that, others would know we are his disciples! [John 13:34-35] So I would urge Mr. Temperillin and others to show some love to the disadvantaged, not by reminding us of how it use to be, how awful life was, but do something to improve the prospects of a brighter today, and an even brighter tomorrow! Those things can be life changers! Talking and harping about 200 years ago are parts of a master plan of deception masterminded by the LEFT, to gain power by vote HARVESTING! Lets talk about School Choice, School Vouchers, Quality Pre-Schools, Early Learning Centers, Decent After-school Child Care! Lets talk about Free Tutoring, and Mentoring programs for the many young men who may be without a father, and cannot receive the kind of on time, and fit-ly spoken ADVICE & GUIDANCE, I received from a wise father which turned my life around from certain destruction! How about that? In summing up what is my message here, I'll tell everybody! Minorities, including African-Americans, can compete and be as successful and anyone else, given the same breaks,and opportunities others receives! However, there exist those who don't want that, they like it like it is NOW! They like the way LIGHFOOT, MAXINE, & CLYBURN, are doing their Simon Legree duties, ( Over-Seers )...and they are handsomely rewarded I'm sure, but look at their constituents, how are their lives, and living conditions as a whole? I rest my case!

Connie Patterson

History is not there for you to like or dislike. It’s there for you to learn from and if it offends you, even better then you’re more likely to remember it. History doesn’t belong to you, it belongs to all of us. It tells a story of our past and of significant events. Symbols only hurt if you allow them to.

Charles Douglas

Connie Patterson> Hard Hitting & knocked clean over the LEFT fences! AMEN!!!!!!! I wish we could package this.....and give it away all over this country!

Ted Gillis

Some symbols shouldn’t be allowed to be erected on public property with intent to hurt people. I agree that history belongs to all of us, however that parcel of land belongs to all of us and shouldn’t have been carved out to some “do good old ladies of the south” trying to keep alive false glories.

Carlos Ponce

How many times has Ted Gillis seen that statue in the past month and in all of 2020? There are public symbols I don't care for. I ignore them.

Connie Patterson

Then don’t look at it...

David Hardee

Mr. Temperilli’s article is excellent. The articles theme flow, sentence structure, all make the thought flow of the reader easily gather the intent of the context. I envy that talent.

The article noted, Temperilli was a history teacher. Certain his talents of presentation mesmerized his students and generated enthusiasm to attend and learn from Temperilli.

His article gives evidence he has a depth of subject (history) and wants the student to process history and use history lessons in their decision making where it can be of value.

Again an academic produces a public article that probably is a follow on or at least has sentiments similar to his presentation to students.

This is the third article from academicians that have illustrated that lurking in the classrooms are teachers that use the subject matter as a tool to inflict on their captive audience a persuasion. The persuasion that the white majority of our society was and still is hateful and vicious. To the claim of vicious treatment during slavery and jim crow, Temperilli plucked some of the most despicable events he could filter out of the entire history. And to be more empathetic to Galveston locals Temperilli claims that the statues were intended to insult and maintain subjugation of black people.

It is clear from the articles by these academicians that a classroom is a treacherous place. And is clear that more frequent than would have been imagined our children are infected with the agenda of a demented teacher.

The recent Group article by UTMB students was a reiteration of what we are reading from these academicians. Those UTMB students are pursuing being Doctors and yet found it necessary to project into the public castigation of our white society. That is not a product of their experiences. It is an effect of their exposure to social engineering, the proliferation of progressive liberal media, and teachers that politicize the subject matter.

Where do these young impressionable minds get evidence that the original traditions of our society are in need of purifying? Here is a reasonable hypothesis. The young have lived in an era of experimentation with social engineering. They, young, have never experienced tranquility.

The progressive liberal bombardment began in 1963 with the intent to generate national psychology of inclusion. The method was inclusion by creating entitlements. Inclusion, equality, and non-discrimination was the goal. Entitlements are the ultimate of discrimination. For the last 60 years, the progressive liberals have been tweaking their programs attempting to reach an assimilated tranquil society, with failure after failure. The tweaking and failures will continue until the original traditions are resurrected. The first step in resurrecting the original traditions is draining the swamp. It is apparent that part of the swamp is in our classrooms

Carlos Ponce

In other words he dazzled you with style. The facts in the column do not relate to Galveston, nor the statue in question.Let me summarize the column: Civil War bad. Statues made during that era are bad. The author generalizes.

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