I’ve lived in the city of Hitchcock for most of my 57 years as a native Texan, and I’ve never seen such rapid growing development in our special town occurring after so many years.

And although we as residents share a deep-seated heritage and rich historical treasures with our county seat of Galveston Island-Galveston County, we’re without question, all living in different times.

And that includes our new life-changing progress, as well as our unfamiliar and unexpected challenges to come.

Also generationally speaking, our youth is establishing more innovative ideologies. Social acceptance, for so many things that were once isolated and excluded, is now viewed with more equality and equity.

As a result of this moment in time, Hitchcock’s municipal leaders, city commissioners and managers are working together with our fantastic Hitchcock Police Department outstanding officers lead by Chief Wilmon “Smitty” Smith. In turn, our city has become more diverse than ever before.

This unifying diversity has opened doors of opportunity for our old and young alike. And we can see the investor’s interest coinciding with our ever-increasing population.

And together, of course, this means that the supply and demand needs of our community naturally brings the businesses that boost our economy.

We also can see the much-needed and long-awaited infrastructure improvements that make we, the residents, of Hitchcock feel more visible and that our voices are being heard.

All this, in the middle of pandemic chaos, brings us hope, encouragement, inspiration and faith in sustaining our independence.

We’ve had more community events than I can remember in the past years. Speaking of events, I must mention Chelsea Wick, director of the Hitchcock Chamber of Commerce, for all her hard work to bring the community and Galveston County businesses together.

Also, I feel compelled to mention our very own Texas A&M historian, Sam Collins III, for his endless advocacy for the people of Hitchcock. He’s a wealth of knowledge and activism.

And in conclusion, many of us have seen the newly proposed 2020-2040 comprehensive public city planning. This says to me that at last, some form of government has finally seen the most successful strategy for our future. Our children. The youth of our city.

We’ve heard continuously from politicians across the nation how our leaders want to create a better future for everyone. But absent in these speeches is the simple logic and common sense that tells us all, that in fact, our children are the future. Begin there.

And what we leave behind for them is our mistakes, as well as our achievements that is now our wisdom that came from our own experiences.

We pray that it all may help to guide them, so they, in turn, can help Hitchcock reach its full potentials. And perhaps then, they will leave long-lasting impressions, achievements and accomplishments to be proud of for generations to come.

Clay Burton lives in Hitchcock.


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(4) comments

Samuel Collins III

Great job Clay pointing out the positive things that are happening Hitchcock. Thank you for writing a very timely article as we start the new year.

Mike Zeller


Jim Forsythe

Sam, could you give a update on the action items that came out of the town meetings last year? What was talked about was great, for what could happen in Hitchcock. What are some of the steps that need to happen to move forward?

Thanks for your leadership in having the meeting . Also thanks to anyone else that help Hitchcock.

Jim Forsythe.

Mark Ciavaglia

Many great things are indeed happening in Hitchcock. And it’s people like Clay, Sam and many others like them who care for their community and will continue doing great things. Nothing will change a community faster than caring, conscientious citizens.

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