In the race for county judge, Mark Henry has been screaming he does not want anything said about his personal relationships. After looking at his troubled relationship with “the truth” it is easy to see why he is demanding everyone shut up.

Heading into the 2018 primaries, Henry’s campaign has been divorced from the truth and he has embraced a relationship with falsehoods and phony accusations in an attempt to change his image as “Chief Bully” and the most self-serving politician in Galveston County. Obviously, the tactic is to sufficiently smear his opponent in the hopes it will make him look more acceptable — even if you must hold your nose to vote for him.

All the smears are of course baseless and this strategy can work only if “the truth” does not come out until after the election is over.

Henry is acting like he has never heard of Shawn Christopher Phillips or Greg Enos — his leading surrogates that have made this county judge race the ugliest election seen in Galveston County for many years.

Phillips lives in a low-rent apartment on the edge of poverty, yet he mysteriously has tens of thousands of dollars to finance an expensive political advertising campaign obviously intended to smear Henry’s opponent. Phillips is the treasurer and only person admitting any association with the Political Action Committee known as Red State.

The organization resides at a P.O. Box, even though that violates election law. Phillips has failed to file required finance reports, likely because he does not want to divulge the financial connection to Mark Henry until after the election. This is about as sleazy as it gets in politics (short of contacting the Russians and asking them to create a phony dossier).

Then we come to Greg Enos, one of Henry’s divorce attorneys, a longtime Democrat and vocal critic of President Donald Trump (he claims Trump raped a 13-year-old then covered it up). Just two months before the primary election, Enos suddenly filed a complaint with the district attorney alleging Henry’s opponent committed a crime when he negotiated with a local attorney to represent the position of local state district judges at a rate much lower than what Henry paid an international law firm to represent him (with your tax dollars, by the way). You do not need to be a rocket scientist to see the timing of these charges just does not pass the smell test — particularly since the fees were publicly discussed for over two years.

When Phillips (or the newest fake PAC supporting Henry) came out with political signs saying Henry’s opponent is under criminal investigation (immediately after Enos’ news release was issued), it was obvious this was all part of an orchestrated smear job — albeit baseless.

Unfortunately, this is just a small part of Henry’s deceptions. He lied about multiple facets of his vote on disaster reappraisal, property tax reform, lowering taxes and reducing debt. Even holding my nose, I could not vote for Henry.

Elaine Kosty lives in League City.


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Walter Manuel

Very well stated Elaine.

Shawn Christopher Phillips was obviously the "cheapest" mudslinger that the Henry campaign could find to spread unfounded lies against a political candidate.

Perhaps SCP and Judge Mark Henry have forgotten how "politics 101" works? The more mud that you sling, the madder that you make educated voters who will get out and vote.

Since SCP as expected reared his ugly little head after publishing his opinion in the GDN, he's gone back into hiding just as he does every election cycle.

If SCP is the best that the Henry camp could come up with to do their dirty work, then it's obvious that the Henry campaign is in bigger trouble than they care to admit?

Hey SCP, what was in it for you to further lose your own ethics and credibility, maybe someone paying your cheap rent for the month?

After already seeing the county's number of early voters, looks like the only thing SCP will be doing is eating the crumbs left behind off the table of someone else's victory party.[yawn]

Ron Shelby

Sounds like Greg Enos is correct, timing or not. If the attorney is practicing in your court in any way, you do not accept a discount....or really even use that attorney,...for fear that the judge may rule favorably, even on questions of process, for the attorney who gave him the discount. It may also give the impression to a new client that the attorney may be treated favorably by judge Cox. It does smell, but not from the direction Elaine Kosty suggests. More of the Galveston County GOP’s nasty internal political split spilling out. No surprise.

Doyle Beard

Right Ron. It's hard for biased people to understand what you wrote.

Don Johnson

Customs and laws may be different in Georgia, Ron. In Texas the proper place to submit a complaint pertaining to the concerns you’ve expressed is the State Commission on Judicial Conduct – not the local DA. You’ll find it very difficult to defend Mark Henry’s campaign strategy back here in Galveston County, as most educated voters have seen through the ruse of Enos and CSP as nothing more than stunts to distract voters from real issues like disaster relief and property tax reform and to smear Judge Cox with a baseless story about some non-existent criminal investigation. BTW, the AG’s office has substantiated there has been NO special prosecutor hired to investigate Judge Cox.

Ron Shelby

Don. It doesn't matter to the voters the least bit where. They could care less. Its what its about. Is the Judge "in bed" with the lawyer. Impression is everything. Elaine brought it I'm just commenting on it. A very poor decision for any truly impartial judge.

Ron Shelby

And Elaine has been around in GOP politics for a very long times, so she absolutely understands what she wrote. Given the way party politics works in Galveston County, its likely that the candidate reviewed it before being issued themselves. No guarantee though. Just life in GC Politics that candidates ask the more prominent citizens to write and endorsement on their behalf. As a result, we take them all with a grain of salt if we know better.

Carol Dean

Rob, you use the word "we" in your statement. Have you moved back to Galveston County? If not, why don't you start focusing on your current political issues in your new location?

Doyle Beard

CD the name is Ron not Rob,see the old story about what goes around come around if one can grasp that?

Walter Manuel

No Doyle and Ron, it's another mute point to make unless someone does their homework in order to see just how many cases that Judge Cox is actually the one to decide the verdict or punishment in any given case?

If I were a betting man, I'd bet that 90% of the cases that come before Judge Cox are jury trials where 12 men or woman decides someone's fate and not Judge Cox as you both want others to maybe believe

That's just my opinion...

Doyle Beard

you missed the point of my post. I am not for henry nor cox.

Doyle Beard

Sorry meant you made my point exactly by your post.

Carol Dean

See, DB, your comments have frequently indicated that you are NOT sure what you are saying anymore. Opinions and facts are two different things; you have a lot of opinions.

Ask SCP and Enos why they posted the bogus signs at all of the polling places this week. I have noted that one of the initial large contributors to SCP's PAC is also and has been a friend of Mark Henry's for years. Wonder of Mark is using his name as a cover-up to sponsor SCP lies!?! Just saying that Public Records hold a lot of information.

Doyle Beard

Ok carol so I made a misprint on my post. I have seen a few by you also. since you have no substance that's fine.

Doyle Beard

CD typo in your last post but that's alright since you are the teacher in this forum.

Marc Edelman

That was not written by Elaine.

Doyle Beard

is there an imposter in the house.

Shawn Byars

Elaine... we are all a bit fatigued. Your South Shore neighbors have suffered through your HOA disputes, your lawsuits and your petty smear campaigns for decades. The folks in League City have been feeling the fallout from your grudges, meddling on council and dirty campaigning for several years now. In 2014 County Commissioner Ken Clark wrote an article entitled "Beware the Politics of League City" in this very paper saying you represent "everything that’s wrong with League City politics". I criticized him at the time for writing that... well Ken, you were right! I witnessed first hand the campaign debacles including the Krantz, Drury and Spry campaigns in League City. Now you to want to bring your scorched earth political style to the Galveston County Commissioner's Court after becoming insignificant in League City. Your current crop of candidates and associates are not much better: Jim Bulgier (residency issues), Lonnie Cox (too numerous to name) and Tax Collector Cheryl Johnson (her and Don are stuck in perpetual campaign mode). Now there is a lawsuit (14-CV-0246) putting the nastiness on display for all to see... even you were deposed. From what I have read you may want to get your own political business in order before you tell others how to manage theirs.

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