In June, Moody Early Childhood Center celebrated the conclusion of its first school year as an “in district” charter school with the graduation of 167 pre-K3 students.

All of us associated with the center are proud of the achievements of this first class of little learners. The board of directors is grateful to Executive Director Karin Miller and her dedicated staff, who are making the vision of “giving every Galveston child the opportunity to soar” real. We’re thankful for the community support through steadfast philanthropy and committed partnerships.

We want to share the initial year’s results.

As part of the agreement with the Galveston Independent School District, the center and district agreed upon specific objectives for pre-K3 students and that at least 70 percent of our graduating class would meet these objectives.

In early October, we tested our class of 3-year-olds to establish a baseline to measure progress. The last round of testing was in May as the students prepared for “graduation.”

At the beginning of the school year, 12 percent of 3-year-olds knew their letters; in May that number had risen to 81 percent. Only 7 percent of our new students had mastered the range of vocabulary skills, and by May that improved to 81 percent.

Fifteen percent of our children started the year demonstrating proficiency in numbers and 77 percent ended the year with the knowledge they needed to move on to pre-K4.

The center celebrates each child’s progress, and we’re confident our pre-K3 graduates are well prepared for the next step in their education, the district’s pre-K4 classrooms.

This success story continues with another set of numbers. At the beginning of the 2018-19 school year, there were 15 pre-K3 students who had started their education at the center as infants or toddlers, at least a year before they entered our pre-K3 classrooms.

That fall, those students (a note: at least 60 percent of our infants and toddlers attend the center on scholarships or with assistance from the federal childcare subsidy program; that socio-economic mixture is reflected among these 15 students) scored 31 percent on the letter recognition testing with 100 percent mastering that test by the end of the school year.

At the beginning of the school year, 23 percent of that cohort of students demonstrated mastery of the vocabulary section of the learning objectives, and by the end of the school year that increased to 100 percent. By May, 93 percent of our returning students had mastered the numbers learning objectives, an increase of 78 percent over the fall’s 15 percent.

We’re proud of these little learners who will stay at the center for their pre-K4 education.

Early childhood education programs have been shown to yield benefits in academic achievement, behavior, improved retention and graduation rates, and lower delinquency as children mature.

Last fall, 21 percent of the children knocking on the doors of the district’s kindergarten classrooms had the level of skills they needed to succeed. Research has shown it’s far more difficult to play catchup in school than to be well prepared from the start. The center is committed to ensuring its students begin their formal education ready to soar.

Enrollment in pre-K3 and infant and toddler programs is ongoing. For information, contact Linda Garcia, 409-761-6930 or

Betty Massey chairs the board of directors of Moody Early Childhood Center.


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