All of America believed George Floyd was murdered. President Trump, all the commentators on Fox News, and even police officers across the nation expressed outrage at the infamous video of a Minneapolis police officer kneeling on George Floyd’s neck, causing his death.

This marked the first time a “blue on black” death was condemned by so many who normally might oppose the Black Lives Matter movement. What was the result of this unity? Massive looting. It is not confined to statues of confederate generals. Statues and monuments that pay homage to abolitionists, black civil war troops and even Gandhi have come under attack.

The looters have turned solidarity into divisiveness.

Which top Democratic leaders called for the city’s mayors to bring order to the chaos? Answer: None of them. Which top Republican leaders called for the city’s mayors to bring order to the chaos? Answer: All of them.

The presumptive Democratic nominee for president, Joe “If you don’t vote for me, you’re not Black” Biden, wrote the 1994 Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act which passed in a 61-38 vote. Thirty-seven of 41 Republican Senators did not vote for the act.

How was that legislation received by people of color? At a Chicago rally, the Rev. Jesse Jackson said that President Clinton had the chance, “with one stroke of your veto pen, to correct the most grievous racial injustice built into our legal system.”

Twenty years after being made law the numbers told the tale. A Black child born in 2014 had a 1 in 3 chance of spending time in prison or jail. A Latino child had a 1 in 6 chance.

What was then Vice President Biden’s response after being informed of those numbers in 2014? Nothing. Crickets.

In 2018 the U.S. Senate passed, on a bi-partisan 87-12 vote, the First Step Act. President Trump signed it into law days later.

That Republican initiative released more than 3,000 federal prisoners based on changes to the First Step Act’s “good-time credits” formula and more than 2,000 received sentence reductions.

The idea that Democrats best represent minorities is not going unchallenged by people of color.

Black Lives Matter activist Shaun King tweeted “Stop generically telling us to vote in response to all of the police brutality we have right now. Yes, we should vote. But we have to be very specific. Democrats, from top to bottom, are running the cities with the worst police brutality in America right now. We voted for them.”

During this unrest, U.S. Sen. Tim Scott (R-South Carolina), an African-American, wrote a bill to address police brutality. On June 24, the U.S. Senate voted whether to debate Scott’s bill. Sixty “yes” votes are required. Every single “no” vote was cast by a Democrat sending it down to defeat 55-45.

Seattle, Atlanta, Minneapolis, Ferguson, Baltimore — all rocked by racial unrest resulting in billions in property damage losses and an incalculable loss of wealth by the business owners and residents of those communities. What else do these cities have in common? Decades of Democrat-dominated leadership.

Norman Pappous lives in League City.


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(33) comments

Bailey Jones

More excuses to do nothing. Here's an idea - pass the police reform agenda:

Ban choke holds.

Mandatory body cameras at all times.

Mandatory reporting of bad cops across departments.

Mandatory civilian review boards.

Mandatory reporting of all officer involved deaths and hospitalizations.

An end to qualified immunity.

Investment in mental health services.

Investment in drug addiction services.

Investment in homeless services.

That's how you stop the rioting. That's also how you write a comment without demonizing half of the population with inept partisan BS.

Carlos Ponce

"That's how you stop the rioting. " No, it will not.

Bailey Jones

Enough with the excuses, Carlos - fix the problem.

Ray Taft

Voting RED will fix it - Remove Every Democrat!

Gary Scoggin

Thanks Ray. I haven't seen you call for removing all Democrats in a few days. Glad you're okay.

Ray Taft

“Decades of Democrat-dominated leadership.” Caused the problems and allowed the anarchy to happen. The Democrats’ love the chaos on their Democrat run city streets and don’t plan to do anything about it. The Democrats obstruct real change for political purposes.

Voting RED will end it - Remove Every Democrat!

Gary Miller

Ray> Good advice.

jimmy winston

This makes way too much sense for any republican to implement.

Gary Miller

Bailey> All good but left out would be the most important "don't do" Don't vote for any Democrat.

Charles Douglas

Great Op-ed Mr. Pappous, real precise and "Dagger In The Heart" the point! I have spent much time saying things very similar to what you stated here! Democrats and Progressives are interested in one thing, GETTING RID OF TRUMP, they could care less about this country or it's citizens! If they did, they would not be running a tired old man who can't tell his wife from his sister, & can't remember his running mate's name, as well as his own half the time! So they keep him in hiding at home, while his wife goes out and makes speeches for him, or Barack America, as Joe called him .....sometimes will. I think the Democrats are going to lose a lot of minorities voters this November, more than they think! All of this lawlessness, looting, killing little black kids, beating old women with 2x4 boards, upheaval in the streets with no respect for anyone, will not set well with the voting public in November! The worst of what these Democratic Leaders are allowing in their cities, have yet to happen! We have not seen anything yet! If they remotely thing Joe Biden will win the next election they have slipped out of reality into LA-LA Land. Worse than that Nancy Pelosi publicly accused conservatives of MURDERING Mr. George Floyd in Minneapolis, Minnesota ..a few weeks ago! The State, the city, and the police departments are controlled by DEMOCRATS! Now I give up on that one! Lying is one thing but telling a lie of that MAGNITUDE, ...when the murder of Mr. FLOYD was televised nationally and around the world is scandalous, pathetic, and SHOCKING! It leads me to believe not only is there a problem with Joe, but also a big problem with Pelosi. We already know Schumer is out Yonder! Meanwhile The Democratic Country of "CHAZ" has started having murder and crime problems, while the Progressives says nothing!!!

Mike Zeller

Norman, if you think that diatribe is going to change one persons vote come November, your sadly mistaken. I think YOUR President pretty much voiced his opinion on where he stands on this subject, when he retweeted the "White Power Video". November can't get here soon enough for me. P.S. Charles, do you think that retweet, won the hearts of black voters.

Carlos Ponce

Mike, have you seen the video? It shows conflict between Trump supporters on golf carts and anti-Trump protestors shouting obscenities about him.

"In the video, you see a line of golf carts like a mini-parade, and they have pro-Trump signs on them. On the sidelines are Trump detractors yelling 'Racist!' at all of the carts passing by. And so one of them yells back, 'Yeah? White power! White power!' "

Look for yourself. Caution, profanity in use. It's a little over 2 minutes.

The man yelling "white power" is a 71 year old retired fire fighter.

Charles Douglas

Mike, I think that many BLACK voters are wising up, and will look at the issues of this next election without listening to the usual propaganda, and fake talking points peddled by Progressives and Democrats. They have perfected the practice of flooding into BLACK churches and communities at election times looking for votes! Usually they will be accompanied by a few local BLACKS whose jobs are to help pull the wool over the eyes of other African-Americans! African-Americans have been made fools of long enough by GIVING away that which is one of the keys to the equality we seek, and that is our vote, another key is quality education! What have we received for loyalty, and voting Democratic for decades? NOTHING! We still have bad schools, with unqualified people in charge of them! We still live in the ghettos, with unequal job opportunities! We still are sent to prison disproportionately to other groups committing the same crimes! It does not seem like the LEFT cares about African-Americans until it comes time to vote! Many, like myself, don't think that is good enough. I predict that the usual Liberal, rhetoric, pandering, and blame games used in the past procuring the BLACK vote will not be as affective as they have been. Remember, Trump does not need EVERY Black vote to win!

Gary Miller

Mike> No it didn't but what Trump has done for all minorities did.

Robert Braeking

This issue, were it a coin, would have 2 sides. Democrat and Republican. Neither wants to solve the problem. A first step can be accomplished with the President's pen. Quit keeping statistics based on skin color. When is the last time you heard a statistic about Italians, Germans, or Irishmen? They don't exist. The only reason that we keep statistics based on skin color is that it is easily identifiable........or is it? I was in the Army with a fellow trooper named O'Neil. Sounds Irish but he was very dark brown. Was he black or Irish? Who knows? And more importantly why do we care?

Carlos Ponce

Barack Obama had a white mother and was raised by a white grandmother. He is the descendant of slave owners. But he is considered Black which represents half of his DNA.

Charles Douglas

Obama came along at the right time in history condusive for a man of color to step up and show what he was made of! He did not do to well! Jessie Jackson could not quite get there, but along with the great Dr.MLK, both were instrumental in standing there for an individual like Obama to come along at the right time in history and climb over their backs to greatness. I voted for Obama the first time because in him I saw JACKIE ROBINSON! I saw Thurgood Marshall, or another Dr. Charles Drew, but it was not to be. In my opinion Mr. Obama did not have enough experience to know what it was like to be BLACK in America! He did not experience nor dealt with the SEGREGATED public facilities, the bad schools, the menial jobs, or the "CLORED ONLY" entrances like the men I mentioned above possessed! Henry G Cisneros was another big disappointment to me, ...I followed him and I thought he would be the first man of color, to get elected to lead this nation. It did not work out that way, and I hold both he and Obama responsible to this day ...for squandering away the opportunities others sacrificed for them to establish pathways for unity and equality becoming common place here!

Kimberley Jones Yancy

I agree both parties have a history of racial injustice. The 1994 Crime Bill was endorsed by the NAACP until the data began to roll out and everyone was appalled. This is the reason many young African-Americans refused to vote for Hillary Clinton. The First Step Act was something built under Obama’s restorative justice agenda but could not get passed in both houses until the Trump era. Thank God Trump did not dismantle that nor the programs that have helped unemployment rates pre-COVID in some areas among black men. Unemployment among black men is still double digit in our area between ages of 15-30 and this is pre-COVID. Both parties can do better in the area of racial injustice. I don’t see too many Republican led protests or forums right now against racial injustice and that is a problem. If you are spending more time defending symbols of white supremacy then that really illustrates your heart in the matter.

Ray Taft

Decades of Democrat-dominated leadership has fostered racial injustice in America. Democrats obstruct racial justice for political purposes.

Vote RED to end it - Remove Every Democrat.

Gary Miller

Ray> Ditto +.

Gary Scoggin

Broken Record.

Martin Connor

Gary S. I guess they have already forgotten about 2010 when straight ticket "R"'s brought in some shady characters to the county.

PD Hyatt

I find it amazing that there are still people who defend the democrats are their racist policies' that they have implemented across this nation. The democrats were the ones who loved slavery and fought to protect their rights to it. They are the same ones who wrote the Jim Crow laws and started and still run the KKK. Democrats are the ones who started the Planned Parenthood that slaughters so many of the poor and minority children. Democrats are the ones who fought against integration in our military and fought against integration in our public schools. They also voted against the Civil Rights Act of 1964. But who knows any of this because it is NOT taught in our public school system just like real history on many areas is no longer taught. Our nation and the world is drowning in a sea of information, yet our nation and our world is starving for wisdom. If we knew God's word we would know where wisdom comes from, but we do not know that because we have tossed God out of our school's, out of our Government, out of our homes and out of many of our American Church's.... And we wonder why our nation is in such a horrible mess of hatred towards each other.... Wake up America before it is to late!

Patricia C Newsom


Jarvis Buckley

Ignorance abides!

Emile Pope

Nothing in Tim Scott's bill holds law enforcement accountable for their actions. And without accountability the bill is worthless...

Carlos Ponce

There are already current laws to handle police misconduct and accountability. It would be repeating what is already there to codify them again and delay, prolong adjudication.

Bailey Jones

Wrong, Carlos. Current law protects LEOs from prosecution (qualified immunity). Current law allows the use of choke holds and other lethal techniques. Current law does NOT require the behavior of bad cops to be reported - to anyone - much less a national database. Current law does not require reporting of LEO involved death and injury. Current law does not require body cameras. Your comments are just another version of "I don't care".

Carlos Ponce

Bailey, qualified immunity only covers those officers who are legally following the laws of the city, sate and country. If a PD or city does not want a choke hold EVER that entity can pass that rule WITHOUT FEDERAL LAWS. Many already do.

See "These Are the Cities and States That Have Banned Police Chokeholds So Far in the Wake of Protests"

I prefer what the Pittsburgh Police Bureau Policy Manual states: “PBP personnel are not authorized to use neck restraints or similar control techniques which have the potential for serious injury unless involved in a deadly force encounter.”

"Current law does not require reporting of LEO involved death and injury." Are you joking? Anytime deadly force is used, the police officer is placed on administrative leave or assigned to desk duty pending an investigation. HAVEN'T YOU BEEN PAYING ATTENTION?

"The Galveston County Sheriff’s Office routinely investigates officer-involved shootings."

"The Galveston Police Department officer who shot the woman was immediately put on administrative leave, Police Chief Vernon Hale said. The Galveston County Sheriff’s Office is investigating the officer-involved shooting."

"A Galveston Police Department lieutenant is on administrative leave after a conduct complaint was made against him, a department official said."

"La Marque’s superintendent of schools put district Police Chief Russel Washington on paid administrative leave Monday after learning Friday he was the 'central focus' of an investigation by the Galveston County District Attorney’s Office."

"Trochesset said the deputy, whose name has not been released, is on administrative leave."

"All 12 employees in the city’s traffic division have been placed on paid administrative leave pending an investigation a city spokeswoman said."

"Popovich was arrested Friday and placed on unpaid administrative leave pending final disposition of the criminal case, according to the department."

Not on;y are they BEING REPORTED, all those above were REPORTED in the GCDN.

Your comments are just another version of "I don't know what the %$&*$ I'm talking about".

Emile Pope

What Ponce said is either Incorrect (qualified immunity) or doesn't address what was written. And the so called Pittsburgh manual leaves a loophole so big that you could drive a tank through. Furthermore, putting someone on leave or any other punishment is not the same as reporting it to federal and state bureaus. More answering questions that weren't asked cause you can't answer the ones that were...

Carlos Ponce

Qualified immunity has its limits, Emile. It is NOT blanket amnesty from prosecution.

Placing reports in GCDN informs Emile. If there is ANYTHING of substance, the officer will be indicted and tried outcome reliant on evidence. If there is wrongdoing that results in a verdict of murder it DOES go into a Federal and state data base and the bad cop goes to prison.

Bailey Jones

Nothing but empty rhetoric and excuses for inaction.

Bill Broussard

Tucker Carlson in Norman’s Republican hero’s. “ He urged voters to force the Republican Party and its officeholders to change, describing them as "not, by and large, evil people."

"Despite the way they talk, they're not secretly working for the other side. Most of them are just empty, sad people, and politics is the way they fill the yawning void inside where a personal life should be," Carlson said.

"They're pleasers. They're searching for the approval of strangers. Our job is to give them clear instructions about what we want. We do that by voting and by making noise

Middle class families are the core of this country. They are our hope for the future. Our only hope. And yet both parties have shamelessly abandoned them... Republicans pretend to be their champion. You know by now they are not," Carlson said during his show Tuesday night.

"Instead of improving the lives of their voters, the party feeds them a steady diet of mindless, symbolic victories. Partisan junk food designed to make them feel full even as they waste away. Who cares how many Benghazi hearings we have? We're supposed to care. Why should we?“

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