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Sandra Tetley

This is so disingenuous. GISD has been reconfiguring schools since 2007 when they took the 5th graders out of elementary school to improve the TEA ratings. Creating a high performing school out of the district's top performers not only created a demanding curriculum but also the district's only Blue Ribbon School. By the way, Austin enrollment started at 100 students per grade and has stayed around that level ever since. Since then, there have been numerous reconfiguration shell games moving students and creating gimmicky programs to support such changes. I was on the 2018 facilities committee and the reason the middles schools were not reconfigured then (which is what the architect firms suggested) was because parents would not support the bond issue if they did! And it was not put on the bond election! Now GISD wants to close its one Blue Ribbon School but not work to improve the other schools? This current reconfiguration will do nothing but spread the students out to level out the school ratings and avoid TEA intervention. When is GISD going to actually focus on the needs of the students and take the time and effort to put in place the curriculum that will actually educate all of them at their various levels? Thank God Elizabeth Beeton is on the School Board since she knows the history of the district, is not worried about her social status, has actually educated children and cares about all of them.

Don Schlessinger


Walter Dannenmaier

Sorry Dr. Hay. Some kids just are not gonna make the cut. Accept it. It's life. No matter how we configure the schools half of the kids are gonna be below average. But everyone does NOT need to study robotics or medicine to be a productive citizen. There is dignity in any honest work. How about we accept that instead and offer vocational ed for those who can't do the math or sit still?

Charles Douglas

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