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Charles Douglas

What a great article Mr. Faubion. I had the opportunity to meet a WWII vet about two months ago in a Popeyes' restaurant. I did thank him just like you suggested. He was an older fragile man because of his age. He was wearing a 82nd Airborne Division baseball cap which he was proud of. That was just the day I decided to not wear my 101st Airborne Division baseball cap. You can imagine how I felt. Long story short, that vet who was just ahead of me paying his bill did not have 45 or so cents to clear his bill and the clerk would NOT clear his bill. So the vet just kept feeling his pockets like somehow or someway the money would appear when another gentleman who I was talking to, and who had a better view of what was happening, stepped up and paid the difference. I felt bad that standing behind the vet talking, I missed the chance to help him out. After all that old vet did for this country, that young lady would not forgive him forty-five cents! When I paid my bill I GAVE her a five dollar tip!!!!! I hope she woke up that night and realized the opportunity she missed!

Don Schlessinger

In my many years of traveling overseas I twice had the honor of spending time talking with Normandy Vets in Charles De Gaulle Airport. Both times I walked away from them with tears in my eyes. I think of them every year now. BTW, my father, age 101, lives in Austin and served in the U.S. Army Air Corps.

alvin sallee

Today 75 years ago USS Stewart was protecting D-Day forces in the south English channel from Nazi submarines with plank-owner Gunnery Chief Biro aboard. We should all thank him for his service today! USS Stewart is available for visits at Seawolf Park. Take 51st Street north to Pelican Island and just keep going.

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