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Kelly Naschke

So...you agree but you disagree...hot tubs are compared to the VA...the Koch’s have Mike Pence in a puppet string....Cadillac and Lexus....your uncles were engineers....and pay per use taxes (toll roads) are bad. And somehow this cluster fudge has a free market message in it?

Mark Aaron

Leroy: [ And somehow this cluster fudge has a free market message in it?]

For those of us who don't see "the free market" as infallible it made plenty of sense. Free Market zealots' mileage may differ.

Diane Turski

I agree there should be a balance between free market and social responsibility. Thanks for pointing out that not everything has to be a simplistic choice between "either or" in a healthy democracy.


Paul, you raised an important point, though not directly, and that is what exactly does the "free market" mean. Responded and they will print some point but 500 words is really inadequate to discuss.

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