There’s a name for mass movements which aim to create a dictatorship, restore a mythical past and protect capitalism by violently suppressing the left, unions, racial and religious minorities and dissidents. That name is fascism, and the threat of fascism is growing in the United States.

Unfortunately, Donald R. Pollock embraces the kind of Big Lie used by the far right when he blames the Democratic party for this (“Democratic party is leading America into fascism,” The Daily News, Aug. 25). As Richard North Patterson has written, it’s the Republican party which has become “American democracy’s most dangerous enemy.”

How did this happen? This country has an ugly history of rapacious capitalism, virulent white supremacy, and violence against people of color, militant workers and dissidents. Since the civil rights advances of the 1960s, the Republican party has been mobilizing white voters opposed to the empowerment of people of color and women.

Chamber of commerce and country club Republicans have fared well in recent decades but the economic conditions of their middle-class supporters have eroded. The election of the first Black president and “the browning of America” have led many of the latter to scapegoat people of color — and to support a racist con man who pledged to “make America great again.”

As president, Donald Trump implicitly encouraged far-right violence and waged an unprecedented campaign to overturn the existing constitutional order. Hate crimes increased by almost 20 percent during his tenure. White supremacists killed 11 people at a synagogue in Pittsburgh, 22 people at a Walmart in El Paso and dozens of other people from San Diego to New York.

Trump insisted that the neo-Nazis who marched in Charlottesville included “some very fine people.” He downplayed the right-wing plot to kidnap Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer and refused to condemn the Proud Boys, urging them to “stand back and stand by.”

After losing in November, Trump and his allies falsely claimed the election was “rigged,” filed 60 lawsuits and pressured state officials to change the results. When these efforts failed, Trump incited the deadly Jan. 6 attack on Congress.

The Proud Boys, Oath Keepers, Three Percenters, QAnon and other fascists weren’t the only insurrectionists. A majority of Congressional Republicans voted against certifying Biden’s electoral victory. As Timothy Snyder has emphasized, “An elected institution that opposes elections is inviting its own overthrow.”

This awful day made clear that the Republicans are now a far-right political party relying on the support of brazen fascists, as well as traditional corporate backers.

Most Congressional Republicans opposed the subsequent impeachment of Trump and an independent commission to investigate Jan. 6. Many Republicans are still hawking the Big Lie that the election was stolen, while Grand Old Party-dominated state legislatures are moving to suppress Black and Latino votes, prohibit anti-racist education, outlaw abortion and criminalize peaceful protests.

An American Enterprise Institute poll found that 56 percent of Republicans support using force to stop the decline of “the traditional American way of life.”

Thankfully, a decisive majority in our country opposes fascism and will stop it by any means necessary.

David Michael Smith, Ph.D., is a former professor of government at College of the Mainland.


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(82) comments

Carlos Ponce

No, the biggest threat to America is Marxist professors.

Stuart Crouch

Preach it, my good brother! All factual truths, grounded in reality; something they will never comprehend. These folks haven't the intestinal fortitude to distance themselves from their corrupt political messiah and cannot muster the courage to denounce his egregious conduct. It's a 'Catch 22' they find themselves in; either admit you've been conned and appear naive and gullible, or deny such is the case and show the world you are complicit and endorse what has essentially become the second coming of Satan.

They act as if they do not know that it is THEIR PEOPLE (white folk) that are the majority of recipients (40%) of federal aid ('welfare'). Maybe they haven't figured out that they are the collective MINORITY in Texas, when weighed against all other people of color. It has been predicted that within the next 10-12 years, the Latinx population in Texas will surpass that of the Caucasians. This has been extensively studied and the findings are that it cannot be reversed; it is inevitable. White folk simply are not reproducing at a rate that can compete with that of our black & brown neighbors. These studies also revealed that border policies and immigration rates bear little influence on these predictions. So wall or no wall, they gonna eventually get the keys to it.

Knowing these things you'd think they would be a bit nicer, and not try and make life so horrible for those that will soon be calling the shots. Unlikely, as forward-thinking, logic and critical thought have never been their strength.

Enough of this for now. Good thoughts & points made, Doc. I'm off to work on setting up some 'day cruises' out of Galvrston and a few other coastal cities, that will cater only to a pre-selected, highly vetted group of females that could use a few hours away from the Texas Taliban's oppressive rule & enjoy some quality time with others 'in the same boat' and in the coincidental company of some trained medical professionals. International waters are still relatively close, no?


Carlos Ponce

Oh gee, another person who uses "Latinx".[rolleyes]

Pew Polling says only 3% of Hispanics use the term.

"About One-in-Four U.S. Hispanics Have Heard of Latinx, but Just 3% Use It"

The term is used by Liberals. If only 3% of Hispanics use the term that means Conservatives have nothing to worry about. Right, Stuart?

Considering Pew over polls Liberals.....[rolleyes][rolleyes]

Gary Miller

Stuart> Good luck with your "abortion" cruises. Latino's are sure to be the majority in Texas. Blacks not so much if your abortion cruises can kill enough black babies. They already have fewer live births than funerals.

Curtiss Brown

Don't help us, David.

Ted Gillis

You’re such a hypocrite, Carlos.

Carlos Ponce

And you, Ted Gillis are a "Ted Gillis" - and that says it all!

No hypocrisy on my part.

Ed Buckner

As he did with his column on critical race theory, David Michael Smith shows intelligence, nuance, and clarity. I don't agree with everything my fellow leftists espouse, but people like Dr. Smith show that we certainly have it correct in the main. Thanks for another good column.

Carlos Ponce

Thanks for another good laugh, Ed Buckner. David Michael has a shrine to Chairman Mao in his home. Even the Beatles thought that off:

"But if you go carrying pictures of Chairman Mao

You ain't gonna make it with anyone anyhow"

The man is a self-proclaimed Marxist. But if you think that is "correct in the main" that's telling.

Carlos Ponce

From an earlier post:

Carlos Ponce Sep 22, 2019 5:12am

Remember David Michael is a Marxist who adores Chairman Mao and terrorist groups like Hamas and Hezbollah and detests America's ally Israel. Read his previous columns and this will be confirmed. The youth are being misled by the likes of David Michael who pose as educators in universities but who are really promoting Communism and Socialism in their college classrooms. But this is nothing new. The same thing happened in this country in the 1930s and early 1940s before we learned the perils of national socialists in Germany (NAZIS) and later in Stalinist Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR). While I do support David Michael's right to express his extreme Leftist views I am glad he is out of the classroom. But there are others like him in today's universities. Instead of educated youth we have indoctrinated youth.

David Smith

Dr.Smith? That's funny..all the lies he spewed

But not one word about the failure that is Joe Biden..

And plz.. tell us how Trump incited the riot. EXACTLY

Next thing yo8 know this has been will tell us it's ok to be black and shoot UNARMED white women..

But America burns when the situation is reversed

The best Thing COM ever did was fire this. DOCTOR so he doesnt have a platform to poison todays youth

Bill Broussard

Carlos saying “David has a shrine to chairman Mao in his home” as though he saw it at Thanksgiving dinner at the Smith’s last year or the disgusting pander to archetypal fears D Smith said “ Next thing yo8 know this has been will tell us it's ok to be black and shoot UNARMED white women..” ….both statements are in the same universe as the junk bond pitch’s of Tucker Carlson every night. They fly right past you as suddenly acceptable personal attacks but in fact are mere dog whistles to the readers lower bran functions

They are the kind of statements you might hear in the 1920’s lower Rio Grande valley just before the shooting started, The 1918’s in Tulsa before the shooting started, or 2021 at the Capitol just before the shooting started. Both statements stand as stark evidence to the validity of Smith’s claims.

Carlos, I’ve read enough of Dr smiths work to feel reasonable sure that he could write a scathing piece of equal length on the Democratic Party also. I would object to neither but I do object to the personal attacks using using inflammatory lies, race baiting and false equivalencies.

Attack the content if you can, discuss the assertions if you want, write your own column on the Democrats. But stop all the snot you folks spread that makes the point without Smith having to say one more thing

Carlos Ponce

Bill Broussard, David Michael's wife Rona worked at Hitchcock ISD and invited a group of Stewart Elementary teachers to her and David Michael's home. They saw the shrine to Chairman Mao. What I reported was factual. By the way, the teachers were not there for Thanksgiving dinner.

Bill Broussard

So it’s like much of what you post, Carlos….gossip and hearsay?

As I grew up my parents and a picture of Pope Pius XII in our house and it was hardly a “shrine” but unlike your assault, I actually saw the picture daily for over 17 years

In our home we have at least two pictures that include our very aggressive min-pin Heather. I think I’ll start calling them a shrine to Carlos

Carlos Ponce

Bill Broussard posts, "So it’s like much of what you post, Carlos….gossip and hearsay?"

No, Bill, FACTS!

Charles Douglas

I can't get over a lying brain dead imposter in the Oval Office running a race of "Stupidity" & "Selfishness" get to a microphone on 9-1-1 in order to stick his chest out and brag about ending a war! In doing so the nit-wit LEFT behind THOUSANDS of American citizens to die at the hands of ISIS, and the Teliban!

In fact Joe China provided a "KILL LIST" of Afghans who helped Americans for over twenty years who were left behind! There are Amricans moving from place to place, home to home, of friends and relatives today, hiding from the Teliban, because of Joe China's braggadous zest for power, recognition, and a pat on the back!

What kind of human trash, will run away, leaving his own people behind to die...for a political stunt? What kind of man, knowing that NATO was supporting America in Afghanistan because of the attack on New York, and to show appreciation & consistency, Joe China turn tails and ran off and left NATO too? What kind of leader Insists on the enemy to be security of his military, who harass, beat-up, and took documents from Americans trying to get to the gates of the Kabul Airport, and even allowed their fellow terrorists, ISIS, to infiltrate close enough to KILL 13 of our military people who had been humiliated by Joe and his people months earlier by being referred to as the real enemies of the state, and Who needed "CRT" Training!

What kind of leader, pays individuals to stay home rather than work? What kind of fool stirs up division in his own country by using past events of Slavery, Jim Crow, Segregation, and other brands of hate, to vote harvest? This is what occupies the Oval Office now, a fake hoax, and a racist fraud! His candidacy was perpetuated on a lie that he was a Moderate, when he is more radical that Crazy Bernie! He swore he would bring the country together, but he has divided this nation more than anyone in history! He tore down what others built, and destroyed what others created! He can only answer questions when he knows what questions will be asked ahead of time and Who will ask them! This man is a blight on humanity!

JoAnne Gilmore

Thank you so much Mr. Douglas. Finally we hear truths instead of ravings from a person who is so deep into his culture of socialism he doesn't even know what's really happening in our United States! God Bless America forever!

George Laiacona

Unfortunately we will have to be subjected to the traitor Republicans ( remember January 6th?) until the next election . We can only hope that enough Patriotic Americans will end the Republicans power grab .

Carlos Ponce

George Laiacona hasn't gotten the message. The FBI concluded there was no insurrection on January 6th. They found out many of those arrested were their own people!

Ed Buckner

Anyone who thinks everyone who replies to Mr. Laiacona is equally likely to be credible and reliable need only read over utter nonsense replies that claim the FBI was behind or a part of the January 6th treasonous insurrection o know better. Misinformed people can post on this forum as well as reasonable people can. Thanks, Mr. Laiacona.

Gary Miller

ED. Even the liberal media has admitted the members of the FBI were wrongly involved in the so called "Jan. 6' capital riots.

Paula Flinn

So were the Republicans in Congress who gave tours to “groups” on January 5th, showing them where Speaker Pelosi’s Office was and where they would be meeting the next day to certify the electoral votes.

Carlos Ponce

Paula, were any members of the January 5th "tour groups" arrested after the events of January 6th? No. They have a list of guests given tours on January 5th. They have a list of those arrested. No match.

Of those arrested only Lois Lynn McNicoll, 69, an employee of the Los Angeles County Department of Public Social Services of California had toured the Capitol building .... years earlier.

Her "crimes" included walking into the Capitol (while a Capitol Police officer held open a door for her), taking photos with her cell phone, and walking back outside when instructed to by an officer – all detailed in court documents.

Giving Capitol tours is not uncommon.

"Tours of the Capitol"

Booking is now closed due to the Chinese Virus.

Jim Forsythe

They have a list of guests given tours on January 5th. Please share the list of "guest" that showed their ID's, and were verified to be who they said they were.

"Giving Capitol tours is not uncommon", Carlos said. Fact is, "I can verify that it happened (January 5th ). There were people who were roaming around in the halls, apparently under the guidance of congressional staff," Said Rep. Mary Gay Scanlon . "We haven't seen tour groups in the Capitol or in the tunnels for months, and so that's why it was noticeable."

Capitol police don't keep security logs either, two current US Capitol Police officers told CNN.

Carlos Ponce

The list of those touring on January 5th was compared to the list of those arrested for January 6th. No match up. 'Nuff said.

Jim Forsythe

As always, you refuse to provide anything to backup your post. Please post list.

"Capitol police don't keep security logs either, two current US Capitol Police officers told CNN." Since the Capitol police don't keep security logs, who was in charge of the list? Who took the names for the list of the after hours tour, that was going against the rues that said, no tours starting at the beginning of the pandemic.

Rep. Mary Gay Scanlon said "We haven't seen tour groups in the Capitol or in the tunnels for months, and so that's why it was noticeable."

Was the “QAnon Shaman” on both list?

The “QAnon Shaman” — known for storming the US Capitol in a horned coyote-fur headdress and American-flag paint — pleaded guilty to an obstruction charge in federal court Friday and will serve at least 3 1/2 years in prison.

Chansley, who was among the first rioters to storm the Capitol with fellow supporters of former President Donald Trump, left a note on the desk of former Vice President Mike Pence saying, “It’s only a matter of time, justice is coming,”

Carlos Ponce

"who was in charge of the list?"

Link provided September 4, 2021

Carlos Ponce

"Please post list."

The US Capitol Visitor's Center has it. They're not releasing it.

Jim Forsythe

If you are talking about Welcome to the U.S. Capitol, it said this

Event Calendar

Tuesday, January 5, 2021:The Capitol Visitor Center is closed for tours. All tours are cancelled. We regret any inconvenience this may cause you, and we look forward to welcoming you to the Capitol Visitor Center at a future date.

You did not see the lists to be able to compare them, who compared the list, as they are not not published?

Carlos Ponce

Jim I did not see the lists.

NYT January 15 - Democrat Congress members are concerned that those arrested were given a tour on January 5

Capital police walk over to the Capitol visitor's Center and get a list of the visitors on January 5th.

No match up.

A further investigation reveals one name as a former visitor to the Capitol but years ago.

This came from a news program but...

Ask yourself, If there was anyone who was a Jan 5th visitor and later arrested why was there NO MENTION during the hearings?

Answer - there wasn't anyone. Rather than reveal themselves as conspiracy theorists, Democrats dropped the entire matter. (Except for Paula and Jim)

Diane Turski

Everyone, including men, should take note that due to the so-called heartbeat bill passed by the Republican state legislature, it is now legal for all women and girls in Texas who become pregnant due to rape or incest at any age to be forced by their rapist to carry the rapist's baby to term regardless of the trauma to the victimized woman or girl. All Dads, Sons, Brothers, Uncles, etc. should consider the damage this bill can do to their wives, daughters, sisters, and other family members. Elections have consequences. I urge everyone to think about that and vote against these fascist Republican legislators.

Gary Miller

Diane> You would punish the innocent baby with far less punishment for the guilty rapist? Kill the innocent baby and give the guilty rapist only a few months in jail?

Bill Broussard

Gary. Did Carlos teach you in school? Diane never said anything close to what you said she said. And, the notion a rapist gets only a few months in jail says something about you I’m afraid.

I say “ throw the key away”

Ed Buckner

Right you are, Ms. Turski. The only thing I'd add is that legislatively empowering citizen vigilantes for any purpose whatever is dangerous and will--eventually--be found to be plainly unconstitutional. Hypocrites who think this legislation and support for it is furthering individual rights are not thinking straight--it doesn't even protect the rights of straight white Christian men, instead endangering everyone.

Craig Mason

I agree Dianne, what kind of self absorbed ass hats pass an abortion bill and at the very least do not have an exception for rape or incest. Remember this when you vote is all I can say. I would love to see the daily news do a poll to find out how many of our neighbors support abortion and how may oppose it. Then do a poll about how many support abortion in the case of rape or incest.

Charles Douglas

I know a lot of people who supports a brain dead President who is evacuating in Afghans men with 10, 12, year old girls ....and upward, who were forced to be their so called brides! They are no more than sex slaves forced to be with pedophiles, and likely terrorists who were not vetted, being evacuated to the America!

What so pathetic about this is Joe China was so in a hurry to deceive America, and to beat the 8/31 deadline, he Left behind Americans, and at risk Afghans who served American military people for twenty years, behind to die, and be tortured! Frankly, I would like to see a poll on who all voted for this clown in the Oval Office now! He can't answer questions or he will get in trouble! THIS IDIOT IS SUPPOSED TO BE THE LEADER OF THE FREE WORLD, and if he answer questions, .... he will get in trouble! ( disgusting ). He hires terrorists to be the security for his troops, and they, (the Teliban ).. allowed ISIS to get close enough to blow away 13 of our brave troops because of Joe's STUPIDITY! He does not know how to go to the restroom alone! This fool is worst than a bull in a.china shop! He Opened us the border to Drug Lords, Sex Trafficking, Dangerous Gangs, and Terrorists to come in and harm Americans! He destroys our energy independence for the sake of Russia, and China! He shuts down many small businesses here by paying their labor pools to stay at home and draw paychecks without working! He preaches "CRT" to everybody, everywhere, and he bring up SLAVERY, JIM CROW, & SEGREGATION 36 hours a day and 96 days a month! What have we heard from the LEFT? "CRICKETS!" That is all He know to do in order to make up for his RACIST past! Lastly, nobody has seen or heard from Kamala in a month! What's up with that? Why was she nominated? Is she hiding out or is it that the SWAMP don't think she should be seen? I want her back out there! Don't make this racial!!! She does not know what she is doing, but neither does Joe China! Might as well have them both making fools of themselves at the same time!

David Hardee

Why is the heart beat of every baby to be associated to the incident of a criminal act. Those criminal acts are disposed of by specific laws. Your and Diane's positions are convoluting the abortion issue by inserting morality and public perceptions about those specific incident where a criminal act is attenuate to the pregnancy. Can you not comprehend that every baby is the only issue in this legislation.

David Hardee

I was reluctant to enter this until, Diane was so disgusting to lay upon this statement, "I urge everyone to think about that and vote against these fascist Republican legislators." Men and Republicans are Diane's issue for denigration as being sole reasons for abortions. Is Diane a product of parents with siblings and possibly a mother of a son? Does Diane have a family member or close associate she embraces despite they are Republicans? Is Diane infection of "Women liberalist" supersede all lucidity and rationality? Appears answer to all is, yes! Ote that in Diane's comment the baby seems incidental.

Here is the right question and observations to be thought through on abortion.

The “right to life” versus the right “to choose” or baby versus motherhood - which is right?

How shallow our general society considers the act of abortion. So many opinions are shallow and based on the perception that there is the ability to claim the law is established and the circumstances have been considered and concluded justly for all situations.

No individual is competent to make a determination to ABORT. No consultation process in an institution (religious or secular) that has self interest in the outcome is competent to make a determination to ABORT. And no GOVERNMENT must have the power to make a determination on any individual citizens' dilemma about their physical body. The structure to make a determination on an act such as intent to abort is a scheme to commit MURDER and to have that scheme accomplished without proven justification is the act of MURDER. Every Intent to abort/murder must proceed through the due process and the adjudication of INTENT to commit MURDER. The viable fetus deserves the right of every human under the laws. An argument on the status of when LIFE exists is not an issue if the copulation resulted in pregnancy.

Judgements under law of the individuals that commit an act of unwanted invasion of another's body or even another’s person being affronted with foul acts, or even innuendos are litigated. Ergo, copulation when claimed non-consensual is always litigated and judged, no matter the result is pregnancy or not. Ergo is a copulation is not immediately negated from becoming a viable pregnancy the participant exposed to pregnancy has been irresponsible and the fetus becomes the ward of the state and entitled to all the protections thereof.

Quickly we can find precedence as to the conclusion of when life exists under the law of murder. In the event of the death of a pregnant woman the law is that there were 2 murders. All the ancillary determinations of how many months and viability are apparently irrelevant. Ergo a pregnancy itself establishes LIFE.

Again the issue of abortion is irritating our society. This issue is a constant irritant in any society. Well the primary issue is not actually the act of abortion because to have an act of abortion requires an act of copulation and pregnancy. The act of copulation is required to create a pregnancy and the pregnancy then becomes the actual issue as to abort or not. So abortion is a consequence only when a pregnancy is questionable as to whether allow it to the natural conclusion - birth - or un-natural termination - or to ABORT - terminate the pregnancy by unnatural means of extraction.

Why is abortion such an egregious act that it MUST be under the determination of a process of adjudication and not permitted to be the sole prerogative of a “right to choose" is obvious to all but the infected women liberalist, Diane.

Bill Broussard

David. A very sound reply. I honestly have never thought about the issue by comparing statutes. It gets so confusing to me when it becomes “my morality is better than yours”

Diane Turski

Mr. Hardee, your statements and assumptions are nonsensical, and they say a lot more about your opinions than they do about mine.

David Hardee

When one who has never had a need, want or even the potential of involvement in an issue (abortion) and consequently is neutral and unjaded and researches and then mulls all evidence to make a conclusion it would seem the declarative statements would not be disposed of with a frivolous quip of "nonsensical, except that quip came from a jaded frivolous opponent, Diane.

Diane, would you mind pointing out the "assumption" I made in my recitation. There was a foundation presented in and for every point made.

I did not make "Assumption" - is a thing that is accepted as true or as certain to happen, without proof.

I did make declarative statements with - Proof - is evidence or argument establishing or helping to establish a fact or the truth of a statement.

Always beware of - assumptions - because to assume makes an ASS-U-ME always.

David Hardee

Buckner, your fixation on erotic's has no relevance in the discussion of abortion.

Erotic is - relating to or tending to arouse sexual desire or excitement.

The only purpose of masturbations is - to arouse sexual desire or excitement -, so move your comments on that subject to another thread.

Incidentally when a proclaimed non Catholic desires to qualify that religion's beliefs and practices (or any other religion's ) he is beyond his intellects ability to comprehend and or judge - because the realm of that subject is totally spiritual/mystical/individual and irrational except to the power of belief in the supernatural. Supernatural means (of a manifestation or event) attributed to some force beyond scientific understanding or the laws of nature.

Erotic - relating to or tending to arouse sexual desire or excitement.

Ed Buckner

Your reply, Mr. Hardee, is far from sound. Like many others in this long-lived dispute, you act as if the definitions you provide are settled and inarguable. "Murder" is the killing of another human being without various conditions that permit that killing--war, self defense, capital punishment (this one is not universally agreed to) and the like. When a pregnancy is terminated, is that murder? Those on one side insist that it is, that it is unjustified killing of an innocent baby or child. Those on the other side (or one of them, at least) say that it is the interruption of a process that, if continued, can lead to a human baby--that it is not murder because only a potential human being is killed, not an actual one. The Catholic doctrine used to be (may still be--I'm no Catholic and certainly no expert on Catholic doctrine) that contraception is, for the same reason, murder--because potential human life is stopped. And some Biblical literalists argue that God has declared that every sperm is sacred because it *could* become a human. See Genesis 38:8-10, where Onan is put to death for allowing his seed to spill on the ground. So, Mr. Hardee, do you favor capital punishment for males who masturbate? Do you favor allowing birth control? Do please explain.

Bill Broussard

Just for the sake of clarity, I went to catholic school from kindergarten through high school. Was an officer in our CYO and on the diocesan level. Belonged to the Newman Club through college. Those are my credentials along with being an alter boy and having a saintly mother who taught catholic school well past her retirement age

I was taught that any form of contraception was a Mortal sin. That the primary purpose of sex was procreation and anything that disrupted that when intentional was a mortal sin. As a mortal sin, Catholics made no distinction between murder, contraception or missing mass on Sundays….there was not a “little” mortal sin versus a grievous mortal sin. At the time I was taught this, you could throw in eating meat on Fridays to reserve your special place in hell

I love the catholic tradition and spend my spare time reading about monastic life. But there is no doubt in my mind that Episcopalians have way more fun

David Hardee

Buckner - you just demonstrated the ultimate deficiency in the human psyche - irrationality. Here are the two most extremes when irrationality occurs.

1, In that instantaneous moment (time to act) an event (shock) causes a human to lose all processes and the irrational act will supersede any logical reaction - i.e the instinct of fight or flight is instinct emanating from the reptilian Id,

2, Similarly, in those times when the psyche process has exhausted all the time and logic process, and still no arrival at a satisfactory conclusion, the human will again seek/react irrational for escape - I.e. tears, tantrums or praying (cognitive irrationality emanating from rational frustration.)

Your resorting to the mystical (religion, bible) is your praying for relief from cognitive frustration.

Hope this doesn’t increase your frustration. All you submitted is irrelevant plus irritating.

P.s. I in favor of capital exclusion of mental masturbation always.

Ed Buckner

Mr. Hardee ignored the problem I set for him in favor of obfuscation and nonsense. He forgets that the old canard about assuming making an ass of you and of me is cute but absurd. ALL of us make assumptions every single day and cannot survive without doing so. Which assumptions we make lead us to definitions that we accept and in turn to being sure we've made the correct moral decisions. Mr. Hardee's refusal (or inability?) to come to intellectual grips with this renders him useless in intellectual analysis.

Ed Buckner

Mr. Hardee persists in failing to understand that coping with definitions and logical assumptions were my point--only connected to eroticism glancingly. He is surely capable, one hopes, of more logical thought and discourse than he is displaying here.

David Hardee

Buckner's half hearted acknowledgement that his erotic insertion was a "glancingly" only - is a stretch and does not perfect all of the other combobulations he spewed in this thread with that comment.

NOTE - for any not current to what transpired in Buckner and my conflict I re-submit this previous comment of mine that explains the reason for accusation of combobulate.

COMBOBULATE is - to cause to be in a state of confusion - or -To be combined in a chaotic and haphazard manner, similar to being cobbled together, but with more confusion and less care implied.

My previous comment

Buckner - you just demonstrated the ultimate deficiency in the human psyche - irrationality. Here are the two most extremes when irrationality occurs.

1, In that instantaneous moment (time to act) an event (shock) causes a human to lose all processes and the irrational act will supersede any logical reaction - i.e the instinct of fight or flight is instinct emanating from the reptilian Id,

2, Similarly, in those times when the psyche process has exhausted all the time and logic process, and still no arrival at a satisfactory conclusion, the human will again seek/react irrational for escape - I.e. tears, tantrums or praying (cognitive irrationality emanating from rational frustration.)

Your resorting to the mystical (religion, bible) is your praying for relief from cognitive frustration.

Hope this doesn’t increase your frustration. All you submitted is irrelevant plus irritating.

P.s. I in favor of capital exclusion of mental masturbation always.

Ed Buckner

Mr. Hardee seems incapable of grasping some awfully basic notions, such as that identifying assumptions (we all make them, including Mr. Hardee) and agreeing on definitions are quite necessary prerequisites to logical debate or discourse. He's entitled to his opinions, as I am to having no respect for them as he is unable or unwilling to defend any ideas at all.

Ted Gillis

Really Carlos? Bookings are closed because of the “China Virus”? That’s what it states.

Why don’t you try being truthful for awhile.

Carlos Ponce

That’s what it states.

Jose' Boix

As always, an interesting and lively Forum debate regarding the former COM's professor. The salient point I will state again is that interestingly, the most vocal and ardent supporters of such ideologies do it while enjoying and benefitting from the freedoms available in this great Country. Just consider spouting the same words of wisdom in Cuba. Just my thoughts.

Jim Forsythe

Jose' Boix , is it not one of the reasons why people leave places like Cuba?

Jose' Boix

Jim, I was one of the many fortunate to have been accepted by this great Country! Often, the folks who try "free speech" tend to fade away...somehow!

Charles Douglas

Mr. Boix> It is always a pleasure to hear from you because you bring a truckload of life credibility with the subject you are discussing! [thumbup][thumbup]

Jose' Boix

Charles, thank you! José

Carlos Ponce

I heard a preacher say, "Socialism Is Communism With Lipstick."

Charles Wiley

And everyone knows you can put lipstick on a pig and it’s still communism!

George Croix

Is not the greatest threat to the American version of democracy the voices of citizens of the greatest country the world has ever known raised in support of a Communist’s words?

Of the obfuscations and conflation issued forth by a proponent of Marxist ideology that infects and metastasizes in the minds of those weakened by the madness of political correctness, itself the precursor to the plague of ‘wokeness’, all set on course by the progressive genes passed on from the generations proudly showing their participation trophies, their safe spaces, and their lists of micro aggressions and unacceptable pronouns? Of those who benefit from the freedoms and opportunities of this country but then demand fundamental change of it?

Look in the mirror, and meet the enemies of American democracy…..the useful educated idiots and perpetually but_puckered activists and throngs awaiting the promises of ‘free stuff’ in return for votes, too ignorant or greedy to care that nothing is free except the desire to better oneself and make an effort to do so.

It’s not the conservatives rioting and looting and assaulting innocent people over every slight real or claimed.

It’s not conservatives infesting the halls of academia turned into young adult nurseries for the care and coddling of neurotics and the type of people who think that if they wish something to be, it must be.

It’s not conservatives who are teaching our children to hate and distrust each other because of their skin color.

It’s not conservatives preaching the inevitability of victim and oppressor.

It’s not conservatives returning America to energy dependence and then begging our enemies for assistance.

Not them wiping out good, strategically vital American jobs and futures to placate the brainwashed masses sold on the inevitable end of the world unless the United States joins the siren chorus of the people profiting from the wealth transfer of political climate change masquerading as ability to counteract the natural change.

Not them aiding the great ‘progressive’ boogeyman “Russia” to start a pipeline stranglehold on more of Europe, our supposedly, if in actuality mostly fair weather, allies, while scuttling the safer and more efficient lines in this country.

Not them who encourage and enable masses of illiterate and dependent people mixed with God knows who else including criminals and worse from dozens of countries to pour across our borders, while piously declaring their support for the rule of law, “No one is above the law” say the enablers, save millions of people illegally here and coming…

Not them who ignore that a heartbeat means the person with one is not physically dead while claiming the same beating is meaningless to determine a living soul.

Not them who think that those capable of productivity have a right to avoid it while living off the productivity of others.

Not them releasing criminals from jails or refusing to prosecute because of the idiotic notion of ‘proportional justice’ substituting for actual crimes committed, never mind who’s actually committing the crimes.

Not them demanding consequences and punishment for honest citizens every time a bad person does a bad thing, blaming the method more than the criminals madness and evil.

Conservatives did not change a Nation United against common enemies into one where many millions commonly hate and denigrate the very people who do their best to protect us from same, external and internal, until their own but_ are threatened…

Not them who turn every issue big or small into some claim of an ‘ist ’ or ‘ism’ tossed about by people who are themselves the embodiment of that of which they accuse others…they the truly evil hiding behind their armor of faux superiority just as the naked emperor was shielded by his transparent clothes…

And, not them who’ve forgotten that we are our own greatest enemy as we become the same as those who hate us…in or out….

Anyway, my thanks to the ex-Professor for yet another reminder of how great it is that there are still so many who know that his P on our leg is not rain, nor is it from the like minded, and for the opportunity to see who opens their umbrellas when he speaks…

All useful information when determining the actual enemies of American Democracy.

As always, imho.

And, as always, anyone offended, or ‘picked on’, can grow up or go pound sand…

The thumping of the granules, as always, loudest from the usual suspects, made so by….themselves……

But, “Its All Trumps Fault” ………huh…..

Can’t fix that…..

One sided.

Actually, I favor the comments and commentary of my political opposites Jim Forsythe, Gary Scoggin, and Bill Broussard most of all…..but then, that’s just me….

David Hardee

From here forth he shall be known as El George for this presentation.


For such an outstanding presentation on “exposing the viturless assault” on those elements and intents that produced the “best hope of humanity” it is incumbent to proclaim the author’s presentation as “Sanity.” Sanity is a rare attribute among the “perceptions” by presenter’s on the subject of our society’s current disposition relative to society’s original status before the crescendo of polluting progressive liberal agendas fomenting from the “Great Society” legislation in the 1960’s.

Well done, El George.

Charles Douglas

Mr. Croix> I will keep following you, ...but in my opinion, you will have to dig, dig post another comment better than this one! You nailed it!!!!!

Bill Broussard

Brilliant. Are you certain your not one of those university professors hiding out?

Jim Forsythe

George, some people are saying no to anything that has to with socialism in the USA. Take Social Security, how many people would be in trouble if we did away with it, because it is a Socialist program.

Most of the transportation infrastructure is owned or controlled by the state, I do not think many want to away with it. Many of our programs are rooted in Socialism, and the list is long, that many would protest, if someone tried to take them away.

The truth is, if we use these programs, we are taking part in a socialist program.

The USA is a melting pot of different types of government, which allows us to use the best of each.

George Croix

I’m not one of them.

Jim, theirs a world of difference between social programs and Socialism, neither of which compare to Marxism. A scourge on humanity, posited by some of the lower life forms, imho….

The pot isn’t big enough to melt that loser ideology into it without rotting all the other contents, a lesson taught repeatedly by history but conveniently ignored…..

I happen to believe in aid for citizens and legal residents unable to aid themselves, whether monetary or direct benefits, as you know….or, should remember from past talks. Got no problem donating generously to charities and directly to individuals needing a short term boost.

Neither of those, while socialistic, makes me a socialist.

Infrastructure IS controlled by ‘the state’, but never forget who paid the bills for it….

A lesson no longer remembered by too many….

Bill Broussard

George. I pay taxes every year on my social security and it’s straight taxes….not capital gains taxes though every year before I started collecting I was “taxed” the maximum to your point

George Croix

I have first hand knowledge of max rate paid and yearly now, too, Bill….

I figure we both earned our places at the table long ago….

Don’t read more into the point than intended. I’m just a simple old guy….

Carlos Ponce

Investopedia - "It’s interesting to remember that the U.S. got the idea for a social security system from 19th century Germany. That very capitalist monarchy launched an old-age social insurance program in 1889 at the behest of Chancellor Otto von Bismarck, partly to stave off radical socialist ideas being floated at the time. The original social security was actually an anti-socialist maneuver by a conservative government."

Bill Broussard

Google this Carlos….”dribble”

Carlos Ponce

I never google anything, Bill Broussard.

Dribble is how a basketball player moves a basketball down the court by bouncing it.

Jim Forsythe

Carlos, you forgot the rest of the story. The program requires workers and their employers, along with self-employed individuals, to pay into the system throughout their working years. The government controls the money they contribute and decides when and how much they get back after—and if—they reach retirement age. Having such a successful and beloved socialist program at the heart of such a committed capitalistic society is perhaps the ultimate paradox. Or maybe it’s just good common sense.

Carlos Ponce


Jim works.

Jim gives money to the government to hold until retirement.

Jim retires.

Jim gets back his money.


Jim contributes nothing.

Upon retirement, Jim collects money from the government.

Jim Forsythe

If a person dies at 45 and has no wife or children, what happens to the money that they have contributed?

With Social Security, the money is not distributed to their estate, but kept for the good of all.

If their money was in a private retirement account, it is issued to their estate. The estate will receive the full amount, less fees, and all growth that has happen since the person started the account.

Most do not have a choice if they wanted to be in the Social Security program, or not. The Government takes the money before you receive you check, money.

In a private retirement account, a person must make payments, on their own.

Carlos Ponce

You make a good argument for providing an alternative program for saving for retirement. Examples are TRS which I am under and the Galveston Plan (aka Alternative Plan).

"Key findings indicate that, in general, the Galveston Plan offers higher initial benefits than Social Security to workers with higher earnings and/or in cases where there are no dependents that would qualify under Social Security."

Jim Forsythe

What I posted above, shows how Social Security has parts that are part of SOCIALISM.

Carlos, did you ever have money withheld for Social Security, anytime in your life? If so, where is that money and the interest it has accrued?

Carlos Ponce

Only a few dollars were withheld for SS.

Carlos Ponce

I imagine the Democrats spent it on one of their pet projects.

Jim Forsythe

"As a condition of employment, an employee must be a member of the Teacher Retirement System if employed in a position in a Texas public educational institution that is eligible for membership in TRS." Not the teachers choice, but dictated they must be in the plan.

I'm glad that I was not required to be a member of TRS. The system does not have a cost of living feature, which means that the benefit that you receive at retirement will not go up annually to adjust for cost of living increases. This means that for each year that you live after retirement, your purchasing power will go down.

There are five things all Texas teachers should know about their retirement benefits:

The Teachers’ Retirement System (TRS) of Texas is back-loaded, and it leaves the majority of its teachers without adequate retirement benefits.

The TRS plan is one of the stingiest in the country. On average, Texas teachers receive less money toward retirement than many of their peers in the private sector.

TRS benefits are getting worse. Due to rising costs, state legislators have slowly reduced benefits provided to new teachers, and teachers who enter Texas schools today are getting a much worse deal than their predecessors.

Texas lets each individual school district decide whether they want to enroll their teachers in Social Security, creating a patchwork of coverage that is not good for teachers or employers.

Texas has better options for public servants. In Texas, municipal and county workers are covered by retirement plans which do a better job of providing adequate retirement benefits to all workers.

Carlos Ponce

"Not the teachers choice, but dictated they must be in the plan." If you change school districts, jobs, etc you may withdraw your money.

TRS is an annuity.

Jim Forsythe

If they change school districts that also has a TRS, they must contribute money to the fund. If there is some provision that one may move money from district to district, then the funds never left their account.

If one choses to withdraw their money, these thing may happen to that person.

WITHDRAW TRS FUNDS: If vested, you forfeit a lifetime, monthly benefit.

May receive lump-sum payment, only your contributions and interest, which is subject to tax.

LEAVE FUNDS WITH TRS: If vested, you are eligible for a lifetime, monthly benefit starting at

age 60. Account remains active for 4 years and interest is accrued on contributions.

After 4 years, the account becomes inactive and no interest is earned.

May come back with a possible penalty taxes. Paying a tax penalty on a retirement plan, is not a good way to increase the amount you receive in retirement.

You do not receive any employer contributions.

May do a direct rollover of funds, to a qualified retirement plan and defer taxes.

Withdrawing funds from TRS, does not let a teacher, not contribute, if the new employer uses TRS.

Carlos Ponce

"If they change school districts that also has a TRS, they must contribute money to the fund." True, but if they withdraw funds from the first ISD then decide to get a job at another TRS facility those funds may be kept out of TRS or "bought back".

Ed Buckner

There are people on this discussion who pretend to criticize "socialism" when those people provably lack understanding of what it is or of history. It would be like someone criticizing Christianity for promoting animal cruelty, oblivious to what really constitutes Christianity at all. I've posted a link before to my own essay on socialism before--and would again on request, but o Labor Day, here would be a great introduction to the American history of related matters:

George Croix

Polarized much……?!

Gonna need to rewrite the Pledge……

The usual suspects ain’t having none of it but a cherry here and there…..

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