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Gary Miller

Biden miricael? A truck load of Biden ballots from Long Island to Harrisburg PA? Boxes of Biden ballots from under tables after poll watchers were sent home? Ballots by hundreds dropped by ballot harvesters in un supervised drop boxes? Nine counties reporting more votes for Biden than they have citizens?

Bill Sterchi

Yep!! Nailed it - STOLEN!

Don Schlessinger

Well said Mr. Cross.

Jim Forsythe

Biden vs. Trump official results.

306 to 232 Electoral Votes

81,281,888 to 74,223,251 vote

The results have been certified and Biden will be our president for 4 years, unless something happens to him and then Harris will become president.

Carlos Ponce

May be "official" but not real.

Charles Douglas

The Radical LEFT, had a plan from the beginning which they stuck with in order to gain power. Crooked Hilliary let the cat out the bag when early on she proclaimed, "Joe Biden should not concede under any circumstances!" In other words "help" will be coming so ....stay the course JOE! Our elections have evolved to be symbolic of those which exists in banana republics around the world.

You can be losing an election on election day here, and one month later, friends find hidden votes which puts the losing party over the top for a great win! This is what it has come to in America! We have the know-how, and expertise to put men/women on the moon, and bring them home safely, but we lack the expertise to proficiently operate a national election? Come on folks! It takes us a month to count legally cast votes? Really? The only time BLACKS can vote is on SUNDAYS?

This country is sinking because of a continual slipping away of morality, integrity, respect, and righteousness! Things which separates this nation from the masses! Everything we see today, and everytime we turn around it is about RACISM! Everything & everybody are RACISTS now! It is one sorry sight to see what selfish, greedy, untrustworthy politicians are doing to a country which has been for ages the best, most prosperous country on the planet!

They, from the 1800s convinced BLACKS they are inferior, incapable of measuring up, and have manipulated them from slavery for their LABOR, up to the present for their political support, and their votes! This is done by systematically controlling them educationally, and economically ..relegating them to a class of dependency on government subsidies, instead of self responsibility focus, & hard work!

Now, the forces that be, have taken it steps further, by attacking all young Americans in their families and schools! WHITE KIDS are excoriated and taught they are Born RACISTS, with WHITE Priviledge, because they were born WHITE! Kids are taught they have no Dads or Moms, but parents! There are no he, or she anymore, and kids have taken over God's business by being told they have the power to declare for themselves what gender they will be!

While China has taken the lead over America in it's Army, Navy, and Air Forces, and building on those leads,...Our present man in the Oval Office and the ,,,,,,"JUNTA" which controls him are busy trying to figure how to come up with a Maternity Flight Suit so a pregnant female can fly attack jets in a war! My question as an ex war Vet is, "Why would any reasonable female with average intelligence want to put an innocent unborn child in jeapordy of being Killed in a "DOG FIGHT" ..involving fighter jets?"

This stuff just don't make sense! We now have a crisis on our border, because Biden without thought or reasoning told the world to "COME ONE, COME ALL" ..."America is back in business! again" Now, the mess we see there now, " IT IS TRUMP'S FAULT!"

The Plague loosed on the World killing millions of people by Red China, "IT TRUMPS FAULT!" People losing their jobs, businesses going under, "IT'S TRUMP'S FAULT!" Lord help this nation to survive four years of "Communist JUNTA" Rule, and help us to keep our freedoms and Constitution given to us by your using the great framers...AMEN!

Dan Freeman

It is astonishing that two months after the failed coup by Republicans, Mr. Cross, Douglas, Miller, and Schlessinger continue to promote known lies and disinformation. Shame on you for attacking democracy.

Charles Douglas

In a way I should gives props to Mr. Freeman because he resisted the urge to used the words "RACIST"...or "RACISM" In his rebuttal as LEFTISTS are known to do! Whenever a sliver of truth marches forth...you can depend on the LEFT.. to counter with a plethora of lies efforts to discredit, or negate the truth! See, it is their truth they want to abide by, just like it is their history they want to retain. It is why they are busy changing everything about America they don't like! What is the word for that? OH yea, "CANCEL CULTURE!" If you dont like it CANCEL IT OUT! Lololo.

Jack Cross

Failed republican Coup, Dan read my letter, I said nothin about any coup? Lies, show me one. Dan I fact check what I write and have 60 years of writing letters to the editor in the GCDN plus serving on the advisory board.

Mr Freeman was that your comment or was it Orf the make believe character you sometimes write about. My letter was factual and commentary to the candidate you support, I bet a whole lot of people did not realize how great a campaigner joe Biden is, The fact that Donald Trump got more votes than any other previous president and he still beat Trump .has to be greatness. One would think the news media and historians would want to examine how he did that. Going into the next elections one would think that an examination of the voting changes and the mail in ballots, would be justified just to insuring the integrity of the voting system. This is America, we don't want to be a banana republic. We use to have a culture. now it is being canceled, We use to have freedom of speech, Political Correctness changed that and led the way to biased censorship and even punishment for not obeying.

Our kids are being taught how rotten America is, The poor of the world is flooding into our country hurting an already strained medicaid and welfare system.

The majority of students 43 percent in public schools today are Hispanic, running up costs of education to taxpayers and bringing down standards because of language and so many not educated. White students are now 27 percent and dropping lower every year, that is why so many paraments' are pulling their kids out of public schools. But democrats don't care, Biden did tell illegals to come and every democratic candidate for president also said they would give illegal's free health care.

Gary Miller

If Biden WON the election why did he lose more down ballot races than he won?

Gary Scoggin

See Bailey's comment below, he explains it well. Donald Trump lost a race many Republicans could have won. Many folks held their nose and voted for Biden and then voted for Republicans elsewhere on the ticket in the hope that a divided House and Senate would throttle the Biden agenda. (Thanks to the filibuster rule, this strategy is pretty much working so far in the Senate.)

Many people, including me, have reasons to think that Donald Trump was a bad President and even a worse person. If a better Republican candidate, say a John Kasich or Bill Weld, had been on the ballot I would have considered voting for them.

Carlos Ponce

"Many folks held their nose and voted for Biden and then voted for Republicans elsewhere on the ticket ..." Can you find ANYBODY who did that? And Lunatic asylum dwellers don't count. Ohhhh, that's what Gary Scoggin did!

Gary Scoggin

Carlos, not that you put stock in data but the total votes cast for Democratic House candidates was 3.9 million less than Biden's vote total. So I guess that's almost four million lunatic asylum dwellers. And, yes, I know people that did that. I wasn't one of them because there's no way I'd vote for Randy Weber or John Cornyn. (I didn't vote for the House race at all and voted for Hegar for Senate.)

There was a time I supported and liked Cornyn before he became McConnell's toady.

Carlos Ponce

Gary Scoggin, Poll watchers reported many votes in the questionable counties had a vote for Biden AND NO ONE ELSE which would account for what you posted.

Gary Scoggin

Carlos - I thought ballots were confidential. Are the pollwatchers you quote admitting to violations of election law. Or is that just more fake news?

Carlos Ponce

"Detroit Poll watcher: At 4:30 a.m. on Nov. 4 "tens of thousands of ballots" delivered from out-of-state

"Unlike the other ballots, these boxes were brought in from the rear of the room"

"I specifically noticed every ballot I observed was cast for Joe Biden"


Gary Scoggin, this was so contrary to previous experience it was reported on a sworn affidavit. And that's not the only state. Georgia, Michigan, etc had similar occurrences.

Gary Scoggin

Carlos, so you are taking one unproven anecdote from a guy who claimed he illegally examined secret ballots and extrapolating it over the country? I’m glad you taught math and not science.

Carlos Ponce

Not just "a guy" Gary Scoggin, but quite a few people with sworn affidavits. And by the way, the ballots are still there and they show precisely what I posted. "Unproven" my .....!

Charles Douglas

If you don't like that statue,...tear the sucker down! If you don't like the name of that building, or school, change it! If you don't like the name of that team, cry RACISM,...HOOP & HOOLER, March and attack their profits until they change it! This is what we are living today! You are a RACIST until the LEFT says you are not!

Charles Douglas

What democracy am I attacking? The one generations of Americans have bled, sweated, and died for, or the one I just described in my prior posts belonging to the LEFT? The man should have said, "Shame on yall for attacking MY DEMOCRACY!"

Gary Miller

Charles> Our founders feared "Democracy" where 50 + 1 rules. They gave us a constitution that limited democracy. Evil forces have over the years reduced our protection from Democracy. The 17th amendment is evidence. The Senate was intended to be the spoke men of states while the House was the spoke men of the people. Electing Senators by popular vote violated the intent of the founders. Now Senators speak for a political party instead of their home state.

Jim Forsythe

Biden vs. Trump official results.

306 to 232 Electoral Votes

81,281,888 to 74,223,251 votes.

Carlos Ponce

That's Jim's story and he's sticking by it. How funny!

Jack Cross

Jim what is your point, read my letter. You are making my point, Biden is the greatest vote getter in the history of the nation, the numbers prove it.

Yes, So many people hated Trump that he got more votes than any former president

before Biden. And the democrats lost all those seats because voters hated Trump.

Figure that out Jim

When you can beat Obama by 10 million votes late in the evening and Trump in a conformable lead, Biden's magic not only catches Trump, he beats him by 8 million votes, that is greatness, so commanding that why investigate, we already know there was no fraud, Right. Those people who think there was fraud, deserver to be censored, right. CNN already told us the Trump supporters are racist, Hillary said they were deplorables and Biden said he was going to bring us together.

I think you got it wrong Jim. Biden will be a great president, if he don't quit calling

Kamelia Harris president. He is in his 70s, if he don't quit letting his dog take him down and falling down the stairs on Air Force 1, Kamila will indeed be the president.

I'm looking forward to Thursday where Biden is going to answer ALL questions. This should calm all us down and help us understand that Cancel Culture and America was never a great country.

Jim Forsythe

What's easy too figure out is that Biden is now president and Trump is not.

President Ronald Reagan also slipped and fell on the steps of Air Force One.

President Gerald Ford also slipped and fell on the steps of Air Force One.

Trump Slipped On Stairs Before Speaking At Manchester Rally 8.28.20

Is it important that a president slips, as people do in their daily lives?

Jul 14, 2020 · President Donald Trump repeatedly referred to the University of Alabama's head football coach Nick Saban by the wrong name during a call on the eve of the state's Republican runoff race.

Sep 13, 2019 · Mike Pounce. Speaking at an event in Baltimore on Thursday night, Trump started ticking off a list of names of GOP luminaries at the event. Except when he got to Pence, he botched it: “Mike Pounce.

Trump forgot names just as most of us do. Is it important that presidents have trouble remembering names, just as most of us do. Trump had a long list of peoples names he got wrong.

During Trump's speech honoring Black History Month on Feb. 1, 2017, he suggested that the abolitionist was still alive.

April 12. Describing his meeting with Xi and their discussion of North Korea, Trump asserted that North Korea was once a part of China. Not only was he wrong, Trump implied that Xi delivered this information. Koreans were outraged by Trump's comments. Presidents make mistakes.

If Trumps goal was to receive the most votes by a person that did not win, mission accomplished.

Carlos Ponce

And Jim keeps digging his hole even deeper... so deep he may not be able to get out.

Gary Miller

The 31st state flipped Red in 2020. GOP increased seats in congress. More state houses now Red. Five more states may turn red in 2022 election bringing US to 36 to 14.

Charles Douglas

Dogs bark, birds chirps, and thieves ...STEAL,...even elections!

Bailey Jones

There's no mystery here, Jack. Biden didn't win because he was the favorite of the Democrats. He wasn't. He was everyone's 2nd, 3rd, or 4th choice (my 5th choice). If he had been the favorite his coattails would have brought in many more down-ballot seats.

Biden won because Trump is the most disliked president in modern history. That's just a simple fact, borne out by historically low approval ratings (consistently the worst in modern history) and by the fact that he lost by a landslide. Biden didn't bring in down-ballot races because the people who put him over the top were disenchanted Republicans and Independents who were perfectly happy with the Republicans who represent them in Congress, but who just couldn't stand another 4 years of Trump.

This simple fact - that Trump is the most disliked president in modern history - seems to escape many Republicans. I can only assume that they don't follow the presidential approval polls or that they only listen to media that parrots Trump's own self-delusion about how wonderful he is (second only to Lincoln, as I understand it.)

If you get all your news from Fox, or OANN, or Newsmax, you will have been told that Trump was great and everyone loved the job he was doing. So, yes - it wouldn't make sense to you that he lost by a landslide to that doddering old dufus, Biden. But if you spent the last four years tuned in to the real world, you would have seen how his approval rating was consistently below 50%; you would have noticed huge slices of the Republican establishment calving off the conservative glacier, like icebergs in Antarctica. You would have seen something not seen since McGovern in 1972 - party regulars abandoning their party's candidate to jump across the aisle.

So, there is nothing to be amazed at here. Unless you want to be amazed that you let yourself be conned by Trump's own propaganda.

Gary Scoggin

Yep, Bailey. You pretty much nailed it.

Carlos Ponce

Not really, Gary. He's hooked on the Liberal fishing line and cannot get loose so just swims with it. Sorry to see you got hooked too.

Gary Miller

Your "most hated" candidate got record number of votes by citizens who loved him. And elected more down ballot races.

Don Schlessinger

I can't say about OANN, or Newsmax, but I did watch Fox this past Friday. I also spent more that 2 hours watching CNN, 6-8 PM, and ABC news for 30 minutes. CNN said nothing about our border crisis in that time, and ABC had almost 2 minutes coverage. If you're a fan of those news services you didn't get any news concerning the crisis. Actually not knowing about it might be better than the misinformation those stations would normally be putting out.

Bailey Jones

I get most of my news from NPR. Top stories today are:

Supreme Court To Hear Appeal Of Boston Marathon Bomber's Vacated Death Sentences

Despite 'Ample Warning,' U.S. Was Unprepared For Latest Surge Of Migrant Children

AstraZeneca Vaccine Can Prevent COVID-19, Late-Stage Study Says

California Has A New Idea For Homes At Risk From Rising Seas

GOP Rep. Tom Reed Won't Seek Elected Office Following Sexual Misconduct Allegations

High-Stakes Supreme Court Clash Between Growers, Farmworkers Could Blow Up Other Laws

A 300-Year-Old Tale Of One Woman's Quest To Stop A Deadly Virus

Plus a home concert with Sting -

"You could say I lost my faith in the people on TV

You could say I'd lost my belief in our politicians

They all seemed like game show hosts to me"

Carlos Ponce

Bailey, is NPR non-partisan? No, it is not. If it was a publicly funded radio network that only had a Conservative view you'd be crying holy hell. But since NPR is Liberal.....

Charles Douglas

I use to think Wolf Blitzer of CNN was the second coming of Paul the Apostle until I found out all he does is lie and make up stuff!! If he was not doing that he was COVERING UP THE [censored]s of a bunch of Liberals for doing something they had no business doing!

Gary Miller

Don> Libs opperate on the concept that if MSM doesn't report it it didn't happen. I watch lib media every day. First lie I change channels. Total time per day watching 6 lib outlets. Six minutes a day. Some times a little longer if I count commercials.

David Hardee

A dialog with any who are certain of the purity of the 2020 election would be wasted. the only certainty about the 2020 election is that it was froth with more irregularities then any election in our history.

The fact it is a fait-accompli with a codified result of a president Biden makes any challenge, recrimination or investigation an effort in futility. What is, is and the meaning of is contrary to Bill Clinton's weaseling is certain.

Leave 2020 be and let those that won enjoy.

As to your rendition of the affability of Trump it reeks with vitriol and conclusions created in a putrefied mind.

The sentiment expressed by Mr. Cross resonates with some 75million of your country men. Hillary called them deplorables and you are effectively doing same.

Enjoy Biden Harris and periodically enlighten us skeptics with their accomplishments that have improved our lives.


Ted Gillis

These are the same types of people who were conned by TV huckster Kevin Trudeau. People just loved to be sold on his get quick rich schemes, but didn’t like to admit it when they realized that they’ed been conned. They just kept on defending the guy, and buying his stuff, even after he went to jail.

Look for a repeat of this soon.

Charles Douglas

Joe Biden can't walk up the stairs of his jet without falling down on his [censored]! He does not remember the BLACK man's name he suppose to have appointed to the position of Secretary Of Defense....(Lloyd Austin). He stood in Houston after the freeze stumbling through a short speach, and tried to thank some of the dignitaries there, but could not remember the name of a BLACK female Congresswoman who votes with his programs 100% of the times!.......(Sheila Jackson-lee ). ( Notice a pattern about BLACKS? ).

This man keep saying Kamala Harris his VP, who called him a Racist who stood against segregation and busing during then sixties, Joe keeps referring to her as President Harris for obvious reasons! Vladimir Putin is acting like he wants some of Joe, challenging him, but JOE went radio silent! XI JINPING sent his crew over here to ALASKA for a sit-down, and they acted like they owned the place by almost insulting the incompetent negotiators America had assembled there!

I heard the Americans apologizing immensely to their guests for not being perfect! This is what Joe and OBAMA were famous for, apologizing during their stint in power! They won the Nobel Peace Prize for apologizing all around the world! That kind of attitude is music to Putin and XI JINPING'S ears! Look for aggressions against Tiwian, Hong Kong, Japan, and the Ukraine by mid summer! Mark my words! The BULLIES overseas smell blood in the water! They know weakness and fear when the see them!

Ron Shelby

"Bell weather" counties are not a fixed listing of communities. Population shift, industry stagnation, etc... change which population centers represent the new "bell weather" counties. 70 years ago you might have been watching Cleveland, Detroit and others. Not 25 years ago. We'll be seeing a new shift again where the influence of one area will wain while others grow.

Gary Miller

Ron> Nine counties rang the bell with more votes cast than residents. If we discount those corrupt counties Biden didn't win. There is no legal way a county can, even with 100% turnout, record more votes than residents.

Gary Miller

Will Biden defend Tiwan?

Charles Douglas

Mr. Miller>> Yes he will! He will do what he and Obama did to defend the UKRAINE against Russia when they took CRIMEA. He will make sure they have plenty of towels, blankets, & C-Rations! [beam]

Gary Miller

Charles> Tooth paste too?

William Mattson

Jack, great analysis but conclusion that Biden was great candidate is flawed. Fact is that both parties continue to give us lousy choices again, so the populace takes the lesser of two evils. Biden was elected because Democrats got more voters out, mostly legal. Ole DEMented Joe was a lousy candidate, but Trump was disliked by many more voters. Unfortunately, the Dems have just started-once they get DC and Puerto Rico as states, the Republicans will be doomed for sometime-until DEM overreach gets unbearable, which will happen soon.

Joe will not be President by the end of 2021; Kamela will be and she gets to appoint her successor as VP. More power for the Dems. It will be so obvious that Joe is unfit, later this week when he does a press conference. Then, the Dems will retire him, for cause. Very sad scenario indeed, but brace yourselves, it is coming!

Charles Douglas

I don't know who Mr. Mattson is, but he knows what he is talking about. I think Mr. Cross was toying around with the LEFT! Lololo.

Jack Cross

Mr. Douglas, you figured it out. The democrats and the always partisan liberals wo are attacking me don't realize that my article put them in a box. if the election was honest and not won by fraud which they say it was, then by any standards Biden set records and is the greatest campaigner and vote getter ever.

So to get around that, these democrat deniers are throwing their candidate under the bus saying hew was not the first choice and Biden got all those votes because people hated Trump, Sure there was some of that, always is and people voted for Trump because the did not like the democrats positions on issues.

However for the claim of Biden getting so many voted because people hated Trump, then why did these same people vote against democrats in record numbers as I pointed out in my article.

Dalton Logan

I agree with you on many of your points. I too have made some remarks about President Biden and his cognitive issues.

But now that I see that he is actually suffering from some type of dementia issues I no longer make any remarks.

I to believe that within the next 10-12 months he will have to step aside.

V.P. Kamala Harris is also just a puppet figure being controlled by the puppeteers.

For V.P. pick I would look at Joe's wife Jill.

Just my thoughts.

Charles Douglas

My choice for Kamala's VP would be Al Sharpton or "Da Luv Guv!" Lololo.

Gary Miller

William> I believe Trump was hated is a MSM lie. All real evidence says he is loved.

Ted Gillis

Dream on.

You’ll can keep on posting your fantastical thoughts and theories,

while Joe Biden will keep on being president.

Charles Douglas

You dream on! Joe Biden is nobody's President! He might be somebody Con Man, who is propped up by the LEFT, but that is about it!

Gary Miller

Biden is not America's president. He is America's mistake.

Dan Freeman

I probably should not have accused Mr. Cross of defending the failed Republican coup. However he often has a weak grasp of the truth. For example he writes: “The majority of students 43 percent in public schools today are Hispanic, running up costs of education to taxpayers and bringing down standards because of language and so many not educated. White students are now 27 percent and dropping lower every year, that is why so many paraments' are pulling their kids out of public schools.”

While it is true that Hispanics represent the fastest growing segment of public school populations, they remain a minority at 27.5 percent. Beginning in 2014 whites went from the majority to the plurality at 49.5 percent. By 2029 they will be 43.8 percent. This is crossposted from NCES at the Department of Education: https://sites.ed.gov/hispanic-initiative/2020/07/bar-chart-races-changing-demographics-in-k-12-public-school-enrollment/

As an aside, it is unclear there is much evidence that many paraments’ [sic] are pulling their kids out of public schools. Witness the drive to re-open schools across the country in response the possibly waning pandemic

Gary Scoggin

I know Jack personally and I like him. He's a good fellow with a distinguished record of volunteer public service. That's why sometimes it worries me that he may be misconstrued with the way he presents evidence and the conclusions he seems to draw. For example, not all Hispanic children enter public schools with language and other educational deficiencies. Not even close. And not all white kids are academically high achievers and less expensive to educate. Not even close. Let's not cross-mulitply demographic data with stereotypes and create inaccurate and misleading conclusions.

Charles Douglas

Well, I know Mr. Cross too! Mr. Cross gets involved and he does a lot of good like you alluded to "OG"..but what I like about these conservatives on this board is they are not interested in party or idelogy,...more than they are interested in America, and Americans! Another thing I like about conservatives is they are NOT prone to play the Race Card, nor to pit Race v Race .. every fifteen minutes!

They like myself, believes in self help, needed assistance, but personal responsibility! While Old Joe is trying to develop a female fighter Jet, flight suit for pregnant pilots, Red China is adding thousands of men, ships, and planes to their arsenals, increasing their economical might & getting ready to take over as the Number One World's Super-Power while our leaders are worried about Dr.Zuess being a Racist!

We need more citizens in this country who wants to put America, Americans, and U. S. Taxpayers first and not.criminals, foreigners, or allies! I mean what I'm saying time ten thousand in case anyone is wondering! I don't know where people get off shutting our businesses and schools down because of a Red China Virus, then turn around and open our borders up to Virus infected refugees coming from around the world by tens of thousands... ( 52-55 countries last count).. " BOMB-RUSHING" our borders at the invitation of the "PUPPET!" in the Oval Office! TRUMP DIESELLLL!!!!!! Hurry back! You might be able to save 4-5 states!

Gary Scoggin

You do know that it’s only conservative leaders that are worked up over Dr. Seuss, don’t you? The publisher quietly dropped six titles several months ago. The rest of the catalog is unaffected. It was the Hannitys of the world, looking for a new source of outrage that made a big deal of it. Most people don’t care, especially since most of the classic Dr. Seuss books are still available. But you’d never hear the correct story on the MAGA networks. They’d rather run fake news.

Charles Douglas

Thank you! I will that that into consideration.

Bailey Jones

Dr. Seuss was quite the racist in his early life, but then everyone else was back then, too.


He regretted his racist views in later life. I suspect that he would have supported his company's decision, given that he self-censored some of his books before he died.

Carlos Ponce

Do the "white" characters drawn by Dr. Seuss resemble anyone you know, Bailey?

I have a copy of "Song of the South". What I saw was a movie about a young white boy seeking wisdom from an elderly Black man. It is set in a different time, a different era. But some find racism in everything. I seek what is good.

Jack Cross

Gary, why do you think parents are pulling their children out of public schools?.

Why is school taxes the largest at 54 percent of all property taxes?.

Why is Hispanics 54 percent of the public school population and increasing each year?, Why is the white student population 27 percent and dropping each year?.

Why is Houston the 7th largest school district in the state and largest in Texas only have 9 percent white students?. Dallas the second largest have 6 percent White Students and why does the 3rd largest in Texas have 1.8 percent white students.

Why is all these cities vote overwhelming democrat and run by democrats?

Why is Robin Hood share the wealth growing leaps and bounds?

why is 1/4 of all Texas School districts 80 percent Hispanic or more>

Did you know that unlike in the past, students entering public schools are not ready to learn. Could it be they are not taught these things at home.

Did you know that teachers who teach spanish can't pass the test because they are virtual given in the language of the countries ( Hispanic) but these countries have their own dialect plus many are not proficient in their own language.

Did you know that schools must admit illegals, they can't ask legal status or to present any documents. Do you know that is why you see all the kids. This anchors the whole family who get welfare. Do you know that most of these people receive Medicaid costing in the billions.

Gary, I'm not a racist, the only white privilege's I have is the privileges' to live in this great country and the reason so many people want to come here. You are correct i have for 60 years worked to may this community better for all. I see my country being destroyed by identity politics and cancel culture.

I am p - - - to no end over the constant racism calls and what kids are being taught in schools. This is not helping those at the bottom. maybe if we took a page our of the Asians play book and quit wasting time playing the victim card and put this energy into establishing families, maybe there would not be all these druive by shootings,, gangs fighting over drugs and killing each others.

When I hear the calls of white privilege's as I'm sure other white people do, these are the things I think about. There is noting i can do, the doors of opportunity are open and immigrants are taking advantage of it while our own citizens are squabbling about blaming some one for their own failure.;

Gary Scoggin

To be clear, Jack, I never called you a racist as I don't think you are. But, also, some of your comments could be construed as such.

I don't have time to address all your points but I will speak to a few.

"Gary, why do you think parents are pulling their children out of public schools?." - I don't have the data but assuming it's true, the answer is because they can. Why do they want to? Two reasons, the main one is to put their kids in a setting where they believe they will get a better education. Another reason is that some parents want their kids at schools where all the other kids look like them.

"Did you know that schools must admit illegals, they can't ask legal status or to present any documents." Yes. I suppose the alternative is to turn these kids out on the street all day. Those families are living somewhere and are paying property taxes which fund our schools. So it's not like they are getting a free ride. And the alternative to having these kids in schools is much worse.

"Do you know that most of these people receive Medicaid costing in the billions?" Yes. Low-income children and pre and post-natal mothers do. Generally, not working-age adults; As a whole, people in this country illegally have the same access to Medicaid as anyone else. (Medicaid is harder to qualify for than you might think). I suppose the alternative is to not provide medical care to children and families who need it. Many people think that's a good idea. I don't.

"I see my country being destroyed by identity politics and cancel culture." - There is no better example of identity politics than your letters and subequent replies. "Cancel culture" is a term that many conservatives use when people that don't agree with them get tired of listening and tune them out. The fact that all of us can opine here with very few restrictions shows that it's largely a myth.

Have a nice day, Jack, and thanks for all you do in our community.

Gary Miller

Dan> Over 80% pf parents with children in ISD (AKA PUBLIC) schools want universal school choice with school taxes paying for their choice.If ever on the ballot it will win 9 to 1. ISD schools are Democrats first line of propaganda they will defend forever.

David Hardee

Mr. Cross produced a very reasonable description of conditions that made the 2020 election one of the most suspicious based on the anomalies that contradict all historical post election normal patterns revealing the voters preferences.

Any that won't at least admit that 2020 was conducted under very unusual conditions with many revisions to the traditional methods of handling ballots is either ignorant of what was different or intentionally stupid.

The win by Biden is slowly having an impact and his administration deserves a traditional honeymoon period of settling in and adjustment before being critiqued.

Biden is hard at work. Biden has only issued 37 executive order (a historical record) and only 22 reversed those that Trump put in effect.

Mr. Cross was very charitable to the Biden administration in his article. Cross never mention Biden's stumbling, bumbling ans squinting to read his teleprompter. Those that voted should feel comfortable with his reluctance to take question. The interaction of Biden to a Q and A session could reveal issues

tom hendrix

Thank you, Jack Cross!! Well said!!

Bailey Jones

And today we see the Big Lie in all its glory -

Lawyers for pro-Trump attorney Sidney Powell said that “no reasonable person” would believe that her false claims and conspiracy theories about the 2020 election were “truly statements of fact.”


Many of you swallowed her BS like it was chocolate-covered Gospel, and repeated it in this forum as though it was carved in stone by the pointy finger of God. Many of you will still believe it.

That is amazing to me.


So, it appears that Sidney Powell's release of the Kracken was nothing but a ruse.

Bailey Jones

She meant Krackpot.

Carlos Ponce

Funny Bailey!

Rickey Scott

We are months out from the election and some people still have a clouded vision of the lies that the previous administration poured in the kool aid. Jim Jones Trump, and his followers cannot accept the electoral vote defeat!. So now you want to start your voter suppression campaign. It’s so obvious that this country and county is divided beyond repair. Keep spreading your divisive rhetoric and post your unsubstantiated comments. You really are showing your true colors!

Carlos Ponce

For four years we had to endure the Liberal Lies of RUSSIA, RUSSIA, RUSSIA! When the Left questioned the elections of Ronald Reagan, George W Bush and Donald Trump Rickey Scott must have either been too young to remember or has forgotten through senility.

There is evidence that there was fraud in the 2020. However, Sgt Rickey Schultz refuses to see it. "I SEE NOTHING! NOTHING!"

What you call a "voter suppression campaign" comes from a list proposed by former President Jimmy Carter and James Baker to prevent VOTING FRAUD, not suppress voters.

Must be easy to be a Democrat - remove brain, fill in with Liberal propaganda and regurgitate in public. And don't question the Liberal media.

Rickey Scott

Well Carlos you obviously suffer from the only you are right narrative. Stay away from the Lysol can it’s taken some of your brain cells. For the record I don’t need media to inform me that you are in the cult.

Carlos Ponce

Wrong, Rickey! I'm a Christian Conservative. I respect and honor and truth. Apparently, you do not.

Gary Miller

Rickey> You are correct saying conservatives want to suppress votes. WE do want all illegal vote methods suppressed. WE try to protect the legal vote by suppressing the illegal vote. Progressives have an opposite effort. They multiply and protect all the illegal votes they can. Conservatives are offering many laws that suppress illegal voting without affecting any legal vote. Every one except socialists should be in favor of suppressing illegal voting.

Rickey Scott

Well apparently the truth is not in you!

Carlos Ponce

The truth is in me!

Rickey Scott

Lying is fundamental for you, and you say you’re Christian!

Carlos Ponce

May God forgive you Rickey. Anyone who votes for someone who condones the murder of innocents is not obeying the God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and our Lord Jesus Christ. You will have to answer for that.

George Laiacona

Let’s get real for a moment. When it comes to Politics there will always be two sides to the story. Unless you are an independent. Then all we see is one untruth after another, fighting for position. Does this bickering really help our democracy, I doubt it. I choose t go with the lesser of the two evils at the time. Right now it is with the Democrats and Independents.

Carlos Ponce

"Right now it is with the Democrats and Independents." So ... you chose EVIL.

Doug Sivyer

And Jack, I am sure you support Georgia and other states that are passing legislation to hinder our citizens abilities to vote. Just more GOPQ white male rhetoric you are spewing.

Carlos Ponce

The legislation passed and signed in Georgia is not as stringent as that currently in place in Biden's home state of Delaware. But Biden calls it "Jim Eagle". Georgia's election laws do not "hinder our citizens abilities to vote". That political rhetoric is mere Liberal propaganda.

David Hardee

Assuming you, Doug vote and you do it in Texas, are you or are your liberal pals HINDERED? If you did vote obviously you were not HINDERED. If you did not vote it is your fault because in Texas every facility is available for you to be able to vote. If you were unable to use one of the facilities available you are to dumb to have produced a vote of any quality.

Your derogatory reference to white males reveals you are not a white male. And the intended vitriol toward the Grand Old Party and adding the repulsive Q indicate you are suffering from the self-inflicted depression of NOT being a white male.

Considering the victory that your coalition of non-white -males in the last election you should throw off your depression and celebrate.

As to your ilk's votes being HINDERED don't worry too much because the coalition of non-white-males will conjure up another devious illegal method to steal another election.


Gary Miller

Doug> The new Georgia election laws protect all legal voting while suppressing some illegal votes. A good start but short of perfect

Thomasene Muse

Miracle..may be but lest you forget, God is still in control!

Gary Miller

The only way someone can live in America without a photo ID is using someone else's name or some kind of fake name.

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