This is a kind of thought-provoking rambling about God and heaven. I’m not saying it’s so or that it’s my belief, only what one might imagine. Imagine now that you just showed up at heaven’s door. You see a greeter and she says, “Any questions?”

You: Where is God?

Greeter: God is everywhere. Seeing him is like seeing air. Could he look like you and be everywhere?

You: How about the big question, evolution, creation and big bang?

Greeter: Well, what about it?

You: Well, did God create me in his image and if so, how do you explain the really old fossils and the big bang stuff?

Greeter: OK, here we go again; No. 1, since no one has ever seen God this idea of his image is just a bad story. God doesn’t look like you. So, what God actually created was something (we can’t even remember what it looked like) that took jillions of years of evolution for you to finally look like you.

No. 2, as far as the big bang stuff, it was just a part of evolution. Where you Earth humans get this all wrong is your insistence that there must be a beginning. Ever see the beginning of a circle or hula hoop or infinity? Yet all three exist without any problems, don’t they? One more thing, consider an ant (or you) crawling around a hula hoop looking for the beginning. See?

You: What about miracles?

Greeter: This is another one that you guys got all wrong. When four people die in a car wreck and a baby in the back seat lives you call that a miracle. Up here we call that a tragedy. The miracle is the other cars that went by didn’t have a wreck and all inside were alive at the end of the day.

You: What about my wife when she gets here? Will she be older or younger than me when she shows up?

Greeter: She will be what you want her to be and you will be what she wants you to be. You see, we don’t have mirrors here large enough for you to see you and anything else at the same time. For example, you cannot know what your wife sees looking at you and she cannot know what you see looking at her.

This is a trick God bestowed on pet dogs. This unique trick makes unconditional love possible. God regrets, every day, not bestowing this on man.

You: I’m a little afraid to bring this up but did you notice that I didn’t go to church much?

Greeter: No, we didn’t notice, so what?

You: Well, isn’t that a problem, I mean like “everyone” says you got to go or else?

Greeter: I guess you will have to ask “everyone” that question, not God. We do watch what you do when no one is looking; on Mondays.

Kind of fun thoughts, don’t you think? I have more; just ask.

Harvey Cappel lives in Texas City.


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