If you know me, you know that I’ve said, since before Trump was elected president, that he was a really bad choice.

I consider myself more Republican than Democrat, but the Republican Party left me years ago.

So, in the last three elections my vote had to be against the lesser candidate rather than for the one I would wish for.

Back to Trump; he is and has been since I’ve known him in 2015 a problem. I will pass on the descriptive adjectives since you know them all; whichever side you’re on. As I see him, he’s just a bad human being. Want to understand Trump; study Hitler. His niece, Mary Trump, in her book, “Too Much and Never Enough” explains how Trump got to be so flawed and blames his father, Fred, for the disaster we now know as Trump. I think she got it right.

I think Trump is politically gone, and this is why I say so. My wife, Betty, and I take riding trips every day on the Texas City Dike and the hurricane protection levy; kind of like we used to do (as teenagers) doing the drag on Procter Street in Port Arthur. Some days we also visit the new subdivision at the end of the levy.

A few months ago, we noticed Trump signs in some of the yards; so, we counted them as a poll of Trump support. At most, there were 18 signs, then after a really bad Trump day a few weeks ago, the number dropped to 16. Jan. 7 the number dropped to two; that’s an 89 percent reduction in Trump support.

Applying that to his 75 million votes one might expect that his voter support may have also dropped by 89 percent, down to about 8 million votes. By the way, I’ve also noticed three Trump flags in my daily drive area down and gone, too.

I believe what’s left of his support are some (love is blind) folks, some hate groups and the wannabe Trump clones (Ted Cruz, et.al). I’d say he’s politically gone. Additionally, remember, he’s Twitter. Without Twitter, he has basically lost his voice and can no longer speak.

He’s politically gone, and I suspect in serious legal and business trouble. In my opinion, he definitely doesn’t have the 75 million voter base he had a few weeks ago; so, quit worrying about what he may do later. He will be in courts begging for help, filing bankruptcies and basically isolated from any effective communications, even with his diminishing base. He’s gone from the daily bad news, and for me, I hope forever.

I know this isn’t the healing Biden is asking for, but I felt it necessary to point out that his assumed 75 million voter base isn’t the future; it’s just not there anymore. So, politicians, forget the voter base you fear and just get back to doing our business.

Harvey Cappel lives in Texas City.


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(40) comments

Bailey Jones

Wishful thinking, I'm afraid. He's not nearly gone. Just ask 45 Republican Senators.

Carlos Ponce

Put your hangman's noose away, Bailey. No lynching will be allowed.

Gary Miller

Bailey> 5 senators identified themselves as RINO's to be targeted in 2022. I think I heard Texas is the first state to form a MAGA Patriot party. Conservatives can now banish the GOP from Texas as completely as the DNC was banished. A new political home for 75 million real patriots.

Bailey Jones

I'd love to see a three-way race. Go for it, Gary!

Carlos Ponce

Harvey writes, "Want to understand Trump; study Hitler." Playing the Hitler card, Harvey? No comparison whatsoever.

And quoting Mary Trump's book book which is riddled with inaccuracies?

If you were ever a Republican it was before you lost your sanity.

Charles Douglas

It is always upsetting when you see hatred and bitterness living loudly, and unwarrantedly in an individual, like in this author! The hate, bitterness, and darkness is eating him up from within!

Donald J. Trump did not send African-Americans to prisons in order to keep them away from his family, he helped to get them out.

Donald Trump did not help keep minorities from being educated, he helped to fund Historical Black Universities, championed school choice, and school vouchers in order to help them to realize their dreams, to be self responsible, and to exist off of government subsidies!

Donald Trump did not sell our country out to NATO, GERMANY or China, instead he put tariffs on CHINA, stood up to them, and bought factories, jobs, and oil independence back to America! He demanded, that Germany, AND NATO pay their bills, and essentially took America out of the "Sugga-Daddy" role by making treaties which were fair to the American Tax-Payers!

Donald Trump did not take world tours kissing the rear ends of world leaders by degrading, & denegrating America for being an exceptional nation of people, in order to win a Nobel Prize, but won his nominations (3) ..for a NOBEL PRIZE by his leadership in helping to bring peace through strength in the Middle East! So why is this author harping on Trump when he is not even President? Why is Congress still trying to impeach Trump when 45 Republicans have made it apparent that impeachment in the Senate is not going to happen?

I will tell you why!!!!! It is because: Dogs bark, Birds fly, chirp, and builds nests, and HATERS, HATE... even without a cause! It is an UNWARRANTED hate, the kind of HATE I personally experienced earlier in my life as a member of the minority community! That kind of HATE has diminished greatly in this country, although the LEFT has weaponized it, and uses remnants of it to harvest minority votes and to maintain the status quo in politics!

Dalton Logan


Mary Whitby

Well said[thumbup][thumbup][thumbup]

Keith Gray

Awesome write-up JBG...

Gary Miller

Charles> Say it true again.

David Hardee

The lack of any dignity in this article requires an undignified response.

The only value in this pure hit job piece is the ability to identify that the author can count yard signs and arrive at a mathematical ratio. Oh, he also can read. And his choice of books is the disgusting vendetta of a family member against a family member and probably the National Inquirer's trashy titillating articles.

What a sad purpose, to denigrate a president and insult those that support him, this article was written. The use of the public venue to produce a pure opinion is a practice that never should be censored. These articles produce a valuable contribution. These articles tell the rendition of the author about the subject matter and also tells the public about the author. Some of these authors might best reflect on what their publication says about them before they submit it for public scrutiny.

Jack Cross


Gary Miller

David> Say it true.

Carlos Ponce

"By the way, I’ve also noticed three Trump flags in my daily drive area down and gone, too."

That's because either they've been removed by owners for fear of haters of Free Speech or like in the case of a La Marque man I know, his Trump yard sign was stolen.

I see MORE Trump banners and yard signs on my drive.

Vive la liberté !!!!

Mary Whitby


Gary Scoggin

Well said, Harvey!

George Laiacona

Very good honest and truthful article Harvy. But you can expect the Trumpers like Carlos to respond in the negative. Fortunately there are intelligent people among us that are able to see that the TV celebrity wannabe Dictator will have to wait another four years before he has a chance to convince his naive clan the he was in the position to have the ignorant American people pay his bankruptcy debts.

Charles Douglas

Pearsonally, I can tolerate a person who had to file bankruptcy by LEGAL LAWS made, than one who made LEGAL LAWS in order to send African-Americans and Hispanics to prisons just to keep them from "maybe" coming in contact with his family!

Oh, I don't know...but that's just me! I mean I'm not saying.......BUT I'm just saying!!! Lastly, I'm not going to start talking about my feelings about a man who ran with the KKK, AND THE WHITE HOOD SOCIETY, openly for decades, and co-existed with their known affiliates in CONGRESS for years, even eulogizing the Ex Grand Cyclops, telling the world what a good man he was and had been, and what a friend he had been to mentor him in the trade of KEEPING FOLKS like me, in our places!

I suspect this is the real reason THE LEFT hates Trump, and will hate him even after he dies, because he interfered with their ability to maintain their deceptions in vote harvesting, and the secreat arts of how to hold onto their mordern day minority PLANTATIONS! TRUMP was a blessed man, the LEFT destroyed Abraham Lincoln another way for committing the same offense!

Gary Miller

Charles> Democrats hate Afro Americans. They created Planned Parenthood to kill as many as they could. When and If they sucede in killing off all Afro Americans who will they hate then?

Brian Tamney

talk about delusional!! i live in the refrenced neighborhood, and i guarantee the removal of yard signs has no correlation to no longer supprting Trump, merely the requirements of the hoa, Trump had and still has support of 90% of this neighborhood. 1 week in and dementia Joe has proven to be an unmitigated disaster!

Lois J Carelock

Surprised that the author of this article would express such hate.

Robert Braeking

Don't count out the 75 million of us who voted for Donald Trump, Harvey. We all understand that he was draining the swamp and working for the American People rather than the vested interests of the career politicians. That is why he is so hated by the establishment status-quo government insiders. How can politicians go to Washington as paupers and leave, their pockets overflowing with taxpayer dollars? Cases in point - William Jefferson Clinton, Barack Husein Obama, Lyndon Baines Johnson, Joseph Robinette Bydon, Jr.

On the other hand - Donald John Trump lost money by serving the people.

Paula Flinn

DJT was not working for the American people unless it benefited himself and his family. He was the swamp and the swamp became more disgusting as he hired more loyal sycophants that made it worse. At the end, he was hiring such unqualified people the government was barely running and not protecting itself or its people.

Every time DJT spoke he told lies and divided the American people further, calling Democrats “evil” even before his first impeachment. He spoke about Red against Blue states. He spoke about Red against Blue Governors. Divide, divide, divide, that’s all he did. He lied to us about Russia’s obvious hold over him, including “money” (maybe loans) he had from Russia, which Don, Jr. blurted out one day.

DJT sat on the pandemic information for weeks until we found out his lies of omission on Bob Woodward’s tapes.

DJT told the crowd to “fight like hell” for their ideals, to remove certain Congress people, and to march to the Capitol. The disgruntled people at the rally thought they were “invited” by the. President to break into the Capitol and do harm to VP Pence and Speaker Pelosi. Some of the extremist Senators, like Hawley and Cruz, encouraged the “Big Lie,” that the election was fraudulent and stolen from DJT, even though the difference in the popular vote was approximately 6 million votes.

Some people on this forum like calling people “haters.” We don’t hate DJT. We hate what he is doing to our country. Making the rich richer, dividing the rich from the poor even further, giving tax breaks to the wealthy and large corporations, insulting our Allies, courting rich, violent dictators like Putin and Kim, and the Saudi Prince.

At home DJT promoted a cruel immigration program devised by Stephen Miller, separating children from their families. Then they deported the parents and “lost” the children. About 500 children are still separated in this system. He promoted a destructive environmental program, selling or leasing Federal Lands to mining, drilling, and fracking, the latter ruining our water supplies and causing earthquakes. He also was for cutting old growth forests and destroying natural habitats for animals just for profit. Everything he did was done for power and greed.

His disgusting call to the Ukraine holding up money Congress allocated to them for dirt on the Bidens, was shameful. He should have been impeached by the Senate and removed then.

DJT practiced “revenge politics.” Those people who disagreed with him lost their jobs. Career people, like the Vindman brothers, and James Comey, Sally Yates, other FBI and CIA heroes, only told the truth, but were punished for it, as DJT had them fired.

DJT did not lose money serving the American people. He renovated a building near the White House to serve as a hotel for foreign dignitaries. He charged the government top dollar for his own Secret Service to stay at Mar-a-Lago. At first, he was traveling to Mar-a-Lago every month.

He did not help restore Puerto Rico after the hurricanes because he didn’t like the Mayor of San Juan. Many people died for lack of clean water because DJT didn’t act quickly enough to save them. He had to be told that he was their President. He called other minorities names, both immigrants and people born here. He put a ban on Muslim immigrants. He called struggling countries, like Haiti, bad names. He wanted immigrants from “white” countries, like Norway.

DJT’s swampy friends like Manafort, Gates, Stone, and Flynn were all liars under oath to the FBI. They were immoral people who lied for DJT and were all pardoned by him.

The Presidents you mention that became rich actually were smart enough to write books that became best-sellers, the Clintons and the Obamas. Speaking fees for the Clintons did not hurt, either. LBJ had money, and his wife, LadyBird, had even more money, before he was President.

DJT didn’t lose money until this past year when the Pandemic stopped most travel and hurt everyone’s businesses. DJT lived like a King on Government money. His green fees and golf cart rentals alone cost more than his salary would have been. Add to that the fees for the Secret Service guarding him and as many times he took Air Force One on frivolous trips to rallies, and you have the most expensive President ever. How embarrassing and disrespectful he was to Queen Elizabeth in England, pushing ahead of her. as they were walking together.

So, as observers of the DJT years, most people don’t hate him, but hate the swamp he created with his lying, his corrupt, criminal friends, and the things he said and did.

Some people idolized him and are accusing the Dems of hate. You idolaters are the ones filled with hate. 81 million people said, “NO” to a second term for the chaotic, lying DJT. We’re all worn out. We just want peace, unity, and less hate or divisiveness.

David Hardee

Nicely done Paula, You did not miss any of the points that the Media ponded for 4 years as Trump's atrocities. Nor the impressions that females had with his direct rhetoric. Nor your personal vehement for any activity like golfing or legit fundraising trips.

You willfully omitted the Rusia diabolical claiming Trump's collusion that plagued the country for 4 years, which was a concoction by the FBI, CIA, and Hilary. Your conclusion that the Swamp was his creation is disputable since it was in existence (Comey, Lisa, and her lover, Brenner, etc.) before Trump ever appeared. Your sympathy for the Muslims and Puerto Rico is laudable while the details expose your hormones trump your logic.

Another wilful exception in your diatribe is that Trump took no salary.

So the bottom line is, that Paula, might not be pure from all the afflictions she cast on others. Lack of self-evaluation is most difficult and will corrode the psyche if not practiced, at least when you produce a public self-serving statement.

Paula ended her diatribe with "We just want peace, unity, and less hate or divisiveness.", appropriate for an ending to a bitter person who is self-anointed as fair.

Paula Flinn

People on this forum already know about the hold Russia has over him that will come out when we see DJT’s tax records, Deutche Bank’s records, and the money laundering. Everyone knows he didn’t take a salary, David. His flying & golfing expenses were triple what his salary would have been.

My support for the people of Puerto Rico and getting rid of the Muslim ban has nothing to do with hormones— just basic fairness and decency.

I’m not bitter, David, just happy DJT is gone!

Carlos Ponce

"People on this forum already know about the hold Russia has over him..." And when the tax records reveal this isn't true?

David Hardee

Glad you are happy, Paula. So instead of spewing against Trump please inform us of the things we need to know about when the Biden administration achieves a goal that improves the life of AMERICAN CITIZENS. So far Bidens executive orders have not been improved to AMERICAN CITIZENS. That is what you are, AMERICAN CITIZEN, I presume, Paula.

Hope none of your family or friend worked on the XL Pipeline because they are now unemployed. Hope you can restructure your conversation so you don't use a pronoun that is racist. If one of your people was the victim of an undocumented criminal they should be warned that the criminal is back on the street. And those Muslins and Puerto Ricans and the Honduran caravans will soon have a HOME, they are entitled to according to - according to the equalization czar Susan Rice (Domestic Policy Council) , built in your neighborhood.

Sympathy is one of the emotions produced by:

Hormones and chemicals that influence emotions

Estrogen – Female Reproduction and Positive Mood Hormone.

Progesterone – Female Ovulation and Calming Hormone.

Dopamine – Motivation and Reward Chemical.

Serotonin- Happiness Hormone. It regulates wide range of physiological...

Acetylcholine – Information Processor Neurotransmitter. --

So be happy and sympathetic but try to construct a public comment using knowledge and logic. Paula

Maris will commensurate with you - she understands.

Maris Helfrich

Thanks, Paula, for taking the time to tell the facts and the truth about this charlatan who told the BIG LIE and spent all his time in DC promoting himself and his "swamp" and "swamp folk"! Thank God, we are rid of him.....for all the reasons you so clearly examined here! Thank you

Carlos Ponce

God may have something else in mind!

Keith Gray

And now we have a Dictator... 40 EOs and counting...

Jarvis Buckley

Trump will be a thorn in the side of socialism until real republicans take back the house & senate. Sorry but you liberals haven’t heard the last of him yet. That you can be sure of . 74,000.000 Americans can’t be muffled that easily. Just my opinion.

Virginia Stone

[thumbup]Harvey Cappel

Ted Gillis

Can you at least spell Biden’s name correctly Robert?

Dalton Logan

Wait until gas/diesel gets up to around $3.75-$4.25 Gal. Going to see t-shirts with Trumps picture on them with 'missing me yet'.[tongue]

Jim Forsythe

Dalton, what indicators do you have the Oil will reach over $100 a barrel? That is the cost of oil required to reach $4. The price of oil today is $52.29 which means oil would need to double in price for gas to reach $4.

At this time we have enough oil to not push up the price to close to that level. One thing we are doing is using fracking, which has allowed us to be able to produce enough oil for are use. The pipeline from West Texas should start suppling oil to the Gulf Coast in the near future. What do you see that would result in that much of a increase in oil prices?

June 8, 2008 :Average U.S. gas price hits $4 a gallon for first time.

Dalton Logan

Jim, lets pick this discussion back up in about a year (maybe sooner).[wink]

Jim Forsythe

Dalton, I was thinking maybe you had a reason that you think oil will reach $100 a barrel anytime soon. All the long term projections are that it will not reach $100 until 2029. This year we face a glut of oil that we will not reduce for sometime, unless they reduce the amount that is being pumped from the ground.

Nov 30, 2020, Rystad Energy’s balances show that should OPEC+ fail to amend its existing deal and increases its production, the world in January will face its biggest monthly glut since April 2020 with an average daily surplus of 3.1 million barrels for the month. Smaller surpluses are bound to continue through May, building a total glut that will exceed 200 million barrels for the first five months of 2021, before finally starting to shrink in June.

Bailey Jones

I may not have a grasp of supply and demand - being an alleged socialist and all - but it seems to me that reducing the demand for fossil fuels makes the price go down, not up.

Maris Helfrich

KUDOS to you, Harvey, for taking the time to present the facts and truth about this "bad human being" DJT! With you, I celebrate that he is "politically gone" and that our revered democracy will hopefully recover from the damage he has inflicted during these last four years. He was NOT my President, as it was evident that he cared nothing about me and my family of Democrats. The President's first duty is to govern for all the people. The tone that he set and still does in his cultist base is tearing our country apart. It is evident that he and his followers do not care about the damage being done to our country. Have they no shame? You ended your thoughts on a good note and again , thanks for sharing your opinion....."politicians, forget the voter base you fear and just get back to doing our business."

Charles Douglas

Maris Helfrich > Sorry but your post has holes in it! You said a President's first duty is to govern for all the people? Then the President in the WHITE House now IS NOT DOING HIS JOB! Thank you for shooting him full of holes and for making a conservative point! I will never give my loyalty to one who not only helps to murder BABIES in this nation, but makes it possible for BABIES to be murdered in other places in the world with American Taxpayer's money. To me he is a satanic scoundrel of the highest order! Thanks again for your help!

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