I’m a 1970 graduate of Santa Fe High School and a proud Indian. When my classmates and I were in the eighth grade, we experienced a unique educational experience on Dec. 18, 1965.

On that date, a new Santa Fe Junior High School was nearing completion. My principal, Charles Whitten, directed all students to carry our textbooks and at least one desk from the old school to the new school.

This was a distance of a half mile to the north end of the Santa Fe Independent School District property. We all walked the distance at least twice. There was no cost to the school district for the move orchestrated by Principal Whitten.

I must mention that the old school was the first building in the newly formed school district as Alta Loma, Arcadia and Algoa had consolidated their schools. The old school served as our high school building from 1928 to 1959 when a new high school was constructed. The old school served as our junior high school from 1959 to Dec. 18, 1965. The original building now serves as the Santa Fe School Museum and is a wonderful addition to our community.

The new junior high school officially opened on Jan. 3, 1966. Our beautiful new school was the first air-conditioned school in the district. The new building was built on the original Santa Fe Indian Baseball Field, and the baseball team was relocated to the brand new Frank Behringer Baseball Field. Behringer Field was built on the grounds of the old Alta Loma Elementary School.

Our new school allowed us to have our own cafeteria. Previously, we had to walk to lunch at the high school building in all kinds of weather. The new school was a source of pride for me and my fellow classmates. The new school was renamed the Daniel Kubacak School, and it now serves as an elementary school. It was named after “Coach” Dan Kubacak who walked with us in 1965. Coach Kubacak was my all-time favorite coach, and he spent his entire career as a Santa Fe Indian.

On Saturday, the Santa Fe classes of 1970 and 1971 will relive our 1965 “Walk” as it has been 55 years since our original walk. We will walk from the museum, 13304 state Highway 6, to the Kubacak Elementary School, 4131 Warpath Ave. in Santa Fe beginning at 2 p.m.

Our Museum Curator Robert Bear will open the museum before and after our walk. Additionally, I have made arrangements for a walk-through of the Kubacak Elementary School.

I look forward to “The Walk,” and all Santa Fe patrons are welcome to join us.

Dean Evans lives in Santa Fe.


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(3) comments

Keith Gray

Dean thanks for the history lesson. I'm a 79 grad and remember Mr. Kubacak as a strong but quiet leader.

Carlos Ponce

Dean, are you going to re-enact the desk carry?

Ted Gillis

Bring along a grandkid to carry your desk!

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