Nothing is more gratifying then to achieve through work an accomplishment that makes you valuable to family and community. To be a productive member of society has always been the primary attribute in traditional American culture.

Adhering to “accomplishment through work” America achieved recognition as the most productive country on the planet. Consequently, America’s society qualified as superior among all societies. Keeping that classification of superiority is a stimulus and pride in the psyche of all Americans. From the least, up to the most prosperous, all traditional Americans rightfully harbor in their psyche — pride of superiority.

Incidents in the global arena also establish American superiority. Willing to die for freedom, American’s mustered men and equipment, and left their tranquility and families to defeat threats of Nazism, Shintoism and fascism. And after victory, with benevolence unique in the annals of conquerors, American’s initiated rebuilding and restoring both friends and foes. That action put another jewel in the crown of superiority.

Those Americans were acknowledged as “the greatest generation.” Beget from the greatest generation came the “baby boomers.” Boomers repopulated our society with traditional families; a traditional married man, woman and their children. A family instilled with the American culture (achievement through work).

So, my fellow citizens, rightfully in the psyche of traditional Americans exists the well-deserved stimulus passed on to their progeny to work and preserve American superiority.

But in the following on generations, seeds of a new culture were sprouting weeds of malcontents. Most specific, these weeds grew prolifically during the follies of the 1960s. The fiasco of the Vietnam War split the youth of that generation into those that served under the draft — and those who fled their responsibility. And in the ‘60s the debilitating issues of drug use, hippies, commune living, and free sex under the protection of the birth control pill issued forth a cultural revision. From that revision has come a harvest of me-ism.

And slowly under the tutelage of the “Great Society” legislation, perpetrated by an accidental president, we have found an America in chaos. The chaotic progressive liberal “Big Tent” will raise your children, provide sustenance cradle to grave, remove any borders, excuse self-inflicted harm, nothing is shameful, and all paid for with taxing those not in the big tent.

The tent promotes irresponsibility, dependency, gender confusion, sex as an abnormal recreational activity, and the traditional American lexicon is bastardized. And this big tent reeks with segregation by wealth, color, sexuality, gender confusion and convoluted pronouns.

Seeking to damn traditional stimulation for superiority, a new term has entered the American lexicon. That term is intentionally segregating society by color. Politicians, pundits and the jabberwockies denigrate traditional Americans using the racist phrase “white supremacy.”

Constantly, spewing forth from malcontents are corruptions of American lexicon. Their strategy is create — Babel — a society is unable to communicate effectively.

David Hardee lives in Bayou Vista.


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Emile Pope

Welcome to the problem...

Paula Flinn


Bailey Jones


Carl Hungus

An accidental president...I love it!!

Bailey Jones

I skimmed through this so fast I missed the irony. Thanks for pointing it out!

David Hardee

Referring to heir of Kennedy assassination LBJ

Bailey Jones

Yeah, I know what you're referring to. He was an "accidental" president for just 12 months.

LBJ was one of the most powerful and effective congressmen in the 20th century. He served 6 terms as congressman and two more as senator. He was elected president in a landslide with 61.1% of the popular vote and 90% of the electoral vote, carrying 44 states including Texas. He only lost in the 5 most racist southern states and Barry Goldwater's home state of Arizona. You can apply a lot of adjectives to LBJ, but "accidental" isn't one of them. He was a man who devoted his entire life to public service and civil rights - and no doubt you would have voted against him.

The irony I was referring to, of course, is our real accidental president, DJ Trump.

Carlos Ponce

Trump was no "accidental president". He knew to win the presidency meant not necessarily winning the popular vote but winning Electoral College votes. But don't worry. He'll win both popular vote and Electoral College votes in 2020.[beam]

David Hardee

Bailey – Thanks for the opportunity to explore LBJ - LBJ was an exceptional POLITICIAN! His phenomenal acquisition of fame, wealth and power were the result of his energetic self aggrandizing by shrewd positioning and cajoling to who and what would serve his ascent to power. The man had no center in ethics or morality.

LBJ had no fidelity to any philosophy or principle as demonstrated by his oscillation as racist and betrayal of supporters.

The “Great Society” was and is a tax burden of $20,000,000,000,000 (trillion) still being paid. The current despicable and chaotic financial conditions are rooted in the Federal governments usurping control over Health, Education and Welfare. These 3 new cabinet positions were created by the “Great Society” and are still floundering as they drag American education to its lowest rating among nations, sky rocketing cost for health care and welfare recipients getting rewards that enable additions, generations languishing in poverty, homeless clogging streets with piles of disease spreading waste, indiscriminate abortions, etc.

Irony is that LBJ’s “Great Society” and its off shoot “War on Poverty” were the audacious attempt to get his notorious Nose enshrined on Mount Rushmore. Even the most flattering book and bio on LBJ will illuminate the most simple minded that his was a life at minimum dubious benevolence toward good of country and humanity.

As usual you elect to insert a deflection – “Trump as an “accidental” president”. And it is no accident you choose to insert him. Your bias has destroyed the value of comments you post. You quip comment “ I skimmed” demonstrates a frivolous attitude causing flippant nonsense retorts. Pay attention and be respectful to the superiority you have claim to from those who gave you the greatest place on the planet as your home country.

Bailey Jones

David - I've never said that LBJ was a saint. In fact, I've called him a scoundrel and a racist in these very pages. My only comment was the irony in calling him "accidental". It's fine that you don't see the irony. And if you prefer the USA the way it was before the Civil Rights and Voting Rights Acts were passed, that's your prerogative. As for the rest of your letter - "America is great" - duh. Not exactly news. But as others have noted, your idea that one particular group of people is somehow superior to all the rest of humanity is dubious at best - horribly misinformed, small minded and racist, at worst.

Carlos Ponce

Americans are superior. Just look at who Americans are: Descendants or immigrants (legal) from Europe, Africa, Asia, North America, South America, the Pacific Islands, Australians. There is no country in the world that has the diversity of the United States. Canada comes close.

Bailey Jones

I'm sure we're all awesome, Carlos, but America isn't even close to the most diverse country in the world. We're middling at ethnic diversity, and on the homogeneous end of the scale in cultural diversity. But I'm glad to read that you value diversity and multiculturalism, that's a rare gift among conservatives these days.

Carlos Ponce

"that's a rare gift among conservatives these days." Bailey, you've been reading too much Liberal propaganda. President Trump loves LEGAL immigrants - HE MARRIED ONE! My parents were LEGAL immigrants, etc.

David Hardee

Bailey – stop seething over the fact your presidential vote got TRUMPED. Pun intended.

My article had no racist inferences. The “white supremacy” is reference to its denigrating intent as used in the lexicon. The article declares all American citizens are entitled to pride as members of the superior among existing societies.

Bailey – you well established that you prefer the progressive liberal agenda/philosophy/attitude/etc. Rather than critic the traditionalist/conservatives would you be kind enough to give us your logical conclusion as to WHAT caused over the last 60 years these social changes - demise of the traditional family - the drop in education standing – out of wedlock births – single parent households - need for governmental subsidy. I gave you the date, person, political party and philosophy I logically concluded responsible. Please respond with some specificity.

Bailey Jones

David, that's a large question to handle before I've finished my coffee, but I'll give it a go.

The "demise of the traditional family" - depends on what you mean by "traditional". Certainly, empowering women by allowing them to attend colleges and enter into "traditionally male" jobs - which is to say, all jobs - has given women more options than "housewife". I think the left can take credit for that. The trend in American business since the 60s to pay less, and care less, has made it harder for a middle class family to live on a single income, and that's also contributed to women leaving home. I'll put that on the right. And the freedom to divorce and escape a failed marriage has certainly contributed to the break up, and often recreation, of families. I'll put that on the left. Although I happen to prefer today's families of choice over traditional families of obligation and circumstance.

The drop in educational standing I would attribute to two causes. White flight from the cities to escape the imagined horror of living next to black and brown people has robbed many city school districts of their tax base. And the general reluctance of conservatives to pay taxes has left many districts forcing kids to peddle door to door to pay for "extracurricular" activities, and teachers to buy supplies out of pocket. The best school districts tend to be the ones with the wealthiest students - in this case, coincidence is causality.

Out of wedlock births - is nothing new. People have always had sex and gotten pregnant - the difference now is that pregnancy is no longer followed by immediate marriage. (When I was compiling my family history I was surprised to see that my grandmother, born around 1900, was born just 7 months after her parents got married... hmmmmm). Since this is a new attitude, it falls on the left side of the ledger. I actually don't like this trend and would have schools do a much better job of teaching kids how NOT to get pregnant, but that seems to make conservatives all twitchy.

Need for financial subsidy - I assume you're referring to the government subsidizing poor people, not rich corporations. Again, nothing new. The need has always been there, the difference is that now we do something about it. The benefits to the health and well being of kids from programs such as WIC and foodstamps are well documented, as well as the benefits to the farm industry. But I agree that welfare payments to able bodied working people are not a solution to poverty. Being of a slight socialist tint, I believe strongly in the moral value of work, and the worth of workers - EVERYONE WHO CAN WORK SHOULD WORK. I put that in caps just for you. But people can't work without jobs, and employers can't hire without a suitably educated workforce. I have often written in these pages that the solution to poverty lies in creating opportunity through quality schools in every neighborhood, affordable college, and considerable government investment in basic scientific research - the real driver of job creation. So, let's see - I'll blame this on capitalism, since that's where jobs come from (or not, depending on where we are in the business cycle).

So - there you have it. I won't blame the last 60 years of American history on any one person or philosophy, because that's not how the world works. There are plenty of good and bad ideas throughout the political spectrum - as a pragmatic progressive, I don't care where solutions come from. Blaming one party or person for our failures and dogmatically shoehorning our successes into another is, I'm sorry to say, just stupid.

David Hardee

Bailey - your response is well taken as having enough specificity to give depth to your reasoning for "Liberal tint." Coincidence in a well structure Federal government controlled society is not acceptable - the proper description is "unforeseen circumstances". That my friend is the consequence resulting from attempting social engineering - even when the intent was benevolent.

That benevolent intent of giving preference to correct inequities suffer by specific classes of society did precipitate many destructive unforeseen circumstances - i.e - flight from cities - inequities in schools funding.

Benevolence to child care with federal subsidizing payment to out of wedlock mothers precipitated - destruction of the family structure - increase in out of wedlock birth and consequently increase in abortions.

Self inflicted harms were qualified as disabilities and benevolent payment were supplied to addicts - chronic unwilling to work -

Ease of acquiring federal subsidy promote rampid sloth, fraud and abuse of benevolent programs.

The entire traditional social structure was adversely changed as the result of UNFORESEEN CIRCUMSTANCES emanating from well intended Federal government social engineering, Benevolence.

There are causes and effect.

Bailey - we are not far apart and you are definitely the more benevolent. You and I mirror the society as it struggles with democracy. Trump is good for us at this point in time. We have swung to far to the liberal tint.


Bailey Jones

Yes, David, possibly the best title for a history of politics would be "Unintended Consequences". But change is inevitable, we have to keep trying and coping as best we can.

Bailey Jones

Well, Carlos - technically, he married TWO. But who's counting? It's a little much to expect me to believe that the man who has limited the inflow of refugees to the lowest levels since 1980, and who has reduced legal immigration to 2008 levels, and who employs Steven MIller in ANY capacity, is a proponent of multiculturalism. But you do live in a different universe than I do.

Carlos Ponce

Make it two.

Charles Douglas

Mr. Hardee, you knocked this thing out of the ball park. I can see and imagine how uncomfortable this Op-ed is making some in our society as well as our community feel this morning. Welcome to the truth and to reality! I would also add that Americans are set apart from the rest of the world not only because of our code of justice, Hard work, prosperity, and freedom, but we have up to this point assured that these standards and qualities were not taken for granted anywhere in America! Sadly to say this is no longer true. Today weeds are growing wildly in our wheat! The Ameirican lexicon is systematically being tampered with, and many in today's society here are being told in our schools, universities, and our jobs, what we can and cannot say! Our vocabulary is being changed right before our eyes. Today, this word and that word is offensive. Today, this name on our school is offensive to this small group or that group over there. Today, this statue is offensive so TAKE IT THE #$&* ..DOWN!!!! Today in America, instead of focusing on our future, enormous amounts of focus and energy are being spent on changing a past which use to be dead people's present! I recently asked an individual, why is it that people around the world would risk their most prized possessions, including their lives and lives of their families to come to America, legally or illegally? I'll tell it here today,..because in America you become what America is. You are free to think, free to hope, free to become a hard worker, free to worship, free to realize a dream for one's family to live lives like God intended life to be lived, and NOT UNDER THAT BIG TENT, Mr. Hardee so eloquently identified. I tried to reference that big tent in the past but I called it the FARM! Don't matter weather it's called the tent or the FARM, ...many in today's society are ascertaining better eyesight, better thinking, education and thinking skills aside from group think tendencies going on in America today. However, in full disclosure, it seems many of our young today are trekking back to the tent or the FARM, toeing the line for those who want to change what America, and Americans, have become, the greatest country, and most prosperous people on the planet! Thanks Mr. Hardee! I have a relative who thinks family members and the government are suppose to pay for his and his family's livelihood. He won't like your article either!!

Steve Fouga

Grains of truth in a bucket of hogwash.

Jeff Patterson

Well said Steve. America has a strong heritage and was founded on the accomplishment through work philosophy and self-sufficiency that the author cites, and has been a shining beacon fighting for freedom in the world, and we should all be very proud of that. But when he makes the leap to say that that makes us superior to any other society/country ever, my reaction is I think he needs to get out a little more and maybe also do some studying of history. As I always tried to remind my children, the US is less than 5% of the world’s population....there are a lot of other ways to do things out there in the world other than what we do here, and I’m sure the author would be shocked to find out that some of those are actually better than what we do here in some areas. There have also been some pretty significant civilizations over the years that have accomplished some pretty amazing things as well. None of this is to take away from American greatness, but it is just to offer the perspective that yes, America has done very well in the last 240+ years, but it may be a little presumptuous, and yes, arrogant, to claim that we are “superior among all societies”. Maybe want to get a few more centuries of run time before you make that claim. And just as a data point, we are actually 5th in the world in productivity according to the OECD.

Miceal O'Laochdha

Seems like I heard somewhere a phrase that might be applicable here: something along the lines of "The first shall be last and the last shall be first". I forget who said it but I remember a lot of folks usually pay attention (or is it just lip service?) to His teachings...

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