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Emile Pope

Only in Fantasyland...

Doyle Beard

We are just getting over 8 years of being in fantasyland so lets move on.

Carlos Ponce

Chuck Schumer says "Thank you Obama," for the rising economy. Economists interviewed by the Wall Street Journal say differently.
See "Economists Credit Trump as Tailwind for U.S. Growth, Hiring and Stocks"
“There is definitely a sense in the business community that the president’s actions on taxes and regulations have led to a more pro-growth environment for them to operate,” said Chad Moutray, chief economist at the National Association of Manufacturers."
Yet there are naysayers:
"Still, it is early yet to evaluate Mr. Trump’s performance. He inherited an economy that had already experienced years of falling unemployment and durable if slow growth."
Key on the phrase "SLOW growth". Obama is the only president not reaching 3%+ annual GDP growth. Trump's already there plus some.
But realize lower unemployment numbers were not felt by the Blacks nor Hispanics during Obama. And the jobs created were a result of Obamacare - split an already existing job in two with lower hours so they didn't have to provide insurance.
Under Trump, take home pay has risen.
"Economists were also pretty down on the Obama administration. More than 60 percent said the administration’s policies had had a somewhat or strongly negative effect on long-term growth. Forty-eight percent said that nearer term economic growth had been negatively impacted by the Obama administration, with just 35 percent saying it had had a positive effect."

Randy Chapman

Carlos, you seem to have forgotten that anything negative that happened during Obama's reign as king was entirely Bush's fault, possibly somehow to include daddy Bush as well. You'll never convince them to be truthful. Likewise, anything positive that happens for the next 4 presidential terms will be somehow attributed to Obama's policies.

Doyle Beard

Carlos, Chuckie boy and Emile 2 peas in a pod.

Kelly Naschke

All of these statistics that were presented are 100% quantifiable FACT. To call FACT "fantasyland" seriously diminishes any relevance to anything you say. You should at least pretend it was all Obama's policies coming into play like the mainstream media is.

Jarvis Buckley

Great article, keep them coming👍

Steve Fouga

Anyone failing to give the president credit for economic improvement is either not paying attention, or not objective enough to acknowledge the spirit of business optimism the president's attitude has engendered.

If the uptick leads to inflation and rising interest rates, he'll no doubt be blamed for that. Let's enjoy the boom for as long as it lasts, pray it lasts a long time, and in the meantime give the president credit. [thumbup]

Emile Pope

Hogwash. President Obama was elected during the greatest economic downturn since the Great Depression. Instead of trying to help the country to recover, the Republicans decided on Inauguration night to conspire against the country. They agreed as a group to obstruct and sabotage all of the president's efforts to bring the country back from recession in order to blame him if the economy didn't change. Despite their efforts, the president brought the country out of recession and back to a booming economy. Now Trump wants to take credit for President Obama's economy just as he's spent his entire life taking credit for the accomplishments of others. Hopefully he'll not be able to ruin this country and bail has he has done on his other endeavors...

Claudia Burnam

So what did Obama do when he had control of both house of congress? Obamacare, one of worst bills ever passed. And that is all he did that was noteworthy. E G Wiley

Steve Fouga

Emile, to be clear, I dislike President Trump. But my observation is that even considering the economic gains of the Obama presidency, there has been an uptick thus far during the Trump presidency.

If you were a Democratic Party strategist, would you choose to attack the Republicans in an area that can only be considered a success? If you do, your argument had better be simple, concise, and true -- and I don't see a way to do it. People tend to think in terms of time frames they can easily relate to, like "The Obama Presidency" and "The Trump Presidency." Emile, regardless of how our good economy got here, it's here! During the course of the Trump presidency, the economy has been good, period.

Attacking a success based on arcane arguments like "Well, the economy was also good during the Obama presidency," and "Obama salvaged our economy during the worst downturn" -- while true -- will not convince a single Republican voter to vote for a Democrat, and not many independents, either. It's old news, ancient history.

Emile Pope

Won’t have to convince them. The economic crash coming will convince them. And the Democrats who didn’t vote or wasted their vote on third party candidates will support Democrats now that them see what can happen if they don’t. Just wait till the midterms...

Steve Fouga

True that. If the economy crashes, the Republicans are in for a bad time come the midterms. Maybe even if there's no crash. That said, I'm not rooting for a crash.

Jim Forsythe

 Since March 2009.,the Bull market has been in a study upward movement. With the GDP Growth Lower than Expected in Q4 of 2017 and the expected increase in the loan rate, some slowing in the Dow will happen.  

Interest rate increases ,will slow the housing market.
"Trading Economics also forecasts that mortgage rates will rise from 4.2 percent to 4.4 percent by next year, and to 6 percent by 2020. That would mean a $200,000 mortgage today that carries a monthly payment of $836 would cost $1,200 a month if mortgage rates were 6 percent in 2020 as predicted."

 Growth was lower than Expected in Q4, if this continues, it could show a weakness in our recovery from the rescission.            
"The US economy expanded an annualized 2.6 percent on quarter in the last quarter of 2017, below 3.2 percent in the previous period and market expectations of 3 percent, the advance estimate from the BEA showed. "

Paul Sivon

All bought for with more debt, a trillion dollars projected to be added this year. We need a fiscal conservative one day. Preferably one with ethics and without a history of repeated bankruptcies as a business strategy.

Diane Turski

1.5 trillion added to the debt with the "give to the rich" tax cut; and now another trillion dollars added with the passage of the spending bill! That means the U.S. has to borrow more and interest rates will rise. It also means, as Paul Ryan has already stated, that they plan to cut Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid to help lower the huge deficit they have just created! I hope everyone's children will have an extra room in their homes for their parents to live in - just like the old days before Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid programs were created.These safety net programs are NOT free "entitlements." People pay into them throughout their working careers so they can retire with some dignity. I suggest that everyone should think about all of this when you consider whom to vote for in every election from now on! I will be voting for a representative who will actually do the best job of representing ME and my values, not their party's donor class!

Carlos Ponce

""give to the rich" tax cut"
I'm certain Diane will hand over her share of the tax cut over to the government since she doesn't consider herself "rich".

Randy Chapman

"I will be voting for a representative who will actually do the best job of representing ME and my values, not their party's donor class!"

I suppose you mean the taxpayers when you say "donor class?" Medicare is fine. Medicaid is a giveaway for those that refuse to support themselves.

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