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Bailey Jones

[thumbup] Thanks for another great column. You remind us all of what a truly global community we live in.

Joel Martin

Thanks Alvin. I really enjoy these columns.

Miceal O'Laochdha

My first voyage to Tanzania was on a Lykes Bros. ship in 1974. Better than the previous voyage to Saigon, but we still "encountered" the Mozambique civil war going strong in Beira and Lourenco Marques before we made it to Tanga, Tanzania. Rode a dilapidated old bus for 12 hours each way into the bush to Arusha to see Kilimanjaro when daylight dawned; and spend some time seeing how the Masai and Kikuyu lived, far from any tourists. It was an extraordinary experience. The seaman's life is not for everyone but, it can be a truly remarkable adventure. Just ask you travel agent what it will cost you to go visit Kilimanjaro, Ngoro Ngoro, or the Serengeti. This business nowadays of restricting seamen to their ships in port is cruel and needless.

AJ LeBlanc

This made me smile, as my first trip to Dar es Salaam (Tanzania) was on the Margaret Lykes in 1977. A few days later in Mombasa, several of us chartered a small plane to see Kilimanjaro. East Africa was enjoyable at the time.

Miceal O'Laochdha

Actually the bus trip mentioned was out of Mombasa; the fighting on the coast in Tanzania made it impossible to go from Beira. Used to be if you shook a tree in Galveston a half dozen seamen would fall out; especially from Lykes Bros. ships. Same with the private clubs on Postoffice and 21st. Not too many of us left nowadays...

Mike Box

Thanks for another great column!

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