As is my custom on July 4, I read the entire Declaration of Independence. In light of the most recent Supreme Court rulings, one phrase in the Declaration stuck out.

The phrase “a long train of abuses and usurpations” refers to the rule of King George III, but this phrase can also be attributed to prior United States Supreme Courts.

Mike Cowan lives in Galveston.


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Carlos Ponce

Those who object to Dobbs v Jackson must have been very poor civics students. Justices Blackmun, Burger, Douglas, Brennan, Stewart, Marshall and Powell created a right not found in the US Constitution.

Even pro-abortion Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg found their rationale lacking in Constitutional validity.

Charles Douglas

I hear you Mr. Cowan, but the WOKE LEFT is not interested in what is right! They are on a mission to change America, from an exceptional nation by hook or crook, by lying, conspiring, or cheating! They have viciously done all of that, and more in an all out effort to bring this nation down!

They are now, as if destroying life in the womb isn't horrible enough, ..they have begun to attack those kids who made it out of the womb with Raceism, Adult Gender Change material, Racial Division in schools of this nation without parental permission!

I have been blessed to live a long time and never in my life after seeing many horrific things did I ever think I would see some of the things the WOKE LEFT is perpetrating, and creating in this nation now in an effort to change it, and to gain riches & power for themselves. They are selling America out for China!

On top of killing kids in the womb, they have destroyed our border system to the point where we AREN'T in control of who is crossing over them anymore, but they are constantly attacking our Second Amendment, our First Amendment, & the Constitution as a whole! They have attacked our Supreme Court System because they don't like their rulings. ( Like in Red China, it has to be their way or the highway ). They attacked our American parents and called them Domestic Terrorists simply for standing up for their children,and their parental rights over their kids juxtaposed to teachers exercising rights to teach kids whatever trash concerning human body parts, and sexuality, sexual engagement, and teaching pre schoolers and elementary students the arts of sex-changes!

They have attacked our life blood as a free nation to prosper, which is Fossil Fuel, Gas & Coal. Their leaders have killed high paying jobs supplied by Fossil Fuel in this nation and they handed the economic advantage of wealth from Oil, Gas, &Coal to our competitors, and our enemies like Russia, Iran, and China who has a bought and paid for Surrogate occupying the seat in the American Oval Office who can't even read from a teleprompter! He has made a fool of himself, his party, his supporters, and tragically...this nation from one end of the globe to the other!

Gasoline is over four dollars a gallon since Joe Biden was voted into office, Inflation is at a 40 year high and is threatening to plunge this nation into a recession or with Biden & Harris in charge, maybe even a depression! "Come on Man!" " NO JOKE!" Food prices are off the charts! The worst part of all this is ,...with all the chaos, upheaval, and destruction these people has caused, their are still some people somewhere who swears they are doing a great job!

Charles Douglas

I forgot to mention that the WOKE LEFT has worked double hard to discredit American police and law enforcement departments by advocating defunding and dismantling them, to the point where law enforcement career people have begun quitting and retiring at enormous rates and outrageous numbers! The WOKE LEFT made up for that by allowing & championing high city and state officials like George Gascon, Kim Fox, Eric Adam's, Lori ( The Unit ) Lightfoot, Galvin Newsome, and ALvin Bragg to come to power and to stand up for crime and criminals, while looking down on law-abiding citizens and victims! This WOKE Ideology has grown so fast that crime has risen to catastrophic highs all over America! New York, Chicago, Los Angles, and Houston have crimes off the charts, even three & four year old toddlers are harassing police officers with disdain, disrespect, and profane names as they patrol or make stops in their neighborhoods! These are things the WOKE want for America, where victims are charged and arrested for defending themselves from bodily harm or death, while attackers or criminals attacking them are set free!

George Croix

Pres. Bush 43 picked a kindred spirit in Chief Justice Roberts.

Michael Jozwiak

A worthless reply, Mr. Cowan. Proves you can read but not think. The power belongs to the people, all the people, not just a few marrow minded characters elected or appointed into temporary positions in the government. Women should control birth decisions for themselves. And why do all these professed KKKristians believer more in the 2nd Amendment rather than the 2nd Commandment?

George Croix


The USA is a constitutional republic.

Citizen voters elect representatives to exercise power, supposedly on behalf of and in accordance with the wishes of their constituents.

Those elected ARE in temporary positions in the government, being required to run for re-election. Whether they are narrow minded or not is usually found out after first elected to office.

SCOTUS justices appointment is only as temporary as the lifespan of each, or until retirement.

Cowan knows that.



Gary Miller

The responcability for birth control they want is back where it should be. Women should control themselves. With help from each state legislatures with voter support..All abortions should be banned after first heart beat. Congress can pass a law that a heart beat indicates a live US citizen with full constitutional protection.

George Croix

It will be interesting to hear the rationalizing that a human heartbeat doesn’t really mean life.

Looking forward to it….

Bailey Jones

George, if you think that a heartbeat means life, you might want to go back to CPR class and ask them what the P stands for.

Even so, it's not a question of whether an embryo is alive, obviously it is. My sperm is alive (not as lively as it once was, no doubt), and we don't consider that to be a baby. The question is, who has the right to decide what goes on in someone's body? There are a variety of answers to that question based on a variety of religious beliefs. And that's why it's best left up to the individual.

There are any number or arbitrary definitions of when a fertilized egg becomes a "human being". The Texas Republican Party platform says "at the moment of fertilization". Texas law says it's when the group of cells that will eventually become a heart begin to contract. Mississippi law says it's 15 weeks - after the period called "organogenesis", when most of the organs are mostly formed. People used to say the "quickening", when the fetus becomes "alive and kicking". Many cultures believe it's when the soul enters the body at the first breath. Your birth certificate, the census taker, and the IRS all say it's at birth. The Romans believed it was when the father decided whether he wanted to keep it or feed it to the wolves. Is it when consciousness begins - several months AFTER birth? Roe says it's at "viability" - when a fetus can live outside of a woman's body - when the lungs have developed sufficiently to process air.

Shall we let the government decide which of these is correct? Shall we let you decide? Or me, or Ted, or, God forbid, Carlos? I say no. This is a decision for the woman to make, with her doctor. It's a matter of religious conviction and personal conscience - something that ought to be protected in a free society.

Protecting the rights of other people doesn't take away your right to believe what you want and live your life accordingly, it just allows everyone else to do the same thing.

George Croix

No need, Bailey.

I get to have my opinion, even though I’m not an engineer.

I’m also lucky to have two doctors and two paramedics in the family. I’m very fortunate to not have any journalists in it, and only two progressives….

My opinion is not codified law, but it’s as good as anyones.

Be sure and carry a card for responders to use at your next major accident with a list of arbitrary definitions for them to choose from….

Grass is alive.

My pine and pecan trees are alive.

The abortion on demand side is alive with excuses for killing.

Abortion laws applied:

Rape. No.

Incest. No.

Actual medical risk. No.

Convenience. Yes

It’s also human nature as carnivores and predators to kill and take, but most of us repress those instincts as time has made it less necessary for survival. We all have free will, not a guarantee of free stuff on another’s dime….

Want to screw around unprotected, do it on your own dime…

And if you don’t even know who the other one is, for possible accountability, then maybe some additional repressing is called for…

Carlos Ponce

Bailey, your sperm contains only your DNA, only yours. A baby's DNA has half of the mother's DNA and half of the father's DNA making the baby a unique individual.

As Nat King Cole sang:

"Yes, I may dream a million dreams,

But how can they come true,

If there will never, ever be another you?"

Why destroy someone who is unique?

Bailey Jones

"Women should control themselves." With wisdom like that, you should be sitting on the Supreme Court, Gary.

I'm just glad that, as a man, I bear absolutely no responsibility for my actions.

Robert Braeking

Gary, That would require a constitutional amendment since citizenship is defined in the constitution. Good luck on getting the current batch of idiots' initiating such an amendment.

Robert Braeking

Both men and women should control themselves. Free love isn't free. There are consequences to sexual relations and killing the result is not the answer.

Ted Gillis

Does that go for a turtles’ heartbeat too?

George Croix

If you want it to.

Your call…

Ted Gillis

No, not my call George, it was a question some jackass republican senator asked during a committee hearing.

Carlos Ponce

Sen. James Lankford NEVER brought up a turtle's heartbeat, Ted Gillis did.

Sen Lankford aked, "Do you find that odd that in federal law we protect an eagle egg acknowledging that's an eagle inside that egg, and we protect a turtle egg saying we acknowledge that's a turtle inside that egg, but we allow the destruction of children?"

I find it interesting City Councilman Ted Gillis was the only one who voiced objection to an anti-hate billboard.

George Croix

I usually avoid watching any committee meetings by either Party, so never heard about it. My pony died, but still have my dog, so rarely any need for their shows….

There’s no shortage of jackasses either way.

Ted Gillis

Carlos, quit cherry picking. The senator asked the witness if a woman could give birth to a turtle, and she was dumbfounded. Try posting links that are accurate for a change.

And I was not the only one on city council who voted against endorsing that sign, I was just the only one who voiced my opinion out loud at the council meeting. Try posting full context for a change. And just so you know, Father Peter was against that sign too. He said that all it would do was add fuel to the fire.

Carlos Ponce

Ted, those links I posted are accurate. Your memory embellishes the facts.

"And I was not the only one on city council who voted against endorsing that sign,"

In context:

The Galveston County Daily News Friday August 11, 2000:

"But a speech by the Jewish boy's father turned the tide of emotion, and in the final tally, only one city councilman, Ted Gillis, opposed the sign."

Others may have voiced opposition but " in the final tally, only one city councilman, Ted Gillis, opposed the sign."

I'm not questioning your vote, Ted. But I find it INTERESTING.[beam]

Ted Gillis

Oh, and I didn’t object to the group putting up the sign themselves, they were looking for us (city council) to endorse the sign. Big difference.

A lot of us on council and staff at the time were discussing putting up our own sign in front of city hall pointing the way to the school board building. It seemed that one dust up after another at the school was getting the unwanted attention of outsiders coming into City Hall asking questions and our opinions. Clearly the school board was not taking care of their own business back then.

And speaking of “back then”, would you please quit stalking my past. It really creeps me out.

Carlos Ponce

No one is stalking, Ted. It's part of local history and documenting and digitalizing Santa Fe School history is what I do.This article was part of SFISD's archives.

Again, I do not question your opposition to the sign. I just find it INTERESTING.[beam][beam]

Ted Gillis

Well okay then Carlos. You’ve got the goods on me. As my mother used to say, you win the fur lined cuspidor!

However, that republican senator did ask the stupid question about a woman giving birth to a turtle.

George Laiacona

Am I on Candid Camera? This writer is definitely a die hard Trumper. He has definitely left out the part where the Republican Religious Zealots have been able to sneak around the wall that separates church and state. Today’s version of the Supreme Court is nothing more than a biased Republican court. FDR had this similar problem. If it wasn’t for WWII the Religious Zealots would have gained control back then.

Carlos Ponce

Read Dobbs v Jackson. It is built on sound Constitutional grounds.

On the other hand.... even pro-abortion Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg had trouble with the rationale in Roe v Wade.

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