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A.J. Bourgeois

I appreciated your very expressive and heartfelt descriptions of Arlington and your poignant remembrance. Thank you for your service.
—Debra Bourgeois DesMarteau
(daughter of AJ & Anita)

Miceal O'Laochdha

Very well written Mr. Fitzpatrick. A perfect piece for this or any Memorial Day. Thank you...for everything.

Wayne Holt

We should also remember that not all of America's casualties are laid to rest as these brave souls were. We have many, many thousands of veterans who suffer a life of psychological damage and physical pain and incapacity. They have literally traded their lives in service to our country.

Since civilians, and not the military, make the final decisions about deployment and geopolitical engagement, the American public has a solemn and sacred duty to those both lost and those still serving. That duty is to make sure not one military member is asked to make the sacrifices they have made unless it is in actual defense of our country.

Too often, those who have never been in harm's way are very eager to place others in that position. Whether we are Republican, Democrat, Independent or otherwise, you and I owe it to the fallen, and the broken, to make sure this country only goes into combat under circumstances that preclude any reasonable alternative...and never for the mad dreams of empire or profit.

Charles Douglas

Well done marine! You, like myself, made it back, but those who served with us and fell, ... made it home! It bothers me that I get to do things they will never do, and go places they will never go. That alone is enough to make a man think soberly and solemnly about our military people, and then you look up and see others who did not serve, PARK in a spot reserved for veterans. What a disrespect. Thanks again lieutenant, good article.

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