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Susan Fennewald

The advantage of the system is that no matter what idiot gets elected to the higher office, the bureaucracy that's responsible for keeping things running - water, sewer, police, fire-will continue to keep things running.

I think we come out ahead as long as the bureaucrats are reasonably competent.

Emile Pope

First, the "red state" is the ridiculous term invented by the right wing to attack the professional workers who refuse to blindly follow the corrupt and sometimes illegal actions of the donald trump . Resistance to a dictator is always a good thing. Second, the government is not a corporation. So having it being run by someone with the powers of a CEO not only makes it corruptible but inhumane. Leave the CEOs to their boardrooms expense accounts. They're not welcome here...

Carlos Ponce

" 'red state' is the ridiculous term invented by the right wing to attack the professional workers who refuse to blindly follow the corrupt and sometimes illegal actions of the donald trump" WRONG! The terms "Red State", "Blue State" predate the candidacy of Donald Trump by about 30 years going back to the 1980s, standardized for the 2000 elections to mean GOP = Red State and Democrats = Blue State and subsequently Purple States meaning those with neither party in control, Pink = leaning GOP, light blue =leaning Democrat.Your hatred of Donal Trump is evident, Emile.

Carlos Ponce

And it was not "invented by the right wing" but by the media, which is largely controlled by the Left.

Gary Scoggin

Are you saying the biggest cable mainstream media source, FoxNews, is controlled by the Left? (What ever that means.)

Carlos Ponce

Check your timeline, Gary Scoggin. FOX news was not on Cable until October 7, 1996 and only in a few markets, long after the terms 'Red State" and "Blue State" were in use.

Emile Pope

Make that Deep state...

Gary Scoggin

David, who runs the Deep State? I assume from your description that they are an evil cabal all working in concert for some nefarious purpose. I didn’t realize it stretched from the FBI Director all the way down to past our local City Managers.

Can I assume that since Texas City has a strong mayor form of government, we won’t be seeing black helicopters on the Mainland any time soon?

Carlos Ponce

" More Army training planned near Texas City, La Marque, By T.J. Aulds Feb 13, 2013"


"The training will involved a UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter that will fly over the Texas City and La Marque area, La Marque’s Police Chief Randall Aragon said."

2013 - that's when Obama was president.

Gary Scoggin

Thank God for Louie Gohmert for averting this catastrophe.

Miceal O'Laochdha

Gary, I didn't see any response to your question of who runs the "Deep State". Lawrence Durrell had that all figured out back in '68. It is Julian, and the "Firm"(Merlin’s), that is secretly pulling strings and wielding hidden power all over the world. It is all exposed in his two-volume novel “Revolt of Aphrodite”. “Tunc” and “Nunquam”. Everything will be clear after reading these books.

Gary Scoggin

That's good to know. I wonder if they are hiring?

Miceal O'Laochdha

It has been almost 50 years since I read it but, if I remember correctly, it is very easy to get hired by the Firm, if they see you have something useful to be exploited but...it is very difficult indeed to resign...

Cary Semar

I was prepared to hear another right wing diatribe when I started reading this piece, but I was pleasantly surprised.

Mr. Stanowski accurately describes a real problem without suggesting a solution. His bias seems to be revealed by his use of the term "Deep State" which invokes a conspiracy theory popularized by former Trump political advisor Steve Bannon. A certain amount of tension between institutions and political leadership is inevitable and the problem is how to bring about orderly change in institutions without destroying their effectiveness.

Jim Casey

Ah, yes. The nefarious "elites" and the "deep state." And the "quotation marks" to indicate which "words" are "important."

Better we should return to the old system, where city government was filled with the mayor's relatives and drinking buddies—all of whom were the same race and religion, of course.

Then city workers would campaign feverishly for the mayor's re-election, so that they wouldn't lose their jobs. If that required bribing people to vote, stuffing ballot boxes, or occasionally beating up supporters of the mayor's opponents, fine.

The police would know who was untouchable, even if they were caught driving drunk, beating their wife, or occasionally suspected of murder.

And anyone wanting to do business with the city would know which palms to grease or whose house needed a little remodeling.

Perhaps the good old days were not really that good, and that's why government and society evolved. We also gave up on cobblestone streets, oil lamps, and wool underwear.

Incidentally, many of the big cities that Mr. Stanowski seems to despise—such as Chicago and New York—have a strong mayor form of government.

Charlotte O'rourke

Mayor–council or council–manager type of government isn’t the real issue. There are pros and cons to each type. What matters is the caliber of person in the position and their dedication to the job and their constituents instead of dedication to self interest or political interest to stay in power.

Abuse of office can come from a man or woman, red state or blue state, democrat or republican , mayor or city manager as CEO or at city, county, state or national level.

Voting really does matter, and I wish more people exercised that right.

Bailey Jones

I really shouldn't be laughing this hard in a full stomach.

Jim Forsythe

If you are going to talk about the Deep State, don't forget these groups. Skull and Bones, Bohemian Grove, Illuminati, Deep State behind the Deep State, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, Bilderbergs.

Bailey Jones

Ahhh, yes... the Bilderbergers. My dad used to get newsletters about them back in the 60s. But you left out Cigarette Smoking Man, aka Cancer Man.

Gary Scoggin

And the Knights Templar

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