I’m old enough to recall a time when powers that be demanded we lower academic standards in public schools. It was a clarion call for the ostensible purpose of granting parity to a larger percentage of our population, so more students could graduate from high school. It’s no surprise that the product of the changes that followed are every bit as visible today as they were predictable then.

It wasn’t an accident. I remember the catalysts for it, like a perfect setup. Perhaps not satisfied with the pace of societal degradation, we’re now being introduced to an equally destructive catalyst for change called “equity” — begging the question, how insidious is a motive that wittingly makes victims or oppressors out of people only to be sacrificed on an altar of self-interests? Moreover, what is it called when the target of the motive is the easy prey of malleable young minds?

Whether there are people such as these at Clear Creek ISD, I’ve no way of knowing. I’d like to think not. But there's no doubt about the evil that's driving this new agenda across our country.

It’s as infectious as the Chinese Communist Party's coronavirus. Fair to say that most of those who champion “equity” agendas are more likely unwitting supporters, some for altruistic purposes, others perhaps for less noble reasons. No matter. The result is the same.

That brings us to the issue of the “Equity & Equality” Audit commissioned by the district, two terms that seem more oxymoronic than symbiotic. Striking is the touchy/feely aspiration to make everyone the same, never mind that the prospect runs contrary to the very fundamentals of human nature.

Even the report, itself, is hugely contradictory. It notes in the fifth paragraph that factors related to the home environment are of lesser influence on student performance than the classroom. Really? Why don’t you tell that to Dr. Ben Carson? There’s a two syllable, common-parlance term for that notion, which we’ll just leave here to the reader’s imagination. 

The report goes on to suggest it would be possible to design programs that guarantee equal access with, one presumes, an expectation of equal results. Students should no longer have to demonstrate a level of competence to gain acceptance into programs like “Science Magnet” and “Gifted and Talented.”

These wizards of smart would have us believe that given the right environment, properly trained instructors and the reallocation of resources (that would be tax increases for the uninitiated) that equal outcomes are all but guaranteed.

Similarly, it notes that the district is deficient in faculty diversity, suggesting that genetics should trump demonstrable ability and performance in its hiring practices. Gone are the days when the "best and brightest" was the governing litmus.

In his writings, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn observed that human beings are born with different capacities. If they're free, they're not equal; if they're equal, they're not free. Don’t push this "equity" nonsense in our schools. Not only is it dehumanizing, it’s also destructive of civil society.

Jack Boteler lives in Seabrook.


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Don Schlessinger


Charles Douglas

Mr. Boteler! They are not only trying to destroy our schools with all this mumbo-jumbo, they are going after our military too! It all fits! If they can rig the schools where the young can be found, and the military where our fighters resides, and destroy the borders, economy of our nation, attack the integrity & morality standards of our nation, then they can engineer the best Socialist/ Communist government here they can get! If a prudent person will look, the process I speak of and one that YOU elaborated about has already started, and is rapidly moving forward! Good OP-ED Mr. Boteler! It was refreshing!! Thanks for the effort!

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