If you have been affected, directly or indirectly, by Ike or Harvey, or any other such flood-producing disaster and do not want to suffer a repeat, it is highly important to let our officials know that. Make it clear to them they will not have your support if they’re not doing the utmost to prevent that. Defeatist attitudes like “it is too expensive” or “the Feds are too difficult” to deal with the roots of the problem should be intolerable to you.

We want our municipal and county governments to obtain funds and resources, whether from within our county or from Austin and Washington, to protect us as much as possible from these devastating floods.

We need to see them ceaselessly fight for coastal protection and for keeping rain runoff from getting backed up by inadequate flow under bridges and excessive silting up of stream beds.

Where are the resolutions demanding actions from the Corps of Engineers and state transportation department and support for this from our state and federal representatives? Our county commissioners should not leave that to the communities. The $3 million spent by us over four years on their combined salaries merit full-time involvement to make our county safe to live in and attractive for investment.

It appears that, at this point, only a few private citizen and city officials are actively seeking to have the bayous’ water kept within the banks during extreme rain falls by trying to get the bridges modified to keep them from acting like dams and get the piled up silt in them removed. Few realize that if the latter action is not taken before another Harvey we could see many more homes getting flooded. And as to “too expensive,” it is less costly than the future costs prevented by it.

Mark Henry, Ken Clark, Stephen Holmes, Darrell Apffell and Joe Giusti, and those who intend to be in their place, Lonnie Cox, Jim Bulgier, Billy Enochs, Ken O’Brien and Michelle Hatmaker, we demand that in return for our votes you stand up for us. We are the residents of the 20,000 plus homes destroyed or damaged, the owners of the tens of thousands of flooded cars, and the business owners who combined have suffered millions of dollars in loss of income.

Don’t leave it to unpaid mayors and city commissioners to try to get us help. Instead, be our champions. Raise your voices loud on our behalf. Pass, together with city councils, resolutions demanding from Quincy Allen of the Texas Department of Transportation (bridges), and from Lars Zetterstrom of the Corps of Engineers (dredging), to bring the expertise and resources of their agencies to our aid. After all, they are paid by us to do so.

Fellow voters, don’t fail to contact your commissioner, demanding to be served not with slogans, but actions. Let it be known that there will not be another over half a million dollars term if it is not earned.

Gerhard Meinecke lives in Dickinson.


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