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Paul Hyatt

I bet if it was your business that was suffering, you would not be a happy camper about these delays....

David Schuler

I have two huge issues with this explanation. First, EVERY recent project in Galveston has discovered something "unexpected", so why hasn't the city started taking this into account when planning major projects? Ground-penetrating radar could have been used to survey the street BEFORE it was torn up to confirm the location (or not!) of key infrastructure. Second, why was the entire street dug up and then left to sit for months? Just like the seawall restrooms, the city had a contractor dig five huge holes in the sidewalk before they had even tried to complete one. How about build one, see how it goes, and then move on? Maybe a bit more expensive but for now it seems that 'resident inconvenience factor' is not ever included in any city project equation.

Anne Reiswerg

Excellent points David.

Gary Miller

David> City opinion? Pay your taxes and shut your mouth. City projects could be better received if tax rebates were offered for excessive inconveinence. Projects like this cause property values to decline but taxes don't.

Michael Moriarty

There would seem to be a management issue at some level. I'm not sure where it is, but the Buck must stop somewhere. To use adverse weather as justification is as juvenile as your dog eating your homework. We are on the coast, inclement weather is our stock and trade. Anyone who doesn't understand that ought not be here and for "professionals" to rely on weather as a delay excuse is just not acceptable.

Miceal O'Laochdha

Brian: when I used to execute government contracts, a Force Majuere extension to the Period of Performance bid by the Contractor for rain delays was acceptable only when the working days impacted by rain exceeded the average rain days on record for the previous forty year period. The idea being that the Contractor was responsible to consider that much rain delay in the PoP days he bid against his competitors. Simply adding rain days to the PoP, as you describe here, is eliminating a competitive factor in the original evaluation for Best Value bid. It sounds like a carte blanche gift to the Contractor.

Brian Maxwell

We follow the same rules as the Feds and TxDot.

It is the standard unfortunately and with so much work, we struggle sometimes to even get bids.....to them our projects are very small.

Gary Miller

Brian> TxDot and feds are not acetable models to copy.

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