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Charles Douglas

Clap! Clap! Clap! ( clapping of hands ). I got to hand it to Mr. Smith for writing this article. Naw! Naw! I got to give the man his props! This was as good a socialist inspired "HIT PIECE" I've seen in a few years! Did anybody catch the BUTT COVERING provided for China, Mr. Smith strategically located in his Op-ed of Hate? Yeah it was there! Half the people who live here dance to China's sheet music! One of the reasons Trump is so despised here is because he won't succumb to the will of the Communist Chinese Government and their subjects living here! That was not the greatest element contained in the HIT part of this Op-ed though. Want to know what was? I'll tell you! The good professor had to go to their Old LEBERAL Gold Mine of strategies, to procure the LEFT'S greatest weapon! He went to their old stand-by called the accusation of "RACISM!" That is their most reliable Insurance Policy! Tell the African Americans, Hispanics, and Asians, those RACIST old conservatives want you to work for a living! Now, we will give you FREE STUFF man! We are the ones who care!! I bought that BS for years, before I jumped the fence of " I CAN'T"...and busted out of the prison of " EMPTY PROMISES!" Doctor Armstrong can tell you exactly what I am talking about! It's been to long where minorities had to hold their heads down and let LEBERALS tell them what was going on around them, and how to respond to them! Those days are coming to a sqeeching halt! If a man dares to look up, he can see how to get up, and if a man can get up, then a man can climb up like anybody else! To those like Mr. SMITH, I'd like to end by saying this, " More and more minority voters are beginning to realize who are trying to help them live and prosper by the righteous labor of their hands, talents, gifts and hard work, juxtapose to who are those trying to keep them in line and in their place for that VOTE at the POLLS! [wink]

jimmy winston

Omg are you TRIGGERED???????

Carlos Ponce

I was expecting this from David Michael. No wonder he was removed from teaching at COM! His diatribe is totally without merit, lacks academic research. I give you an "F" for veracity.

"As Columbia University economist Jeffrey Sachs has written, the epidemic 'ent out of control in this country' because Trump did virtually nothing between early January and mid-March." So closing flights from China then Europe, quarantining returning Americans, forming the Coronavirus Task Force and meeting with them is "virtually nothing? Did you bother to look up the information? At least David Michael has found a kindred spirit in Jeffrey Sachs. Both are clueless.

David Smith

COM made the right decision

GDN should follow.

Blank in the brain

And your to blame

You give all David Smiths a bad name

Diane Turski

Yes, Trump has been unfit to lead since he announced his candidacy! Now he is scrambling to blame China and anyone else he can accuse of being responsible for his own failures. He will do anything to try to get re-elected. Get ready for more of his dangerously desperate lying and cheating behavior. Remember in November and vote him OUT!!!

Carlos Ponce

Diane, don't be upset when Trump is re-elected. You've been asking for the ouster of all Republicans for quite a while. No one is listening to your rants.

"blame China" THEY ARE TO BLAME, TURSKI!!!!!! DUH!

Carlos Ponce

Stating China is not responsible for this pandemic is tantamount to saying Japan was not responsible for the bombing of Pearl Harbor. The only difference is the COVID-19 started as an accident but China allowed international flights to spread it throughout the world. It spread to Washington State through incoming flights from China. Chinese travel to Europe infected Europeans who then spread it to the East Coast United States. And what were the Democrats doing? Trying to remove the president, tearing up the State of the Union in which Trump expressed the need to fight the coronavirus, calling Trump's travel bans from China and Europe "xenophobic".

Jennifer Lance


Theresa Elliott

This article, like so many others that don’t tell all of the facts, doesn’t offer one single solution. Try offering something instead of just complaining.

Emile Pope

Joe Biden.

Don Schlessinger


Bailey Jones

Setting aside the question raised by the headline - which historians and voters will decide - this pandemic caught the whole world with their pants down. Some countries have done better - South Korea, for instance, others have done worse - Brazil and Turkmenistan come to mind. We're still a year or two from knowing who, in the long run, made the best calls for preserving public health and the economy.

The real question is, which world leaders will learn the lessons of this pandemic and put policies in place to ensure readiness for the inevitable next, worst, pandemic, and which leaders will not. That's a question only the next pandemic can answer. I suspect that our president will be too busy blaming others to proactively plan for the future, but maybe he's more of a multitasker than I give him credit for. I certainly won't mind if he proves me wrong. And historians and voters will take note.

Meanwhile, I notice our government has ordered another 100,000 COVID-19 body bags. That's being proactive, right?

David Smith

Trumps fault.... hmm... this pandemic started where? In Wuhan China?

Bailey Jones

Hurricanes often start off the coast of Africa. We judge our leaders by how well they react when they reach our shores.

Carlos Ponce

And what did the Democrat leadership do especially in the House where they have leadership? Zero, Zip, Nada. History shows the Federal government starting acting in early January days after the first Wuhan death.

What should have been done differently that wasn't done?

Warn American travelers about China travel? They did that on Jan. 6, 2020 - The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention warns Americans to take precautions if traveling to China.

Offer to help China at the onset of the virus? They did that on Jan. 7 - The CDC’s Emergency Operations Center activates a COVID-19 Incident Management System, used to direct operations, deliver resources and share information.

"We judge our leaders by how well they react when they reach our shores." Give the President an A++++.

And some idiots are saying the Trump administration did "virtually nothing"?????

Emile Pope

How they react when they reach our shores? F-. Golfing and holding campaign rallies isn’t a response but an abdication.

Bailey Jones

I appreciate that you want to award the president his predetermined grade halfway through his exam, but I'm content to wait until it's time to out the pencils down.

I'm glad you haven't forgotten Job 1 - protect the President!

Carlos Ponce

Emile, Barack Obama is STILL golfing on April 25 in Gainesville, Virginia. Nothing wrong with that. He's retired and due leisure time. Problem is Michelle Obama issued this PSA on April 24 the day before his golf outing:

“Hi everybody, it’s Michelle Obama. Our communities are among the hardest hit by the coronavirus, and we’ve got to do everything we can to keep each other safe. And that means staying home because even if we are not showing any symptoms, we can still spread the virus to others. Let’s keep each other safe by just staying home. Thank you so much and God bless.”

So if Barack doesn't pay attention to Michelle, the rest of us don't have to either.[beam] FORE!

Emile Pope

It doesn't take a genius to know that the grade is going to be an F-, especially since nearly everything he's done has been wrong. Now the latest excuse; "it's China's fault, I was copying from their test paper and they deliberately wrote the wrong answers to make me fail..."

Carlos Ponce

And when Trump is re-elected, Emile will get FOUR MORE YEARS to complain.

Gary Miller

David? And China protected China while letting infected Chinese fly to Europe and the US.

Charles Douglas

I'm "dilly-dalling" with something here, now let me see......First they came up with a stupid, childish like conspiracy using the 25th Amendment as a tool to replace the President! They tried to enlist people with the character of Judias Iscariot, Brutus, and Benidict Arnold to carry the treasonous plot out,...People like General John Kelley, who was Trump's Chief Of Staff, and Russ Tillerson who was a half a## Secretary Of State who had no better sense than to try to brown-nose United Nation Secretary Nikky Haley into helping them get it done! Nikky told them to shut it down or she would, and they got fired anyway! Then ..they came up with the Russian Hoax,...( didn't work for them either ). Then they invented the Ukraine Sham,...( didn't work for them either ). Then they devoted themselves to leave the voters staked out over an ant hill, and do an IMPEACHMENT to get Trump out of office, while everything else went to hell in a hand basket! That failed too! Now,....Now... they want to say he went into a Chinese Lab in WUHAN CHINA, and loosed a Killer Pandemic Virus which has killed thousands upon thousands of citizens around the world including America! They figure something has to work and soon! If not Old Joe "HANDS" ( I gave him that name months ago,...now we know why! ) Biden.. will have to be let out if his hiding place to face Trump publicly!! They have people all around this country, people like this author who wrote this HIT PIECE, to use their lying lips and persuasive talents to BS the American people into believing Trump is at fault for this useless carnage of human life!! These people are the works, they are sick I tell you!

Gary Miller

Charles> You spend too much time on facts and nothing on Liberal spin. Bravo!!

Brent Broussard

And you’ve proven my theory that I know exactly what the writer looks like before I scroll down. Nice propaganda piece. The Mainland must be so proud of the affiliation with you.

Jarvis Buckley

Still crazy after all these years.

I think Paul Simon knew you.

Stuart Crouch

Preach on, my good, learned brother! Yes, yes, it was high time for some of your truths to slap these foo's like a cold, muddy wave of third coast beach water! In true fashion, you've answered the call and delivered an impeccable piece, just as the whiners were beginning to overload the "Letters to the Editor" column. (The irony isn't lost on the fact that this paper and its editors, accused by many to be so ardently left-leaning and selective in their reports, still manage to find it in their hearts to publish all of their baseless accusations and canned right-wingnut talking points.)

Anyhoo, a great sermon, my brethren; I could not agree more. Truth and justice are (well, once were) the American way and it does seem that their chief and the rest of their tribe are getting a bit antsy about their chances this go 'round.

Should it not go well for this bunch come November, one can almost hear their pathetic moans of injustice, bad timing and the big, bad bully that is Mother Nature, being blamed for producing a 'foreign-born[e] (the worst kind, you understand) virus that undermined their almost guaranteed chances of a second term and a whiter 'Merica.

Stay the course and fight the good fight, amigo. Their ant-bed needs a good kicking every now and again. Engaging some of these folks in a battle of wits just simply isn't fair. Until next time, keep the faith; a belief that truth and logic will conquer their conspiracy-laden babble and that goodness shall prevail over their evil. Au revoir!

I am off to deliver some much needed Reynolds Wrap to an elderly, party-hopping, retired RINO judge down Hwy 6 way. It seems he is in need of a new tinfoil hat. [batman]

Robert Dee

When I was a 18 y/o student, this Prof. Smith tried to peddle communist material to me when I went to his office one day. Was trash then, is trash now.

Gary Miller

Graduated students from COM say D. Smith convinced them socialists were all evil.

Robert Dee

I can't speak on their experience, but this was mine.

Theresa Elliott

Another thing that is really wrong with this picture is my hard earned tax dollars paid for Smith to teach his “opinion” at COM to the open minds of our youth. Fact based teaching needs to be the new norm as does fact based reporting in school and in the news. There is room for opinion in this column but that’s it.

Jeffrey Gottlieb

"It is not the critic who counts; not the person who points out how the strong person stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the person who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs, who comes up short again and again, because there is no effort without error and shortcoming; but who does actually strive to do the deeds; who knows great enthusiasms, the great devotions; who spends themselves in a worthy cause; who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who at the worst, if they fail, at least fails while daring greatly, so that their place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat." Theodore Roosevelt Apr 23, 1910

Emile Pope

Didn't trump spend more than two years criticizing the previous administration? Attacking everything the president did and even challenging his right to hold the office? The absolute hypocrisy of republicans is astounding. They criticize but feel that they shouldn't be criticized. Insult but feel they shouldn't be insulted. And all the time whining about they are being mistreated...Lincoln, McKinley, Kennedy, and Garfield were shot. Yet trump complains that he's been the most mistreated president. Even the person you quote was shot by a would-be assassin. But trump is mistreated because the media calls out his falsehoods and lies? Give me a break...

Carlos Ponce

"Didn't trump spend more than two years criticizing the previous administration?" Hey! I spent 8 years criticizing Obama anf for good reason.

Gary Miller

Carlos> So we all did.

Charles Douglas

Just watched my doctor on national TV.. scooping up accolades for the fine job he did in Texas City recently! He mentioned that he was able to treat his patients in the early stages of their diseases and doing the process he had EKGS done to monitor the heart actions for safety. He mentioned he is very satisfied with his results and so are the patients and their families! The only ones I know who are not satisfied are DEMOCRATS AND LEFTISTS with agendas tied to destroying Trump! I am going to see if one of my relative won't name a kid or grand-kid after Dr. ARMSTRONG! What a great and intelligent young man! Blessed to be a Blessing!! I almost forgot.....he played football for the mighty LaMarque Cougars under Alan Waddell, one of the greatest high school football Coaches to ever wear a whistle in Texas! Lolo!.

Harvey Mueller

Jeffrey Gottlieb Very appropriate quote.

Jeff Gorski

What precisely should he have done differently?

Dalton Logan

How come it's: David Michael Smith former professor of government at College of The Mainland after all these years?

How come it is not David Michael Smith professor of government at the University of??????????????.

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