Most politicians of every party have always been guilty of hyperbole, omission of facts and some of just outright lying.

But the last five years have become shockingly extraordinary when it comes to the mendacity of political rhetoric. And the majority of Americans are sick and tired of it.

No, both major political parties aren’t to blame. This began in 2015 with Trump’s campaign and continues today, spreading like a malignancy throughout all levels of Republican leadership and campaigns.

Just like the spread of COVID-19, this plague of mass deception belongs to the Republican Party. They own both but given the blatant tribalism that has replaced democratic debate, they will never own up to it. Mitch McConnell has made that crystal clear.

We must now slosh through the killing fields of truth to rescue democracy. This isn’t just lying. This is nuclear gaslighting and is as dangerous to our democracy as nuclear fallout is to our health. Republican politicians must answer for this travesty at the polls.

But that won’t be easy given the voter restriction laws recently passed in a number of Republican-controlled states and of course radical gerrymandering. And Texas leads the way —not only with voter suppression but also with allowing the spread of COVID-19.

We’re all familiar with the saying, “actions speak louder than words.” Lack of action also speaks just as loudly. Both follow an agenda, a plan, a goal. It’s important to ask what the agenda is for the Republican governors such as Greg Abbott and Ron DeSantis dictating autocratic rules against mask and vaccine mandates, especially in public schools.

The results were predictable; large numbers of children and school employees are getting sick, schools are shutting down, and hospitals cannot accommodate the ill, including non-COVID patients.

So, if the results were and are predictable, what’s their agenda? Surely they have an outcome in mind other than increasing COVID-19 infections and deaths, shutting down schools and businesses and clogging up most intensive care units in their states. Surely. What could they possibly gain from that?

We’re protecting freedom and individual choice, many of those governors proclaim (except for women’s control of their bodies and lives, of course). That’s not leadership. That’s cowardice. That’s shameless fealty to the Trump base.

Is that really the hill they want to die on? Sacrificing the well-being and prosperity of their communities, front-line workers, school children, their parents and teachers? Waving the flag of freedom while they stomp on the majority’s freedom to protect themselves and their loved ones? And to what end? Reelection?

That’s downright evil. That’s the result of the tyranny of the minority and that flag’s not going to flap much longer. The Democrats in Washington need to grow a spine and pass the laws that will protect our democracy from the “Make America Great Again” Republican agenda and the majority needs to get out and vote. That flag is coming down. We’re sick and tired of it. Literally.

James Templer lives in League City.


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(39) comments

Carlos Ponce

James Templer's guest column reminds me of a dog chasing his own tail.

David Hardee

Never have I read an article so filled with this much partisan bluster and not a scintilla of a supporting facts. This invective nonsensical hyperventilated compilation isn't worthy of a thoughtful shredding.

Mike Chambers

I cannot believe The Daily News found James Templer’s guest commentary article worthy of printing as Daily News. The last I’m aware of is that Texas is still a red state and the majority of voters do not reflect Mr Templer’s obvious bitter non partisan and incorrect opinion. If more thought is not given toward what should be newsworthy content by the Daily News, renewing my subscription will not be an option. Think before you print.

Ralph Mcmorris

Well written. You summed it up!

Ralph Mcmorris

oops. to clarify, I am complimenting the Guest Column.

Carlos Ponce

Thank you for your opinion. But do not be surprised when the Republicans win Galveston County again.

Maris Helfrich

Excellent and very important "opinion"! Thank you for writing this in service to our democracy about "the tyranny of the minority" and the hubris behind it ....and, yes, it is "downright evil" ! Right on!! God bless you, James.

Bailey Jones

It's really a shame the way the once vibrant Republican Party has been reduced to a troupe of obsequious Trumpuppets. Republicans no longer live in America - they exist only in the fake news TV reality show cult known as "Trumpism". Principled conservatism is dead - there is only Trump, and what Trump wants.

Dance my puppets, dance.

Carlos Ponce

It's really a shame the way the once vibrant Democrat Party has been reduced to a troupe of obsequious FAKE NEWS believers.

Look at all the misinformation You have fallen for:

Russian Collusion -FALSE

Hunter Biden's Laptop was Russian disinformation. FALSE

The border patrol whipped those Haitians then tried to run over them over with horses. FALSE

I could go on and on.........

But get your money ready when Trump takes office.

David Hardee

Bailey - you ignored the article and its author entirely. Like always you produce a swill of opinions mimicking the fake tv news of your ilk's preference.

It can be assumed you like and agree with the article. right?

Bailey Jones

David, it's not the article I would have written, but I agree with the gist of it - Trumpublicans are, in the main, either semi-literate dullards, cultists, or cowards. (Those are my words, of course, not the author's.)

"ilk" - that's a fine old German word. Fun fact, its use peaked during the heyday of the Abolitionists, from 1850 - 1865. Conservatives love to give progressives a good old-fashioned ilking. As though being one of us was a bad thing. [lol]

Carlos Ponce

"Trumpublicans are, in the main, either semi-literate dullards, cultists, or cowards." Completely untrue, Bailey.

Diane Turski

Well said, Mr. Templer! I also hope that enough voters will push back at the polls to finally abolish this tyranny of the minority!

Carlos Ponce

Galveston County is still Conservative, Diane Turski, and will remain so. You really need to get out of that Liberal bubble you are in and see the rest of the county!

Jim Forsythe

Percent of voters that voted in Texas, for a Democratic candidate for President, in the 2000"s

2000--37.98 2004--38.22 2008---43.68 2012--41.38 2016--43.24 2016--43.24 2020--46.48

As the percent of voters in Texas, that vote Democratic increases, we become closer to turning purple.

Texas is shifting more to a less Trump-Republican candidate. In the up coming Governor race Abbott is behind in the polls.

Matthew McConaughey is currently leading the Lone Star State’s gubernatorial polls by 9 points.

The Independent voter will be the main factor in the upcoming race.

Texas is starting a recount of the last Presidential race, for what reason. Maybe they think Biden really won!

Otherwise it is just a waste of money. One example is below.

Arizona’s Election Recount

Cyber Ninjas found 99 additional votes for President Biden and 261 fewer votes for Mr. Trump in Maricopa County, the fast-growing region that includes Phoenix.

Carlos Ponce

In the past, Democrat stronghold has been the border counties. With Biden ineptness they're losing that.

What is being reported about the Maricopa County recount is quite selective. They found a lot of problems indicating pertinent data had been purged.

Jim Forsythe

We can only go by the facts, Republicans have been sliding in the Presidential voting percentages in Texas. Until the Republican's more more to the middle, they will continue to slide. Border counties are still voting Democrat. The exception are the smaller counties, and If that's not true, the votes are coming from other counties. Joe Biden had the 2ed highest number of votes casted in Texas for President,5,259,126. Now that we are on the verge of Trump supporter's pushing out the non Trump Republicans', which means voting will become more of what Independents want.

The recount is over and the Cyber Ninjas found nothing that will Triger more recounting action.

"The #azaudit draft report from Cyber Ninjas confirms the county's canvass of the 2020 General Election was accurate and the candidates certified as the winners did, in fact, win," the Maricopa County Board Supervisors said on its Twitter feed.

Carlos Ponce

What is being reported is not "facts", Jim. Anyway, this is not the way President Trump will return to office.

Craig Mason

All the Haitian migrants are gone in less than 8 days. I would say that’s record time.

Carlos Ponce

1. A new group oh Haitians is approaching the border.

2. Those that"are gone" are now spread out through the United States, maybe in Craig Mason's neighborhood. They're not "gone". Only a small portion were sent to Haiti.

Jim Forsythe

Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas said 2,000 people have been expelled on 17 flights to Haiti since Sunday and about 5,000 migrants were being processed for a possible return to Haiti or placement in US immigration court proceedings. He said 8,000 people decided to return to Mexico voluntarily. Mexico has been flying migrants away from the US border and sending some by bus towards its border with Guatemala in the south.

Carlos Ponce

You trust Mayorkas? How gullible. He's just a political stooge.

Carlos Ponce

Of the 15,000 "12,400 individuals are expected to have their cases heard by an immigration judge to decide whether they will be allowed to remain in the U.S."

Of the reported 8000 who are alleged to return to Mexico, Mexico doesn't want them.

Officially: "CIUDAD ACUNA, Mexico, Sept 24 (Reuters) - Mexican officials are urging Haitians on the Texas border trying to reach the United States to give up and return to Mexico's frontier with Guatemala to request asylum, even as discontent grows over the treatment meted out to the beleaguered migrants."

At Mexico's Southern border most will be denied re-entry into Mexico.

Margaret Jimenez

Exceptionally well-written! A graphic, accurate picture.

Carlos Ponce

Margaret sounds sarcastic.

Jack Cross

All I have to add is Chris Wallace just turned on Joe Biden

But there is a lot of people still asleep and don't see the storm around them.

Gary Miller

It is easy to see that the writer carefully edited his story to make sure all truth was removed.

George Laiacona

RIGHT ON ! Mr Templer. Due to the Republicans loss in the last election they will try any kind of gimmick in order to gain votes in the next election . What they have to cover up in the meantime is the Trump Virus. He had executive power in January of 2020 th quarantine every human being that tried to enter into the United States. He wouldn’t do it because it would ruin the economy. So it did anyway. The Republicans failed to realize that they were in charge of the Trump Virus up until January 26th. But did nothing but attack our democracy on January 6th. That day they became traitors to our democracy and followers of the wannabe Dictator Trump. They will continue to do anything thing they can to make President Biden look bad. They have already showed us that by not giving up one vote for approval of just how the Democrats are trying to be of value to all Americans and not just the rich upper classes. We can only hope that the next election will be in favor of all Americans. I hope the voters remember just what the Republicans did not do for them.

Carlos Ponce

George Laiacona keeps forgetting and must be reminded: Texas Republicans won all statewide elections. Galveston County Republicans won all contested elections in 2020. Democrats lost all state wide elections in Texas. Galveston County lost all contested elections in 2020.

George Laiacona

Since the January 6th raid on the capital do you really think that the Patriots of America will want to vote for the traitor Republicans?

Carlos Ponce

George Laiacona still doesn't get it. The FBI is backing away from this. Only a handful did harm. Each will suffer the consequences. The majority involve simple trespassing.

For what it's worth: "Greg Abbott Trounces Joe Biden on Handling of Border Among Voters, New Poll Shows" September 28, 2021

The same poll says "51% Of Texas Voters Say Abbott Doesn't Deserve To Be Reelected, Quinnipiac University Poll Finds; President Biden's Approval Numbers Head South"

So if a so-so Republican trounces Biden.......

Ted Gillis

And Carlos is so happy about his fellow patriots getting off with just a misdemeanor trespassing charge. How honorable of you. This only means that they will do it again the next time that something doesn’t go their way. Trash the capital will be their rallying cry from now on.

Carlos Ponce

let's see, the Weather Underground's leader Bill Ayers, good friend of Barack Obama, BOMBED the Capitol building.... and the Pentagon

Tress-passing? BOMBING! Compare the two. But Ted's happy that Obama's friend was not punished. You Democrats are a strange lot.

George Laiacona

Carlos we truly understand your wishful thinking. Your off-the-wall comments show us that you are still lacking in research capabilities. We can see that the Republicans do not want President Biden to succeed in any thing he is trying to do for the lower classes of Americans. The no votes from the Republicans prove that they will continue to favor the rich Americans only. Your wannabe Dictator Trump will be using your donations to pay his lawyers that are trying to get him out of trouble with the FBI and the IRS. You are still one of the gullible ones that remain infatuated with the TV celebrity.

Carlos Ponce

George Laiacona, there is nothing factual in your post.

Ed Buckner

I want to post a bit of commentary from biologist Jerry Coyne, who I generally admire and agree with, on a subject where I also largely agree but expect pushback, some of it irrational, from both right wing Trumpists AND from some of my fellow leftists. This is worrying:

Ed Buckner

BTW, I respectfully request of any who want to comment on Jerry Coyne's/Andrew Sullivan's writing (link above) that you please actually read it first.

Ed Buckner

Ms. O'Rourke, thanks for actually reading it, as you plainly have. I sure don't think there are any easy answers and I agree with you that political extremism makes things worse. Regards, Ed B.

Charlotte O'rourke

Ed, read the post. Unfortunately, the legislative branch has become dysfunctional due to political extremism including and especially on immigration reform, the executive orders rule the day with no real fair immigration legislation in sight.

When the CEOs of governmental bodies - national (President) or state/local (Governor, city manager or port director, etc.) are given or take unlimited executive powers due to legislative inaction and if debate no longer occurs in the open with the governing body making the laws/ordinances/policies through debate and compromise, one shouldn’t be surprised when the sh.t hits the fan and one no longer has any say of what happens due to unilateral executive action. Judicial review then being the only course left.

The topic was interesting. Thanks for sharing.

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