The other day I overheard a couple of older white men talking.

“I can’t take many more of these gloomy days.”

“Me either, the market has bounced up since 2013. It has to come down.”

“Oh, I got out of stocks the day he started talking about tariffs. Bad idea. I meant the weather. I moved for warm winters. Last winter froze me up. Ha!”

“Well, it is heating up again with the elections.”

“We Republicans want everyone to go to the trouble of voting, then just touch one button. A straight ticket, even for folks we never heard of!”

“And I guess the Democrats don’t want guys like me anymore. No national TV ads — Ds still exist?”

“We’ll see. Democrats take forever in the booth, look at every candidate.”

“I’m not watching TV news much anymore — don’t like reality TV. I switched between CNN, FOX and MSNBC, but now just MSNBC and check on FOX.”

“We just leave Fox as background noise at our place.”

“Like when the president’s top security chief pleaded guilty? On FOX they were discussing which side of the hamburger you should put the cheese. CNN brings ‘experts’ from both sides. Turns into an arguing match — can’t hear either side. Not helpful.”

“Right. On the big issues, health care, lost kids, what they call infrastructure — what I call roads — nothing gets done. Rs confuse me all the time.”

“Now we hate law enforcement — the FBI and courts — but like our enemy, the Russians? Conservatives were against high deficits, but because of the huge tax cut our debt is the largest ever.”

“What tax cut? Ha! With the three rental houses I bought to get a tax break, I will pay more taxes next year! The banks are getting a third more back. How stupid do they think we are?”

“Ha! Watch election night and you will see!”

“Now the Rs are worried about the debt, so they are going to cut programs because they’re socialism. Glad my veteran’s health care isn’t getting cut.”

“Oh, but it is — not because it is the largest form of socialism, just because veterans are often too busy figuring out VA benefits and the maze.”

“Reduce the deficit through cuts; Medicare, Medicaid — we don’t have much of that in Texas — and food stamps. Get rid of the pre-condition part too. And be angry.”

“Didn’t the Rs block hearings for Obama’s Supreme Court guy?”

“Yeah, needed to wait almost a year for the election. Now they rushed that guy accused of rape right through?”

“Yeah, he’ll let us Rs and Russians alter elections too. Registered? Ha, you still don’t get to vote in North Dakota or Austin. Republican’s don’t use computers to register folks, processing by hand gums up the system.”

“Right, you got it.”

“No, I don’t get it, not the American way.”

“How about this new nice guy Beto O’Rourke?”

“Darn, I’ll be a while in the voting booth looking for him and Bell.”

Alvin Sallee lives in Galveston.


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Bailey Jones

I wonder who these old white guys voted for in 2016? Statistically, if they were old and white - they voted for Trump. If they were college educated and white - they voted for Trump. If they were uneducated and white - they voted for Trump. If they were rich and white - they voted for Trump. If they were poor and white - they voted for Trump. I'm also an old white man - and desperately looking for the wisdom that age was supposed to bring to my peers.

alvin sallee

Actually they both voted for Hilary and gave money to Beto--a lot of older white guys are tired of being thought of as Trumpers--look at how many are wearing Beto t-shirts. Who really likes Ted Cruz? And George who doesn't want to help themselves--no welfare Cadillac I can assure you. And one person doesn't mean everyone. Best, thank you for sharing your thoughts.

Carlos Ponce

"Who really likes Ted Cruz?"
A lot of people like Ted Cruz, myself included. You really need to get out of your bubble, Alvin.

Ray Taft

I sure hope those white guys Sallee was spying on in his dreams, while they were grousing about fake news events, didn’t donate any of their money to so-called nice guy Beto. According to reports, Beto’s campaign is helping the invasion caravan in Mexico heading towards our border.

That’s because Beto, like all Democrats, cares far more about helping illegals intent on breaking our laws than he cares about helping Sallee‘s or any other white guys who are taxpaying citizens.

George Croix

Some of that old white guys 'privilege'......

Me...I've been 'privileged' for about 50 years now to help support people I never even met who refuse to try to support themselves, and who EXPECT me to do so.....


Emile Pope

Excellent article...

George Croix

"....who doesn't want to help themselves..."
Alvin, that's a good one.....[wink]

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