With a little more than two weeks until the mayoral run-off election, Roger “Bo” Quiroga has begun his smear tactics, lies, misstatements and embellishments. I know firsthand because I received two of his campaign brochures in the mail just last week.

The first brochure came directly from the Quiroga campaign and dwells on the past (1998 to 2004). I would like to believe that we’ve progressed in the past 22 years. We don’t need to return to an embellished and conflicted “good old boy” past.

The mere fact that Quiroga acknowledges and admits his unquestionable conflict of interest, but refuses to condemn it or even resign from his ownership positions in Hellenic or Transport while being a candidate for mayor (“Commentary writer must think seeking business is a bad thing,” The Daily News, Nov. 19), is an outright admission that Quiroga would continue to govern today in the same manner as he did 22 years ago.

This would be a return to the dirty, polluted past way of doing business, which isn’t acceptable to Galveston residents in 2020.

The second brochure was from the Galveston County Republican Party and purportedly represents Galveston Republicans.

As a 42-year member of the Republican Party, I can attest that this brochure doesn’t represent the opinion of many (perhaps most) Galveston Republicans, who oppose McGinnis’ endorsement and his use of our funds to further his political aspirations. This mailing contains numerous misstatements and outright lies about Craig Brown.

For example, it incorrectly and purposefully misstates financial information about the police and firefighters pension contributions, the budget for administrative staff and the city manager’s compensation while Brown was serving on the city council, and it incorrectly blames Brown for the Fourth of July beach closing, which was initiated at the sole authority of former Mayor Jim Yarbrough.

This brochure also implies that Brown supports defunding the police, when Brown’s stated position on the record is that he has never supported defunding the police, and he never will support any effort to defund the police.

These incorrect and knowingly inaccurate statements constitute further evidence of Quiroga’s outright lies about Brown and his unbelievable embellishments about his own political record 22 years ago.

Craig Brown’s record of accomplishment as District 2 representative and as mayor pro tem justifies our support to continue moving Galveston forward as a quality place to live and to conduct business.

Please vote for Craig Brown for Galveston mayor on Dec. 15.

Robert W. Nuzum lives in Galveston.


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(5) comments

Heidi Gordon

I thought the Mayors race was a non partisan race. Why is the Republican Party sending out mailers? Does this mean Bo Quiroga will govern in a partisan manner? Is he beholden to the Galveston County Republicans now?

Lisa Blair

Heidi, Quiroga says he not a Republican! He claims that he didn’t even know that the party was supporting him until November 23 when he was suddenly informed! He’s says that he’s accepted their support because there are No Strings Attched! The party’s just helping him because he’s fiscally conservative,and they don’t expect

him to push their agenda! Pffft! The mailers accuse his opponent of supporting defunding the police but Quiroga and the Republican Party have supported abolishing police unions and collective bargaining!

The lies in the Republican Party’s literature are only matched by Quiroga’s lies in his attempts to spin his polluting of our local election with partisan politics.

Bill Broussard

Quiroga hasn’t even won yet and the flim-flam’s already started. I’ve always heard that a bad politician could very easily become a dangerous politician but it wasn’t until the year of our Lord 2020 and our national body count that I believed it. I think Quiroga is a dangerous politician and we already have Mark Henry making life fragile.

Sorry Craig Brown has to walk through the slime but I do think we can at least give him our vote for doing so

Thomas Carpenter

Vote early and vote often!

Wayne D Holt

And if that doesn't work, vote harder!

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