I was fortunate to move to Galveston in 2004. I decided this would be a wonderful chance to get involved with the island events, island friends and island life. What impressed me about Galveston was the fact that politics on the island was nonpartisan.

Raised as a New York State Republican, I was tired of the “Us vs. Them” attitude that can cause stalemate and lack of progress. Also, having worked in Washington’s political arena, I knew what that partisanship prevented. Good people were prevented from making good decisions and making things happen that would help the citizenry.

We’ve watched partisanship on a national level in the last few years, especially in 2020, and we now realize the very harmful consequences.

This is why I chose now to speak up. I was shocked to see recently that the Galveston County Republican Party has boldly endorsed and funded one of the candidates in the mayoral election. Despite the explanation that he didn’t solicit that funding isn’t the point — he accepted it.

And therefore, the non-partisanship politics I so admired on this island is threatened.

Forces from off our island paradise are flooding money into the local mayoral election and now the run-off. I even received texts from the chairman of the Galveston County GOP to make sure all Republicans vote for Roger “Bo” Quiroga.

And as a Republican I can say this is so wrong, in so many ways. Who’s beholding to whom should he be elected? Do we want those mainland forces pulling the strings at city hall, city committees and subsequently our port and park board? Quiroga should know better; money is a tempting thing and the desire to win at all costs is very powerful. But that’s no excuse. Giant steps backward for Galveston could result.

This city has never been in better fiscal shape. And the projects that make the island better for everyone need to move forward because we’re more than a tourist town. Once the COVID-19 impact hopefully is gone in the year 2021, do you want politics, including big Texas politics, making the decisions about your neighborhood?

I’ve known Craig and Angela Brown since the month I moved here. Both of them are brave, creative, hardworking people who love Galveston. Craig Brown was a successful dentist, and they chose to make Galveston home after he retired from his practice. They’ve invested here in businesses, restored property in their neighborhood and downtown and have involved themselves with many local nonprofits and city committees to contribute back to the island and assure a bright future for our island home.

Partisan politics isn’t what this island of Galveston needs and not what the future should hold for us. I recommend voting Craig Brown as Galveston’s mayor. Keep big party politics out of Galveston.

Joyce Calver lives in Galveston.


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(4) comments

Mary Branum

Well said Joyce

Bill Broussard

Ive read and looked into enough at this point to think that Quiroga -on a good day—is a slippery opportunist. Generally fishy is a good thing on an island—but not as Mayor

Don Schlessinger

Thank you Joyce for your opinion, I too am disappointed in our local GOP becoming involved in our city’s politics. I was reminded of a few of emails a Galveston mayoral candidate and I had a few years ago when he reminded me that party politics were traditionally not included in local elections. I did not vote for him, but I still respect Joe Jawarski for his comments. We do not need the anger and confrontation included in state and national politics in a small city of less than 50 thousand residents.

Bailey Jones


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