As the observance of black history was coming to a close, individuals of all races had an opportunity to reflect on the effect that black history has had on their lives. There were many programs and events which were dedicated to the accomplishments of African-Americans; men and women on the national stage, notably President Barack Obama, Martin Luther King Jr., Rosa Parks, Harriet Tubman, and Toni Morrison, to name a few.

We must never forget those Africans who were brought to America in bondage and lived and died simply wanting to be free, as they were before they were enslaved by whoever purchased them. Most of their names were never recorded; however, the fruits of their suffering and sacrifices live on.

As we continue to study and examine the accomplishments of African-Americans, we know and reaffirm, unequivocally, that we are proud of who we are. From one generation to another, because of God’s grace, we survived as a race. Other races survived as well.

There are those who feel that our African-American heroes were right here in our community. We feel that our parents, educators and religious leaders were our heroes. They helped us navigate through the Jim Crow and segregated times. They taught us the irrefutable concept of a positive work ethic. All we had to do was listen and learn to fight for change in meaningful and powerful ways.

During the 1964-65 school year, we, as students, took a stand for needed change in our system. Because of the movement, the La Marque School District was finally integrated. The movement was supported by black and white like-minded citizens.

Many of us, because of our experiences, empathize with the school students in Parkland, Fla., as they are making a stand for change. Change often occurs when we witness the belief in everyone’s Constitutional rights of freedom of peaceful assembly be respected. Thank God for the special leadership we were afforded through the wisdom of Professor P.S. Simms, who had a school named for him. Simms will be rebuilt.

We have now transcended to another movement in our community. The Texas City and La Marque school districts have been consolidated. Some choose to say that we were forced on Texas City. Just so it is known, some of us have been apart of Texas City since the 1950s. State Highway 348 and FM 1765 never divided us.

Due to Hurricane Harvey, we now face an unforeseen problem. Some school buildings were flooded beyond repair. A committee was formed to evaluate the problem. After months of study, we presented our findings. We recommended a bare-boned bond proposal, which included four new schools being built in the district. It is no longer La Marque and Texas City, it is the Texas City Independent School District — period. Therefore, come join us and make it the Crown Jewel of Texas. Vote yes for the bond. Cougars and Stings forever.

The Rev. James E. Daniels is founder and chairman of the Eagle’s Nest Community Organization and lives in Texas City.


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Walter Manuel

Many people in both La Marque and Texas City have all been saying the same thing and that they would have had far more trust in this "committee of community members" if they had not learned that both Edna Courville and James Daniels served on this committee and who both were so instrumental in helping to shut down LMISD for good.

Just as James Daniels appears as scattered in his thoughts as he starts out with his opinion of Black history month, he managed to shift his attention to the schools of LMISD and he easily forgets that he once was a staunch supporter to " Save our shools".

Perhaps TCISD would do well to keep Edna Courville and James Daniels for being one of their spokes people if they ever have a chance of getting this bond election passed by it's voters. [yawn]

Walter Manuel

Ooops! Perhaps TCISD would do well to keep Edna Courville and James Daniels "from" being one of their spokes "person" if they ever have a chance of getting this bond election passed by it's voters. [wink]

Gary Scoggin

Walter, I agree that Mr. Daniels’ and Ms. Courville’s endorsement does more harm than good but TCISD has no control over who says what. I doubt Mr. Daniels is acting in any sanctioned or official capacity. So far as putting them on the advisory committee, it was likely an attempt to make sure it included people of all stripes and all sides in the takeover.

The key thing is that they put forth around recommendation that hopefully the community will support.

Gary Scoggin

Oops, “ a sound recommendation “

Jarvis Buckley

Gary you forgot to call him Rev. James. 😀

Walter Manuel

Mr. Scoggin, I can assure you that if TCISD holds the bond election in May, it will never pass. The November election will have a better turn out and better chances at passing.

Looks like TCISD has a big choice to make as to when to hold their election and when their odds are better at getting it past the voters.

Brian Tamney

May or November I will be voting against this and encourage all my neighbors to do the same.

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