The Republican Party is losing its collective mind. It continues to demonstrate that it’s no longer a political party that even pretends to honor democracy.

So, too, march the Texas Republican legislators in lockstep down Banana Republic Boulevard. Thank you, Texas Democratic senators, for having the courage to at least forestall the demise of free and open elections.

The Republican-controlled Texas Senate tried and will continue to try to pass what many in the news media have called one of the most draconian voter suppression bills in the country — under the guise of election security. There are no election security issues in Texas, or anywhere in the country for that matter, and that has been proven over and over again.

Need we remind everyone that the Republicans and Trump won in Texas in 2020? But nationwide, facts don’t matter to the power-grabbing Republicans.

A 2020 article by Alec Medine in the “Renew Democracy Initiative” warns, “Dictators may rise to power in a democracy through several ways. One way is the result of political polarization, where the competing political sides no longer want to cooperate with one another, allowing violent or extremist groups to take over politics instead.

“A democracy can also fall when a country’s elites feel that democracy no longer ‘works’ for them. When these elites feel that losing an election may mean forfeiting their power and influence over the country, they may seek to take over the country by force, turning it into a dictatorship. Or, democracies can fall the other (more subtle) way, when elites first grab on to power via democratic means, before then stripping away democratic rights.”

Sound familiar? It should. Because that’s exactly what’s happening in our United States in broad daylight by the political party that used to be the Republican Party. That Republican Party no longer exists, although the would-be despots that are taking it over still call themselves Republicans.

You can put a racing saddle on a feral pig, call him a thoroughbred and lead him onto the track, but when his gate opens, he’ll still be a feral pig. And the only way that pig will win the race is if the other gates have been sabotaged.

It’s not who people say they are but rather how they behave that defines their values. Marching down Banana Republic Boulevard to the drumbeat of a wannabe dictator like Republican politicians in Austin and countrywide are doing speaks volumes about their values and intentions.

The obvious solution is to make sure those Republicans who would destroy democracy to stay in power are voted out of office permanently. We cannot afford to take our freedom for granted. Once we lose the ability to fairly elect our leaders ... well, ask the Venezuelans, the Nicaraguans, the Cubans, the Chileans and the Peruvians.

Republican legislators across the country may be losing their minds — but losing our democratic rights because of their megalomania is absolutely unacceptable. Vote them out.

James Templer lives in League City.


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(24) comments

Norman Pappous

Bailey Jones

haha - Banana Republicans [thumbup]

Louie, Louie, oh no, you gotta go.

Charles Douglas

These LEFTIST politicians are something else aren't they? They see what a screwed up job "Beijing Joe" and "Cackling Kamala" are doing with inflation at a seventeen year high, gasoline has doubled almost since they took office, lumber, & just about any other commodities are going sky high, unemployment in this nation is raging, small businesses are shutting down, because Joe China, is paying potential workers to stay at home and collect salaries free ...paid for by taxpayers who works! Russia is sending troops and equipment to the Ukraine border, and China is getting ready to invade Taiwan! I predicted all of this in January!

Iran is sending lethal speed boats to Venezuela, under Joe's nose right out in the open! JOE CHINA killed the Canadian/ Keystone Pipeline putting thousands of American workers out of good paying jobs, but he okayed the Russian Pipeline to Germany to be finished, allowing Russia, Putin, and Germany to grow obnoxiously richer! Joe said nothing when Russian Hackers shutdown, the Colonial Pipeline, putting thousands of Americans on the East Coast in long gas lines, and A meat processing plant, where both paid huge ransoms in order to be allowed to come back up! Nothing came from the White House concerning this! Not a word of leadership, NOTHING! Looks like we have a Russian Surrogate in the Oval Office to Me, or a compromised fool! I'm not saying ..but I'm just saying!

JOE is destroying women sports in America,.. along with seeing to it that America has no Southern Border now, and anybody from anywhere can walk right into this country for whatever reason, because the Border Patrol, and ICE have been handcuffed! This all happened In six short months since we have had Beijing Joe & his laughing sidekick faking like they are leaders in DC! What can we expect then in 3.5 more years? Now we have a bunch of Socialists Immitators all over this nation including here, trying desperately to shield them from the mess they have perpetuated,.... by going after the Republican Party and Conservatives, blaming everthing on us, when they know who is destroying this country! It is an old, tired, overplayed Democratic Trick from way back in time! " BLAME THE OTHER GUY!" It will never work! LEFTISTS are going down for what happened in the last elections and yall can mark it down!

It is like they think we are all low-down fools who CANNOT see or reason! It is very frustrating to see people lie when they know good and well they are lying! Kamala Harris goes down to South America and they all but sent her packing! JOE BIDEN does not know a thing, about governing... nothing, his mind is shot, and he cannot even talk in straight sentences anymore! The world is testing them now, and they are failing miserably! This is what the LEFT lied, cheated, and stole, to put in office, and before it is over, they are going to pay a price more than they cannot afford to pay, and Joe China, is.going to take then farther than....they expected to go!

They are fooling nobody, and all can see they are in the mist of setting up a one party rule! So, it makes all the sense in the world to make every effort to bad mouth, discredit, or destroy the Republican Party! Their Radical, LEFTIST Party is in shambles now, yet they continue to fake concern about the Republican Party! How many fools do they think we are? We see right through their BS & it stinks, just like this Op-Ed! I recommend they put their helmets on, and BUCKLE UP, ....they ask for this and now they have It for three and a half more years! So BUCKLE- UP, ...and enjoy! I know I will![beam][beam]

Charles Douglas

Correction*** not they are going to pay a price more than they cannot pay,...but they are going to pay a price they cannot AFFORD TO PAY!!!!

sorry about that.

Carlos Ponce

I don't know what recreational drug James Templer is using but he needs to stop.

Norman Pappous

@Carlos on the contrary. He needs to share! [beam][beam]

David Smith

Your item is full of holes.. you claim voter suppression.. and back it up with NO facts

Not voting before noon on Sunday?

What about the rest of the day? No suppression there.

Have you ever bought a bottle of liquor on a Sunday in Texas? No you havent.. but you can buy beer at 1201pm

All voting needs an overhaul..

Each vote should be tallied once .

No dead people allowed .

Mail in ballots? Nope

Harris county mailed out 2 million ILLEGAL BALLOTS..and your side still LOST

Read up on who's suppose to get mail in ballots..

Your side walked out on the vote

Take my toys and go home isnt the answer..

james Jackson

I read your commentary and could not follow it. You made accusation after accusation and never backed it it up. After each accusation my thought was, "How so." Unfortunately you never backed it up except the one time you said the news media says so. Thanks.

Craig Mason

James Jackson the loser at the top of the Republican Party has also been making accusation after accusation. The leading one being that the election was stolen or there was rampant voter fraud, news flash there wasn’t any evidence of that. The orange Oompa Loompa even turned on his supporters in Georgia because they would not commit a crime to keep him in office. Brian Kemp and Brad Raffensberger are heroes not villains. Trump the Cheeto Jesus of the GOP is the only villain in this narrative.

Carlos Ponce

Craig Mason, once again you have proven to be what many suspect you are.

Charles Douglas

Mr. Ponce> That is what they do! Trump is off somewhere getting ready to triumphantly return in 2024, ...meantime "Joe China" and "Don't Come" "Kamala" are destroying and embarrassing America by the hour, and All the Radicals can say or think about is Trump!

Don't look at those scared, incompetent RADICALS in the Oval Office, NOTHING there to see! Keep your eyes on Trump! "Lets cover Beijing Joe's, and Kamala's butts!" "Don't let them see that Joe China has been bought and Paid for!" Don't let them know a Russian Super Pac donated to his campaign!" I don't know why, because Joe China DID NOT CAMPAIGN!

He hid out in hole somewhere with LID declared! That money probably went into his jeans! With all the hell breaking loose now ....I cannot wait until the Olympics are over, when Red China, really swings into action! For real, this is a clown show in DC now. Jill Biden might be the only person who can think,....out of that whole embarrassment going on up there! Makes no difference, Russia, Iran, and China see Blood in the water, an opportunity of a lifetime!

Craig Mason

Your right Carlos, I can do math and think for myself. I can also draw my own conclusions based on a preponderance of available information. Glad we could agree on something.

Carlos Ponce

All evidence suggests otherwise.

Diane Turski

Mr. Templer's analysis is a timely warning for everyone to vote to save our democracy! Elections have consequences! Vote the power grabbing conspiracy theorists OUT in 2022!!

Gary Miller

Diane> Democracy is the first step toward DICTATORSHIP> Democracy is mob rule. The US is a Representive Republic not a Democracy.

Ted Gillis

I'm eating a banana right now. Hopefully that helps.

Carlos Ponce

Just don't eat it in the treetops, Ted, you may may off!

Jose' Boix

It is counterintuitive and counterproductive to continue debating to vote one Party vs. The Other! We have proven that what we have is a total lack of leadership. As such, we will never reach consensus and will never reach the Representative Republic as noted. And since most regular folks can't afford to run for the legislature, we will continue to have the same types of legislators who as a whole do not "work" for the rest of us (add the few who make an effort to vote!). Just my thoughts!

Jack Cross

Without getting into Republican vs Democrat and conceding that the election has been certified. That guarantees that Biden is the president, no question about that. and by constitutional law the results are not going to be overturned. That is a fact, not an opinion.

So, lets look at the facts. There are maybe 70 million people who think the election was stolen, so in order to protect the integratory of the election, why is there so much opposition to the audits? Yes, I know the Courts turned down the claims of fraud. But that does not mean there was no fraud. The courts take the position that it is the states themselves who run the elections and make the voting rules not the courts and it is the job of the states to fix it.

Having said that we do know that Governors and Attorney Generals made last minute changes when it was the legislators job to do so. We know that over a thousand poll watchers swore under oath reported voter irregularities.

There is a lot of unanswered questions. Why the opposition and banning from facebook and twitter even mentioning any of this.

Then you have all the kick back about depriving African Americans not being able to follow simple voting rules like voter ID, two weeks of absentee voting plus election day. Seniors and disabled able to vote by mail plus anyone else who swears to be out of town during that period/ Those are fair rules and I think African Americans are capable as anyone else to follow those rules. Its an insult to suggest that they can't.

That is unless the motive is to flood the system with mail in ballots and voting dropoff boxes so as to cheat.


Bailey Jones

Why give credence to lies, Jack? You can audit all you want and it's not going to keep Trump from lying about his loss. Suppose you audited in all 50 states and found no evidence of fraud (exactly what happened after the election)? Is Trump going to admit he was wrong and graciously accept the will of the people? No, he will not. And neither will his millions of followers. So what's the point? The Big Lie isn't based on facts, it's based on Trump being a liar. No audit will change that.

Charles Douglas

The Big Lie I see living daily here is the assumption that Minority kids, especially African-Americans kids are not capable of competing and achieving what any other kid can achieve! This tired old outdated, over-used LIE, keeps growing and manifesting in this nation, and not without help from the LEFT! The LEFT systematically stagnates progress of minorities by living in their heads, inferring that they are owed something, or they have been cheated out of something , because of skin color and SLAVERY!

Fixing the Progress, and wealth gaps, haunting minorities in America, starts with facilitating better, quality education, and the LEFT is aware of this! You can keep a race down generationally by making sure they are poorly educated day in and day out! It is what was happening during Slavery, and later Segregation! This is typically what causes "White Flight!" If a school district goes bad, start paying close attention to the neighborhood demographics! White citizens will less likely be the ones who will tolerate bad, unruly schools, than any( LMISD ) other demographic!

They will move or pull their children out, and enroll them in a better school somewhere else! This is a fact! The LEFT will always turn away from Vouchers, and School Choice policies like they are the plague! It use to be stiff laws against teaching an African-American to read & write years ago. Why? It is far easier to deceive, lie to, or double talk, an uneducated man than it is one who is educated.

This is why the LEFT is systematically controlling minorities today in this nation! It is always, about "People Of Color"..all of a sudden. Have you noticed that? "People of Color can't do this, or they can't do that!" Many of us are GETTING TIRED OF THIS [censored][censored] !!!!! It needs to stop! It is insulting, and inaccurate, and they know it to be! It was Lyndon Johnson who years ago proportedly said to his buddies in private that, " We have to give them something, just enough for them to keep quiet, and we will have these (%@#*$) Democratic for the next two-hundred years!"

Lyndon was accurate, because Joe China is living proof that he was correct in his assessments! JOE has done absolutely nothing for minorities in this nation yet minorities voted for him in droves last election, because of perceived love given to them by Democratic LIBERALS. Their love equates to Vote Harvesting using government subsidies! That is the only love they know.

Maris Helfrich

Thank you for using your articulate gift with words to print that incisive commentary in the Daily News on the weekend. You certainly painted the "picture" boldly, and honestly with some humor for the citizens of our country to be on alert for how our "democracy can fall"! Your piece is an important one! I ascribe to the important points you make about what is happening in the Republican Party ...."when elites grab on to power via democratic means, before then stripping away democratic rights" voting rights! And I concur with " Republican legislators across the country may be losing their minds, but losing our democratic rights because of their megalomania is absolutely unacceptable!" Vote them out!! AMEN!

Ted Gillis

Continuing to push for audits only allows Trump and his grifter folks opportunities to solicit and collect more donor dollars to pay for said audits.

Suckers.....all of them.

Carlos Ponce

Ted, wouldn't it be nice to be certain rather than take their word for it? The fraudsters know what it takes to pull the wool over your eyes.

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