One of my Kiwanis friends declared recently he wasn’t going to vote for a certain candidate because that guy has literally littered the TV commercial scene with messages about his candidacy.

I wonder if it has occurred to politicians that some people will not vote for them if they run too many ads. Probably not.

I know for sure I will never buy any of those candies that a certain group of people are touting. They sit around a table talking the most disgusting form of baby talk. They’re nauseating to me.

The most nauseating new commercial, however, has appeared as part of a news story. I don’t think it has actually aired as an ad, but it’s supposed to be available soon.

It shows a hamburger, made by Burger King, which slowly disintegrates, molding and melting is a disgusting time-lapse video that’s almost impossible to watch.

It happens, so be burger purveyors, to show that all the Burger King creations are made only with ingredients which contain no preservatives.

The disgusting burger is to prove their point.

If you believe that any publicity is good publicity, I suppose this is going to be a successful ad.

And that makes me wonder over and over when news really stops being news and starts being free publicity, which is invaluable.

When that other popular purveyor of burgers from California, In and Out Burger, moved into the area, my favorite newscast featured the opening, took pictures of the long lines and interviewed a bevy of the customers.

Is that news?

Every time a new brewery opens the newscasters are there to check out the beer, the venue and the customers.

There’s one Houston station in particular that makes me think they have stock in Whataburger. They’re forever singing the praises of that sandwich, which also happens to be my favorite. But who cares?

I presume we all get sick to death of “Save you money” from Mattress Mack.

He does lots of commercials and he gets lots of free time on the TV, mostly because he does so much good for so many people. Good for him. He’s no dummy.

Sometimes I even wonder about the places which are most frequently mentioned in the news, such as Walmart and a variety of service stations.

They are the scenes of frequent robberies, purse snatching’s and car highjackings.

Are all those news stories bad for business? Or good?

Cathy Gillentine is a Daily News columnist. She may be reached at


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Bailey Jones

I'm waiting for the COVID-19 ads. I'm already cringing at the lack of social distancing we see in almost all the ads that are out now. I've seen a couple - a Golden Corral ad, and a Sling TV ad - touting takeout food and stay-in TV. And I don't know if there are more travel ads than normal, or if I'm just noticing them more. Some of those island enclaves are looking pretty good these days.

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