We can argue, we can discuss, but we shouldn’t make a cuss.

In reality that’s what democracy is all about. As simple as that: no cussing, no cursing, no mocking. Only respect.

I respect your opinion and you respect mine. I think about what you’re saying, and you think about what I’m saying.

We should do that without looking beyond what we’re talking about.

We shouldn’t look at the color of the talker, nor to the faith, race or birth place.

Let us be genuine and intelligent when dealing with all of our issues of life. Politics included.

I see mixed race and faith couplings all around me in my limited circle, and I’m sure it’s spread all over the world. If there’s an atom of mocking and disrespect among them, they wouldn’t have joined each other nor survived their couplings. They must’ve made a strong bond based on respect, love, compassion and integrity, as well as mercy.

This is the nucleus of the life we should live. The nucleus that’s based on respect.

Simply feeling of deep admiration for someone or something elicited by their actions, abilities, qualities or achievements. Due regards for feelings, wishes or rights of others. The state of being loved, understood and admired. These are supposed to be the normal tie downs of our societies.

Not the mocking. Not the underestimating. Not the downgrading and pulleying. And certainly, not the lake of empathy and sympathy.

Respect is a character that’s ordained by our Creator upon all his creatures. The Almighty respected Adam from the moments Almighty created him. Almighty ordered the angels to show respect for Adam. Everyone did except Iblis (Satan) who refused and showed no respect to Adam. That’s because Satan was arrogant and self-centered. He told his creator you want me to respect this creature (Adam) while you’ve created me from fire and you created him from clay.

Lack of respect to others is evil that comes from our own self-centering and arrogance. We feel that we’re better, more advantageous than those we don’t respect.

Whether that feeling is toward color, race, faith or a place of birth, when someone shows disrespect to a human character, he/she is showing insolence to the whole humanity including himself.

Respect is mutual; when you don’t respect me, I don’t respect you. When you lose your respect to one race, such race will not reverence you.

I pray to Almighty, our Creator, in these difficult times of uncertainty, disease pandemics, volatile and very polarized political elections, extremely fractionated country; race, color, to restore respect among ourselves.

Let us all care about each other, love each other, support each other. Let us together feel the agony and stress we’re all living in nowadays, each one on his/her own level. Once we do that, we will “Make America and Americans Respectable Again.”

And, that’s the most selfless and patriotic efforts we all can do to our most beloved United States of America.

Dr. Ahmed E. Ahmed is a member of the Galveston Islamic Center.


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(7) comments

Dan Freeman

Thoughtfully and meaningfully written. Thank you.

Ahmed Ahmed

Thank you for your positive and kind comments.

I deeply feel what is parented in my heart. We need to restore Mutual Respect among us all.

Stuart Crouch

If only.

Ahmed Ahmed


Ahmed Ahmed


Kathy Whatley

Awesome words of wisdom friend.

Ahmed Ahmed

Thank you.

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