I’m participating in the March 3 Super Tuesday Texas Democratic Primary, and I’m voting for my friend former Congressman Chris Bell to become the next United States Senator from Texas. I’m asking you to vote for Bell too, and here’s why.

Chris Bell has meaningful political experience, and he’s proven his courage and leadership in campaigns and in office. Bell served three terms on Houston City Council (where he chaired the City Ethics Commission), one term in Congress (where he established the U.S. Ports Caucus, served on the Whip Team and later formally condemned Tom Delay’s unethical behavior), and earned the Democratic nomination for Texas governor in 2006, coming in second with 30 percent of the vote in a four-way statewide race that Rick Perry narrowly won. Bell’s several campaigns for office, some ending in victory and some in defeat, all exemplified public courage and ethical behavior.

He’s Texan to the core: His voice is strident, his manner direct and he has spent his entire legal and political career living Sam Houston’s maxim, “Do right and risk the consequences.” His lifetime experience has uniquely prepared Bell for the existential public challenge we Americans now face in Trump’s presidency. Texas needs an independent leader who is ready to serve now, and Chris Bell is that leader.

The son of a Korean War Marine, Bell is a native Texan and lifetime, loyal Democrat. He and his wife, Alison, the popular executive director of and historic preservationist for Sam Houston Park in downtown Houston, have two adult sons with successful young careers of their own. Significantly, Bell and his family have twice been displaced by flood, and his solutions to improving regional drainage and Federal Emergency Management Agency reform are sincere and based on shared personal experience. As flood victims ourselves, we on Galveston Island and in Galveston County can know we have a senator who deeply understands our traumatic experience and will do something about it.

Whether you’re a regular, occasional or first-time voter in the Democratic primary, I respectfully ask you to vote for Chris Bell. The U.S. Senate Texas Democratic primary race is robust, with 12 candidates on the ballot. Bell is the only candidate who has served in Congress, and he’s the only candidate who has run statewide. John Cornyn is a well-financed, longtime incumbent — a loyal member of Trump’s rear guard and a masterpiece example of why we need term limits. In the absence of that reform, Texans need a mature, experienced voice who has taken the fight to Washington before to properly retire our senior senator once and for all.

Please visit ElectChrisBell.com to learn more. Early voting begins Feb. 18, and I’ll see you at the polls. Vote like your life depends on it.

Joe Jaworski is treasurer for the Chris Bell campaign and lives in Galveston.


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(4) comments

Jarvis Buckley

I like Joe & I appreciate the fact he’s a Democrat. I vote straight Republican ticket.

Sorry Joe.

james woodall

Me Too!

Mike Meador

me too

Gary Miller


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