Government at all levels has failed the American people.

It has become little more than a parasite that’s devouring its host.

No one is happy with the current “state of the union” except those politicians and bureaucrats who are intoxicated with their power, and are enjoying compensation and perks that most Americans can only dream of, as well as the “insiders” who extract a “skim” off nearly everything government touches.

The time is long past due to find a way to work together to develop new structures and methods to govern ourselves. Unfortunately, today’s Americans may not be up to the task.

Many cannot even imagine ways that government could work differently than it does today. This lack of independent and creative thinking is primarily due to the monopoly created by the American “Education Cartel.”

In the early 19th century, progressive American “educators” became captivated by the Prussian educational system. In 1843, Horace Mann went to Prussia to see firsthand how it worked. After his return, “Mann lobbied heavily to have the Prussian Model adopted” in the U.S.

The Prussian Model is a centralized government-run-and-controlled tax-funded compulsory education system, which gives the government “a superior claim to the child over the rights of the parents.”

“This was a radical departure in methodology and content from the successful traditional forms of education in America.”

“The Prussian mind, which carried the day, held a clear idea of what centralized schooling should deliver: 1. Obedient soldiers to the army; 2. Obedient workers for mines, factories, and farms; 3. Well-subordinated civil servants, trained in their function; 4. Well-subordinated clerks for industry; 5. Citizens who thought alike on most issues; and 6. National uniformity in thought, word, and deed.”

“Alexander’s book clearly documented the totalitarian nature of the Prussian model...”

In short, “...the Prussian court attempted to instill social obedience in the citizens through indoctrination...”

It should be no surprise that after more than a century of escalating progressive leftist indoctrination, by the “Education Cartel,” this country is no longer producing the free and independent citizens that are needed to save it from the crisis it now faces.

Millions of Americans are incapable of the independent thinking and reasoning needed to participate in a meaningful discussion of the kind of reforms that are so desperately needed in this country.

In addition, indoctrinated people become very comfortable being ruled by the “elites” and never question the orders that they receive from “on high.” Aldous Huxley said it best in “Brave New World,” when he wrote “...most men and women will grow up to love their servitude....”

Currently, there are two warring tribes battling to rule this country. Unfortunately, when the situation degenerates to this level, the indoctrinated are incapable of examining and understanding policies and issues, they just blindly follow their self-appointed “leaders,” which leaves very little hope for a peaceful resolution.

David Stanowski lives in Galveston.


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Bailey Jones

"escalating progressive leftist indoctrination" - using textbooks chosen by the Texas State Board of Education no doubt. What nonsense.

Carlos Ponce

No teacher I know uses textbooks exclusively, Bailey. Texts supplement education. As do computer aided programs, worksheets, workbooks, etc.. The most common source of the lesson is the teacher. Ever take notes in class? I wonder........
Some teachers convey fraudulent information like the 5th grade Social Studies teacher who taught her students A.D. meant "after death". I told her to look up the facts on that. Even the textbook she used showed A.D. was the Latin term "anno domini" meaning "the year of the Lord".

Bailey Jones

I remember hearing "after death" in school. You should have directed her to the scientifically correct C.E., current era.

Carlos Ponce

Texas TEKS at the time specified use of A.D. and curriculum.
When some politically correct individual says CE or BCE I tell them it means "Christian Era" or "Before Christian Era". [innocent]
"scientifically correct" ???? What nonsense! The use of calendar years has NOTHING to do with science. It's cultural, not scientific. The US Constitution specifies "in the year of our Lord". CE and BCE are just modern inventions to appease the secular in English speaking countries.
Posted on the Tenth of May in the year of our Lord 2019

Carlos Ponce

"I remember hearing 'after death' in school." You heard it but probably did not read it in any textbook. Makes you wonder what other false statements you were taught.

Carlos Ponce

"You should have directed her to the scientifically correct C.E., current era."
That reminds me of a few quotes from "Planet of the Apes" (1968)
Dr. Zaius:
Tell the court, Bright Eyes, what is the second article of faith?
George Taylor:
I know nothing of your culture. I admit that.
Dr. Zaius:
Of course he doesn't know our culture, because he cannot think!

"scientifically correct C.E., current era"????? Science has NOTHING to do with how our years are numbered.

Bailey Jones

Does anyone really still believe that Jesus was born in year zero? Last time I cared about such things the best estimates were that he was born a few years before 0. That's the folly of tying the calendar to a historically vague individual. Using Anno Domini means that the calendar has to be corrected every time some new evidence is discovered that changes Jesus' birthday. Hence, Common Era. CE has the firm epistemological foundation that AD can never have, due to the lack of firm knowledge of the date of Jesus' birth. I.e., science.

Carlos Ponce

"Does anyone really still believe that Jesus was born in year zero?"
There was never a year "zero", Jim.
The day Jesus was born became YEAR ONE. So it went from 1 BC to 1 AD. But chances are they missed the exact day and year that happened.

Bailey Jones

"There was never a year "zero", Jim." You're correct Carlos. I forget Christians hadn't borrowed the number "0" from the Muslims yet, way back then, and were stuck with the Roman number system. There is a year 0 in the Hindu and Buddhist calendars, which makes sense since their use of 0 predates even the Arabs. A fascinating book on zero is "Finding Zero A Mathematician's Odyssey to Uncover the Origins of Numbers" By: Amir Aczel. He found the earliest reference to it on an ancient temple in Cambodia, IIRC. Fun stuff.

Gary Scoggin

So what does Mr. Stanowski propose?

Miceal O'Laochdha

Mr. Stanowski: your article could be thought provoking but, I am struggling to read it will clarity and comprehension. You appear to be quoting extensively from something but I cannot tell from where or whom those quotations are referenced. Am I just overlooking it? I know who Horace Mann was but, who is this Alexander you reference? Perhaps my lack of comprehension is just my own failure but, I was not educated in the American public school system so, I can't blame that.

Kelly Naschke

I understood his analogy perfectly and have come to the same conclusion. What I didn’t know was the Prussian system implication. Given the atmosphere of many of our college campuses, this point isn’t even really debateable. The fact that opposing viewpoints can’t be discussed and any dissention is met with hostility and violence speaks for itself.

Connie Patterson

Exactly! Stupid me for thinking that the point of sending our children to collage to obtain a “ higher education “ was to prepare them for the real world and advance their opportunities in obtaining a job. Free thinking is suppose to be part of that!

Gary Miller

Connie. Free thinking is part of a good education. Teachers who steal learning time to endocternate instead of encouriging free thinking should be fired and banned for life from all schools.

Emile Pope

People go to college and learn to think for themselves and learn that they’re been hoodwinked for the first eighteen years of their life. They then end up being progressives. Rush and Hannity are college dropouts. Maddox is a Rhodes scholar...

Bailey Jones

Thomas Alexander, Professor of Elementary Education at the George Peabody College for Teachers, writing in 1919 against the use of the Prussian model. It comes up a lot in online screeds about the evils of government controlled and compelled education, as opposed to the good old days of "free market" education that kept the rich educated and the poor working for them.

Kelly Naschke

What's the difference now Bailey? Seems like all did was surmise the current situation.

Miceal O'Laochdha

Thank you for the assist Mr. Jones; having the reference is very helpful in evaluating the message.

Gary Miller

All is not lost. Private and religious schools mostly do not use the Prusion method.There we will find the seeds of recovery.

Katrina Evenhouse


Paul Hyatt

There are many of us out here who understand what you were saying and agree completely. Independent thinking is a think of the past. I see kids just out of high school who can not add, subtract, multiply or divide simple numbers in their head and if they can not get to a calculator forget it. Try to talk to them about real history is a joke for what they know. We pay a fortune for education in this country and it seems that the more we pay the less we get. Yes, it starts at the public school system, but when they get to college it is incredible some of the stories that I hear about what professors try to ram down their throats and if you do not agree then your grades will suffer greatly. That almost happened to my son in law when he was at A&M.

Raymond Lewis

Tough to tell from the article how one distinguishes between the "millions of indoctrinated" and un-indoctrinated. Perhaps your next piece will suggest an alternative to the ills (my word) you write about.

Cary Semar

It can't be as bad a David Stanowski claims.

Wikipedia and Conservapedia articles on Horace Mann contain basically the same information. Conservapedia barely mentions the Prussian Model, but Wikipedia goes on to say that Mann advocated only for those positive aspects of the Prussian model, not the authoritarian aspects which the critics of public education pointed to. At the time, there were growing progressive forces in Prussia which contended with the Hegelian view of the supremacy of the state. Unfortunately, the Hegelians prevailed in that struggle.

Even before his trip to Germany, Horace Mann advocated the following (Wikipedia):
" the public should no longer remain ignorant;
that such education should be paid for, controlled, and sustained by an interested public;
that this education will be best provided in schools that embrace children from a variety of backgrounds;
that this education must be non-sectarian;
that this education must be taught using the tenets of a free society; and
that education should be provided by well-trained, professional teachers."

He also advocated an all-female teaching force, but that never caught on.

Emile Pope

Useless blathering citing unnamed sources while not presenting examples to support his claims or his position. A total waste of time...

Robert Braeking

Apparently our government education has suffered a tremendous loss. SAT scores have been in steady decline since 1963. Our secular education seems to be insufficient for the current age.

Carlos Ponce

In prior years only the best and brightest took the SAT test and were college bound. Since then the number of students who take the SAT has increased because of emphasis on a "college" education and the necessity of taking the SAT to get an athletic scholarship. We do have gifted athletes who score well on SAT tests but the majority do not. They either barely get by or don't make it at all lowering the average SAT score.
"Football players average 220 points lower on the SAT than their classmates. Men's basketball was 227 points lower."
But your statement, "Our secular education seems to be insufficient for the current age" also has merit.

Gary Miller

A solid majority agree that the current public education system is an expensive failure. It's become a more money for less education dead end. Universal school choice could reconnect the dollar to the value of education. Parents caring for their children would seek the best available and reject the bad. Education would cost less and be more valuable.

Emile Pope

Totally false. Everything you wrote...

Jarvis Buckley

Pope you are such a good person.

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