Today we all stand together in disbelief in the aftermath of the recent most dreadful act against our children and teachers at the Santa Fe High School campus.

Our hearts are heavy with sorrow and sympathy for all the families, friends and neighbors of the fallen as a result of this horrific tragedy. Each of the lost children and both teachers were valuable human beings taken from this earth far too soon while in the very place we should be providing education, comfort and safety at any cost. The injured and all families will have a long road to recovery even after wounds have healed … their hearts may never heal. Those who witnessed and escaped the premises will need time and special care … their hearts may never heal.

Having a substantial portion of the city of Hitchcock residents within the Santa Fe Independent School District, we share emotions as we try to make reason of what happened and what we can do to prevent such from happening in our communities again. The city of Hitchcock stands ready to join our neighbors in Santa Fe at any time to accomplish our many common goals.

We must rethink our priorities and assure that our leaders are focused on policy, plans and providing funding to guarantee all of our children’s safety first. We must take care and allow them to be children in their quest for education as they move into adulthood. Each child equally deserves our consideration and immeasurable support and they are depending on us.

A special gratitude is owed to our first responders, who put their lives on the line in timely response to this emergency and every day in our best interest. The heroic act of the school resource officer is an example of the unselfish service these special people provide, and we thank them from the bottom of our hearts.

May God bless and keep our communities safe.

Dorothy Childress is mayor of the city of Hitchcock.


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Paul Hyatt

The Mayor of Hitchcock does not stand with anyone concerning the children of Santa Fe or Hitchcock. She is in the process of gutting the police force here in Hitchcock because of the ineptitude of her and our past Mayor who foolish spent all of our reserve money and now again she is trying to destroy our police force by cutting back on the SRO's and cutting back on the regular police force....This woman speaks out of both sides of her mouth at the same time....

Paul Hyatt

Talk with all of the people who were at last months meeting and you will find out that there is a storm brewing over the way she is handling the affairs of Hitchcock and our Police department....

Paul Hyatt

If the Mayor is so concerned with the children and wants to stand with Santa Fe, then why is she cutting the SRO's and cutting the police force? What she says in pubic and what she is doing behind closed doors is not adding up.... We need everyone who really cares about Hitchcock to show up to our next meeting at City Hall....

Dorothy Childress

On May 3, 2018, at the call of the HISD superintendent, the mayor and police chief met with the superintendent and her staff, to discuss renewal of the current contract for providing school security for another year when the current contract is fulfilled at the end of the current school year. Details were given, including an estimate of cost of providing officers for a year, and it was learned that the HISD was considering its options at the time that included contracting with another source, the County was mentioned. The meeting was a good meeting with exchange of information and support. There was absolutely no mention nor indication of any participant not being interested in providing school security. It is absurd to assume otherwise. The meeting ended with discussion of pending budget requirements and deadlines for both the city and HISD and the need to decide on the most important issue of school security to be included in both budgets. The superintendent assured the mayor that she would be in contact as soon as a decision was made whether or not the city would be chosen to continue providing that security and details could be worked out and a contract generated for approval by all parties. As of this date, 5/27, the mayor has not heard back from the superintendent but the matter remains open for the city to continue providing school security. Ideally, the contract could have been consummated to be effective on the first day following the end of the current school year and thereby, there would be no break in service for the officers who have served the school with honor for many years. The current contract covered costs of the officers for 9 months and the new contract was being offered for 12 months.

The superintendent can verify these facts and it would be in the best interest of all parties, especially the children and their parents, if these facts were circulating instead of the vicious, baseless, rumors that some choose to spread maliciously with total disregard to the negative impact that these rumors have on our entire community. There should be at a minimum, consolation knowing that the children are, in fact, a first priority by all responsible for their safety, including the Mayor.

The decision of how this is accomplished lies in the hands of HISD since the May 3 meeting. The City stands ready to make it happen. I would hope that the superintendent would clarify the details that I have included in this response. The Chief of Police can verify this, as well.

The City records of how the city budget and finances are being managed during the current financial crisis are open and available for anyone to view at City Hall at any time. Please avail yourself of this opportunity if you are sincerely interested in what is best for our city. I encourage you to do so. And, I thank you in advance.

Respectfully submitted, Mayor Dorothy Childress

Rusty Verkin

Dacher Keltner, a psychology professor at UC Berkeley, spent two decades studying the effects of power and discovered that powerful people exhibit behaviors associated with traumatic brain injury: impulsivity, diminished risk-awareness and a weakened ability to see things from another person’s perspective.
We elect leaders above the folks who carry the guns in order to maintain a democracy. Without this check and balance system in place, the folks with the power of guns would have full control and we would have a dictatorship.
Be careful here and watch out for manipulation. Go to meetings, listen carefully trust in the ability of the majority of the folks you have elected to make the right decisions.
Keep a careful eye on the folks who are in pursuit of power for own self interest. One can usually recognize power seekers by how many titles they have on their business card.
I support Mayor Childress and I hope our elected council will pull together in this time of financial crisis. Its a terrible job but very rewarding when the right wins over wrong.

Joe Wilburn

The preceding comment posted by rverkin11 was posted in error. The author is myself Joe Wilburn.
I was logged in unknowingly on a computer someone else had used.

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