Imagine how astonished I felt the morning of June 27 as I opened my paper and read the story about where to vote in Galveston County (“Primary voting begins Monday, here’s what you need to know,” The Daily News, June 27).

I read the information more than once because I couldn’t believe that the Carver Park Center isn’t available for voting in my precinct for this state race.

I thought, “Oh, my God, they are getting us ready for a repeat of the November 2008 presidential election all over again.” I immediately had flashbacks and chills. Voter suppression is alive and well in this county.

I cannot think of one reason why I, a longtime taxpayer, with a Texas City ZIP code, should have to go to La Marque to cast a vote. I don’t pay taxes in La Marque. I’ve heard that one reason may be that turnout is historically low for run-off elections. I cannot argue with that reasoning except to say that turnout is also low in every polling place listed.

Turnout is low everywhere for this type of election.

Why, in the middle of a peak for COVID-19, in this county, will anyone registered in “Precinct 336” need to get in a line, on a parking lot, in La Marque, be escorted to a community room less than half the size of the rooms at Carver Center, to vote? How do we honor the COVID-19 social distance guidelines?

I don’t know who thought about this situation and gave it a thumbs-up. We have elected officials who should be a voice for us, but where are they? Not to worry, they are on the payroll. I cannot believe that anyone could have thought this situation to be OK.

This change of venue for voting for my neighborhood just doesn’t have the “we care about the welfare of all taxpayers equally,” feel. This community has voted at Carver Center for more than 60 years.

As I watched, with interest, the elections in Georgia, Kentucky and Alabama, I couldn’t help but think about the same shenanigans occurring here. I thought, in Texas? No. Not in this day and time. Well, here we go.

We will all understand what happened when the Supreme Court Justices voted to eliminate the Section 5 clause from the Voting Rights Act of 1965. Ever since it happened, rights of Americans have been consistently rolling backward.

Whenever we find ourselves being concerned about one area of societal indifference within one segment of society, we need only take a breath and look around because we will surely find another area that cannot be neglected.

Elections bring out the worst in desperate individuals, especially those who think that the money they own will buy what they need to win since it always has. Voters, in this and all other races, we must be vigilant, awake, energetic, alert and allow nothing to deter us from voting our conscience in November; it is important.

Edna Courville lives in Texas City.


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(18) comments

Carlos Ponce

"I cannot think of one reason why I, a longtime taxpayer, with a Texas City ZIP code, should have to go to La Marque to cast a vote." Then go to the one in Texas City: Nessler Center, Surf Room, 2010 5th Ave. N., Texas City 77590

If the La Marque location is more convenient, go there. My favorite polling place wasn't listed either so I went to the closest one, County West.

You really can go anywhere listed.

But good for you for wanting to vote in person!

David Hardee

Devious conspiracies are constantly being fomented against voters. And voting is so difficult. We should do away with all registrations, identification, and assigned location. And the polling station should be brought to where ever is most convenient and when i have the time.

Carlos Ponce

"And the polling station should be brought to where ever is most convenient and when i have the time."

So, a polling station in every place there will be one come November for a primary runoff with very little interest. That could get expensive. Poll taxes are illegal but you would have to increase county taxes to do do as you ask. In other words, all county tax payers will have to pay whether they vote or not.

David Hardee

Carlos - the ridiculous should never be taken seriously. Be merciful to those you find obtuse.

PD Hyatt

To say that there is voter suppression is just an out right lie....

Seamus Dughan

We tend to see what we are looking for.

I can't help but reflect on the real sacrifices of citizens to cast votes in countries like Iraq where lives are at risk on election day, never-the-less, purple fingers are proudly projected indicating participation...small rooms, short drives and lines being cited as "suppression" is a sad testimony to how trivial voting has become to many. Researching candidates and issues is "inconvenient" also, how likely is a lazy voter to actually choose wisely?

Yes, voting is a right, but it is also a privilege and ought to be vigorously pursued, protected and preserved by every means possible. "Inconvenient"???...give some thought to the lives lost establishing and preserving the right. Then get in your air conditioned car and get yourself to the polls.

Paula Flinn

I voted by mail.

Carlos Ponce

Since you qualify, GOOD for you!

Diane Turski

It has become evident since Section 5 was removed that voter suppression is a constant danger now in many states. Elections have consequences! Vote, no matter what! It is important!!

Charles Douglas

Now let me see here. 1) Russian Hoax, failed 2) Quid Pro Quo, failed 3) Impeachment, failed 4) Unfit Mentally, failed 5) Pandermic, failed 6) White Supremacist RACIST, failed 7) Murderer, failed ......and now "RAT" here in Texas City of Galveston County ...Trump is Suppressing Votes! I am begging! Hear me? I'm pleading, ..when TRUMP wins in November, yall please reframe from rolling on the floor crying and hooping, with many sinking to their knees waving a balled up fist in the air at GOD! Don't do that....please! [beam]

Charles Douglas

I think it is soooo funny and pathetic in that before the last election many Progressives publicly expressed fear of an unknown politician named Donald Trump getting anywhere near the Nuclear Button, which turned out be another "Fake Narrative" the LEFT deployed against Trump! Now, the SAME people have no concerns at all in trying to elect a man who can't remember his name, who his wife is, the name of his former running mate, or what state he campaigns in, a man who is by his own words are constantly being measured to see how fast his mental capabilities are diminishing,..having complete control over that same BUTTON! I am Shocked, Appalled, and Dismayed, at the deceit, the dishonesty, and the dastardly, straight-up lies we see going on now, openly and behind the scenes in this country in order to obtain power! Look at TV and the Mass Media, look at Minneapolis, and "CHAZ"...Now multiply all that by ten thousand, and you will see what Biden and the LEFT have in store for this country and everybody in it!

Wayne D Holt

Biden recently announced 120,000,000 Americans have died from Covid-19. If he wins the election, they better get him a nuclear briefcase "football" with one big number on it to send our missiles aloft. I'm not at all confident he'd be able to enter launch codes without dithering so long he would make a complete ash of himself.

Brian Tamney

the author answers her own question as to why in the middle of covid wold she have to go farther. probably hard to get as many volunteers to work polls and thus they open the busiest locations, during the last senate vote i went to the nessler center and the line was out the door, figured id get lunch then go back found the carver center instead and went to vote there, there was exactly 3 people voting there! so obviously not a high traffic spot.

Kimberley Jones Yancy

Not opening polls or closing polls in areas where minority people or blue collar is a common tactic to make it harder to vote. This is the patterned history of America. Look at where most of the polls are in Galveston County for this year and then let's talk. Its Voter Suppression at its best of a particular group of people.

Carlos Ponce

The primaries don't draw as many voters as the November general elections, the primary runoffs even less. So common sense says you place your tax dollars in the November elections. Hiring more poll workers and opening more polling locations for a little attended primary runoff would deplete funds budgeted for November. That would result in fewer "polls in areas where minority people or blue collar" voters are in November. Is that what Kimberly wants? Or does she want county taxes to increase so there will be more little used polling locations in primary runoffs?

Carlos Ponce

This is what Edna Courville needs to do: Organize a car pool from Carver Park Center to a polling place. Take note of the number of voters transported. Present the number to Galveston County officials to show that keeping the Carver Park Center polling place open is warranted even in a sparsely attended primary runoff.

Lorna Presswood

To "Kimberly Jones Yancy"-your statement is absolutely ridiculous and false. Most minorities are located in large metropolitan areas. Polling is available easily to people crammed into these major cities. Where voting is harder is for people in the suburbs, or out in counties that have to drive to find a polling location. The history of America? You have no idea what history is. Blue Collar workers are all over this country in all areas. Are you suggesting blue collar and minorities live only in certain "parts of town"? Everything about your ignorance is absurd. Go back to school, read some books, google it!

Ted Gillis

I voted for MJ Hegar yesterday at the West County Building. I was the only voter there. One of the election clerks was working on crossword puzzle when I arrived. I interrupted their solitude. Yes run-offs are usually low turn out. This one is no exception.

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