Who is serving who? Seventeen percent of the working population is paid with taxpayer money — and growing.

We’ve all been at a location where most of the traffic lanes are blocked while emergency personnel are clearing an accident. There are always several police cars on scene. Traffic is jammed up. The public is left its own devices to squirm, squeeze and curse as they negotiate passage.

And not a single policeman is performing a public service by helping to direct and relieve traffic congestion.

All of us are experiencing irritating intrusions from robo-calls. We can utilize the ineffective call blocking, and robo will use multiple phone numbers to defeat our efforts. And subscribing to the do not call list is proving to be totally ineffective.

To this day, the top complaint at the Federal Communications Commission is nuisance calls. The public servants at the FCC produced tips and suggestions to the public and recommended policy and procedure to phone companies. No one has ever gone to jail for making robo-calls.

Why is it that when the La Marque Independent School District went defunct and Texas City ISD took over that the residents with property in LMISD had to get separate tax statements and make separate payments? Would it have not been a public service to consolidate the tax bills just like the two districts were consolidated?

That would definitely result in efficiency and lower cost. Nope, public servants would rather burden the public.

When we go to get our safety sticker utilizing our government’s improved “one stop” procedure, it’s obvious their improvement was minuscule. You still have to get the sticker from a different location than where you get the inspection. I guess this can be called half an improvement created by some half thinking public servants.

We’re all robbery victims while our Galveston County public servants are in a quandary about who, how, when and why $528,000 plus dollars of public money went off into somewhere. A $15,000 dollar investigation probably/maybe will be completed someday and we will know definitively how — but not who did it.

One would assume the objective is to get $528,000 plus back and prosecute the culprits. But most likely we will get more suggested improvements in the policies and procedures along with the $15,000 investigator’s bill.

We should be in total fear that some individual is assigned culpability causing salivating lawyers hope of years of litigation fees that will devastate public funds.

This probably won’t have any effect, but I feel better writing it down. Writing is cathartic.

David Hardee lives in Bayou Vista.


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