Earlier this year, when medical martial law was imposed on this country, only a handful of people dared to ask, “Can the government actually terminate our most basic rights during an ‘emergency?’”

Clearly, the U.S. and state constitutions do not contain language allowing individual liberties to be terminated during emergencies and concocted emergency statutes do not override our constitutional protections.

So, why was there so little resistance?

First, the public health deep state successfully terrified many people into believing that the only way to avoid a high probability of certain death was to blindly follow orders. They were the experts, and they would use “science” to “keep us safe.”

Following their lead, many elected officials were only too happy to impose medical martial law because of the totally unprecedented and unconstitutional power it gave them to implement such tyrannical measures. Governors bypassed their legislatures using concocted emergency orders as the means to seize this power.

In Galveston, for example, the governor, the mayor and, at times, a majority of the city council arbitrarily dictated what Galvestonians could and couldn’t do and who was “essential” and who wasn’t. Residents lost their freedom of movement, their freedom to assemble in groups and the freedom to the full use of their property.

But who cares about freedom after you’ve been successfully indoctrinated into believing that you must do as you’re told to stay alive?

Americans should’ve reacted with outrage to such a blatant seizure of power, but since the public health deep state had successfully terrified millions of people, most of them ignored how dictatorial it actually was, and there was no real resistance.

The entire country has been under some degree of soft totalitarian rule for several months now. We’ve recovered from totalitarian actions by government before, but a move back to normalcy must begin soon, before the most tyrannical governors consolidate their current positions and seize even more power.

Seven courageous governors resisted the worst abuses of power during this emergency and didn’t order statewide lockdowns.

Hopefully, at least one of them will lead the country out of its current state of oppression, by allowing their residents to live as they did before the coronavirus.

In order to safeguard the freedom of their citizens, a free state must enact a constitutional amendment that prohibits any future use of emergency orders by their governor, legislature, counties and cities to guarantee that their citizens’ rights are never terminated again. Emergency orders clearly invite the abuse of power during pandemics and natural disasters.

As bad as many governors were, there were county officials, mayors and city councils that imposed even more severe restrictions, as was the case in the city of Galveston.

If even one state cannot lead us back to our pre-coronavirus freedom, that we once took for granted, then medical martial law will become a permanent way of life and so will totalitarian rule.

If it does, it’s all downhill from here.

David Stanowski is president of the Galveston Open Government Project Inc.


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